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  1. Pro Tools and midi looper?

    I'm part way through building a custom floor controller for Ableton. It'll be USB connected to my laptop and will output typed letters that can be mapped to Ableton's looper, then I can send a drummer a click, play along to programmed percussion and use VSTs to bolster the sound. There's not a lot on the market that's suitable - I'm budgeting space for 25-30 switches.
  2. I need a boss-style thing. The type of thing you put away when you buy a one-spot. Got one? They're £8 on ebay but I bet I can get one cheaper from one of you guys? Thanks!
  3. Hello! I'm a 32 year old with a lot of touring and studio experience; I'm looking for bands near Manchester or Liverpool (I'm Bolton-based at the mo). I can read dots, charts, tab and learn by ear. I've got my own equipment (as well as some PA gear) and I have transport. I've got out of a few originals bands recently and I'm looking for covers/tribute work and I have experience playing Jazz, Punk, Funk, Pop, Folk (the list goes on)... email me at thebrokendoor at g mail dot com or pm me here and I can send videos / recordings of my work. [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARjmvekTnbA"]https://youtu.be/ARjmvekTnbA[/url] Thanks! Daniel
  4. Guys now £180 including postage. Just had an unexpected expense so I need the cash.
  5. Mexicola

    Paul bought a case off me and was a really positive guy to deal with. Prompt payment and generally an all-round nice guy!
  6. Feedback for greenolive

    Chris bought a neck off me and was a really positive guy to deal with. Prompt payment and generally an all-round nice guy!
  7. Original Korg Microkorg used mainly in the studio. I love this synth but since I'm playing mainly jazz I just don't need it. The filters are huge, the sounds are so varied, it is an awesome bit of kit. Small keys mean you can do huge open chords, and the programming matrix means its easy to change stuff on the fly. [url="https://imgur.com/a/nQkjG"]https://imgur.com/a/nQkjG[/url] [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IakHibgsoUE[/media]
  8. Thanks everyone but the case and neck are now sold.
  9. I've got a few potential buyers but nothing firm yet so I thought I'd post some photos: https://imgur.com/gallery/2cUsQ There are holes for mounting large Fender-style and smaller modern tuners that I can plug if the buyer wants but they never caused me any issues. There are also two sets of holes at the heel that you don't notice after fitting and they cause no issues regarding stability or anything. If the extra holes weren't there I'd be asking for more than £50 mainly because of that gorgeous board, but I think £50 is fair for this excellent neck. I'l ship with reinforcement or I'll offer a discount on a Hiscox LiteFlite case if bought together (I'll be listing that later today). Thanks! Dan
  10. (Pics to follow) I've tried to shift this beautiful fretless neck a few times but I thought it was a fake. I contacted Jaydee who have confirmed the reason it is so beautiful is because it was made by them!! Gorgeous unlined fretless neck to fit Stingray style (I had it on a bitsa Precision and moved the bridge a bit to compensate). The board is jet black (I'm assuming ebony). I'm based in the NW and I'll ship it at the buyer's expense. £50
  11. 335--Archtop Bridge

    Devlar where did you get a compensated wood bridge for so cheap?
  12. What's this yellow thing?

    So it seems the system (Meridian kp620m) is so generic that I can't find any details online. The speaker cone has 'cw 10/100 8Ω' on the back. If i can't find the specs on the speaker, what happens if I replace it with any old 10", 100w, 8Ω speaker? Thanks!
  13. What's this yellow thing?

    Thanks Bill. It's a generic Chinese thing but there's a code on the back so I'll do some digging.