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  1. We're in the studio in September to record original songs that we first wrote around a year ago, and have subsequently re-wrote over and again, but that's because since the rest of the set is covers, we no longer need to rehearse them. Instead we spend our rehearsals rewriting songs after we've performed them. The thing is, we have the time to do this and everyone is on the same page; a discussion happened and we all agreed that spending rehearsal time on these tunes was the best use of our time. We gig whatever the last rewrite was, or if we haven't had long on it then we'll gig the previously written version. I know other people don't work like this, but rewriting is an important way of improving material.
  2. ... and a pack of cheap balloons for the performance element? It doesn't matter if they're huffing their own breath or a bag of glue, but I think the sight of inhaling from a balloon then suddenly higher voices would be cool.
  3. A powered speaker like a QSC, a VT Bass and an LR Baggs Session DI for the Acoustic? I've gigged pub venues with a MB Little250 and an Eden EX112 and whilst it might not be a fridge-killer, everyone in the room could hear the bass.
  4. Someone posted this recently: https://www.lastminutemusicians.com/blog/popular-cover-songs-2500-set-lists/ Looks about right!
  5. With my previous rock covers act we used a system similar to the Stagepas you've provided and vocals ONLY went through it. We had no need for monitors as the singer had sung the same set for years. In my new band we use a HK Sub & Tops, but the tops are only 150W per side. So that's 300W, but we don't use amps or a full drum kit so the stage volume won't compete with Front of House. With the new band, I paid for the lot and the guys paid me back through gig earnings. We now own a third each and can buy each other out if one of us quits.
  6. I too have been seeking the grail of EUBs and MK looks promising. I was going to get one in before Brexit but with the price of the pound at the moment, I think I'll leave it a bit longer.
  7. I'm using their GSS 06B400 with battery pack as a busking amp with my upright. Its a 6" speaker but the sound is lovely. I don't want sub sounds for busking, I want mids that project and this has that in spades! And 12 hours battery life!
  8. An XR12 as a monitor mixer sure is a solution, but I'd be convincing my band to do this... in fact I did just over 6 months ago and it's been a godsend!
  9. My favourite Rotosound Artist is Eugene 'The Senator' Wright, bass player with the Dave Brubeck quartet. When my daughter was born there were several complications, but the sound of Gene Wright commanding the bottom end with Dave Brubeck on 'Time Out' soundtracked that period of turmoil and hardship. As a bass player I loved the presence of his bass tone, but all my family appreciated the sweet, cool sound which invited calm into our turbulent life. When I play my bass with Rotosound RS4000s I'm reminded of that present, commanding tone with a clear coolness that I don't find in any other strings. My daughter also likes to listen to me play, but I know she prefers to listen to Gene Wright.
  10. Its the NS CR's design; there's two places to put the the ball-ends; one means there's silk over the bridge and the other means there's silk over the nut. Lose-lose!
  11. It looks like the wrap ends shortly after, so I'm not so sure. I'll probably get drunk and regretfully go at it with a blunt spoon!
  12. That's seriously good to know. I've got silks going over my nut on my NS; am I right in thinking the peg-end silk IS important, but the bridge end isn't?
  13. I've had Helicore Hybrids on for nearly two decades, but I recently thought I'd experiment so I'm trying some synthetics at the mo.
  14. Facebook seems to work for finding paying work. You generally need to have some form of video cv though.
  15. I have innovation Rockabillys on my doghouse and I actually play very little slap at the mo. They're slightly higher tension than the Golden Slaps I'm experimenting with; at the moment I prefer the rockabillys.
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