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  1. DB in a Blues/Country/RnR trio here. Around 13 songs for us; most have a solo over a 12 bar, but they're relatively short songs... that is until Rob decides to play all 1127 verses of 'Casey Jones'
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. I'd look at adding a bit of dirt, too. I can get my carved thumping beauty sounding like a P bass with a bit of drive.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. I play in a acoustic band and I've replaced the 17 filters with 10s recently. 17s were great for full band stuff, but too much for acoustic. I love the versatility of the plugs!
  6. How long are you giving it? I think mine has taken a good few minutes from booting and connecting everything to appearing the the X-Air App. Now my external router and xr18 are racked and wired II'll just give it power and wait. And wait. And wait. And voila! And subsequent connections don't take half as long. It's like the thing that's taking the time is the router initially shaking hands with the XR18, but once it does its fine.
  7. Oh yeah and detune by 30 cents? You maniac!
  8. I'd be tempted by one of those 90s EMU units. The piano sounds are nowhere near a decent softsynth but they're certainly passable for stage work, and I imagine the synths aren't far removed from what was being used on these records. I've used a lot of tech live but I always prefer hardware as too many times machines have just not behaved.
  9. The band sound so incredibly, unbelievably amazing that any weekend warrior might get jealous, don his black hat, crack our password and... CRANK THE GAIN!!!!! Or not. I think we're safe
  10. That's good to know. At the moment it seems to be the most low-risk option (external, 5Ghz, hidden), but it's good to know it isn't as impenetrable as I first thought.
  11. Its true. I haven't the foggiest what I'm saying, merely regurgitating half-read forum posts. Please take my experience as valid and my technical know-how as "improvised".
  12. You're right from a user's perspective but the phone knows no better; it's a stupid goldfish: "Can I get my email from you? No? You're locked! OK..... Can I get my email from you?..."etc. I bought an Archer router by TP Link and it had an awesome set up wizard. I could easily turn off 2.4Ghz, turn on 5Ghz, set a simple WEP password and SSID, then HIDE THE SSID. This way those pesky stupid phones can't even see the mixer to ask it for anything.
  13. I'm not sure how loud the 'in-situ' desk is, but the XR18 is only feeding a line-level signal into whatever it is. I've only ever plugged into another desk 3 times. The first time it wasn't me that set the PA up (the rest of the band did) and they plugged it into two mic-pre equipped channels. Feedback, weird sounds that I assumed were impedance mismatches and awful phantom frequencies were the main problems, but I quickly identified that the desk had a Power Amp In so I plugged our desk in. Interestingly it was our old desk that had XLR and Jack outputs so it was easy, but the XR18 doesn't have Jack outputs, only XLRs. BigRedX's comments were congruent with my experiences and the DTI seems like a budget solution that has effectively given the XR18 jack outputs. Out of the solutions of a pair of Class D amps to build a bespoke power amp, normal cables that might result in the issues that I've described above or perhaps custom cables, the DTI seems sensible. I'm not resolving a problem that I've encountered with this set up, but given that I'm the guy who's shouldered the responsibility of getting us sounding good, having this solution (also phono outs in case we need to connect to a DJ mixer) seems like I'm pre-empting problems that I've encountered in the past.
  14. Last time I did that things were feeding back awfully as we were feeding a line level signal into microphone preamps and maintaining unity gain was impossible. Most of the integrated desks have a 'Power Amp In' and most of the time these are XLR, but this time they're 1/4" jack. I won't have to unplug anything as the integrated desk interrupts the desk's connection when you connect to the 'Power Amp In' sockets. "the FOH EQ on the venue's desk should already be right for their speakers in that venue" I was taught by the engineers I've toured with the zero any graphics and revoice the room; I never trust someone else's voice up. I bought an Art DTI and its inbound. It'll be racked with my XR18, router and power. I'll post pics when it arrives and you can all mock my cabling!
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