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  1. DanOwens

    Wireless PA controlled remotely by tablet

    How've you mounted the XR18 backwards?
  2. DanOwens

    Wireless PA controlled remotely by tablet

    I play with a trio and do the sound from onstage. I recently convinced the guys to invest in an XR18 and it has been a god send. The ability to properly shelve and notch EQs, the Master Graphic eq with RTA (so I can see the frequencies that are feeding back rather than rely on my non-existant sound engineering degree), the amp modelling (for harmonica solos) have all been a game changer. I bought an TP Link Archer router off ebay and followed the instructions on how to set it up for the mixer. Now its quick and clean; just considering some snakes to tidy things up even more (but for a trio it might be overkill).
  3. DanOwens

    Very small cab - options?

    And I'm considering selling mine. If anyone's interested, it might just convince me to sell.
  4. DanOwens

    Live Sound Help

    Take my earlier statement with a pinch of salt, but actually it has helped. Having 4 bands of parametric EQ on every channel and access to gates has helped immensely and whilst I’m by no means a sound engineer, I’m better able to implement the study I did during my degree and since than with the old mixer!
  5. DanOwens

    Live Sound Help

    Well I went and bought an XR18; more gear solves all technical problems... right?
  6. DanOwens

    Live Sound Help

    I've always assumed panning was for the studio rather than live. Should I be panning?
  7. DanOwens

    Live Sound Help

    I play with a trio and I'm largely responsible for the sound. We're all multi-instrumentalists so we end up using 11 channels for our setup (mandolin, 3 guitars, upright, kick drum, snare, 3 vocals and harmonica). Our desk has parametric mids for most instruments and we run a graphic. I tend to try to do a basic voice-up for every room then use the parametric mid to pull out any feedback. So we have enough gear, and I've done production modules at uni so I'm no completely naive, but I'm wondering if anyone has any resources or tips for getting an even, balanced sound. I'm wondering if I'm missing something. I'm open to all ideas! thanks
  8. DanOwens

    Good DB Luthier Required

    Laurence Dixon is probably the best in the UK (IMHO) but I've used an ex-apprentice of his in Manchester, Sam Wells, and was very happy. (http://www.doublebassrepair.co.uk/)
  9. I'll take this, please!
  10. I'll take number 5, please!
  11. DanOwens

    For Sale: Bass Books etc

    I'll take the Liebman book
  12. DanOwens

    Epiphone Jack Casady £370

    I actually loved that black on gold paintjob!
  13. DanOwens

    WTB Upright preamp

    Good idea! £60ish?
  14. DanOwens

    WTB Upright preamp

    I've been offered a Headway EDM1 but its beyond my budget. Anyone got anything within my budget?