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  1. I have no idea who told me about the Prodipe TT1 but I'm very enthusiastic about how much better they are than the 58
  2. It should be here, but since the end block has already been replaced/‘reinforced’ I’d be concerned about the force being placed on the endpin. To be fair, I’m already worried by that end block but it might be fine; I’m sure there’s someone who knows better than me.
  3. My week job pays ok. My gigging is essential to make up the difference, but it isn't half of my income so I'm not eligible! And since my day job is with the NHS, I'm working my derrière off at the moment whilst all my mates have their feet up. 😡
  4. This is what I use. Very handy for all sorts of guitar and bass cabs
  5. I actually loathe the name for that exact reason, but I was the last one in and we had gigs booked under the name so it stayed.
  6. Its like I've always said: there are three types of people in this world: those who can count, and those who can't!
  7. Our video for Death Rag seemed to generate a bit of interest so here's our vid for 'Three Line Whip'. Follow us on insta / facebook / youtube etc. It makes our harmonica player feel like he's a real human when people pat him on the back! Let us know if you like it too. You'd be surprised how many people message to say they dislike it; its significantly higher than those who seem to like it!
  8. This thread is somewhat unexpected. I assumed you'd all start recommending hand-made boutique active basses that I can't afford, but no! "Just add chorus" is something I can get behind!
  9. Yeah, I simultaneously think "well that was nice whilst it lasted" and "where did your kindness go?"
  10. I don't expect free drinks, but when they're offered then great. The worst is when you have another gig at the same venue a few months later and the free beer has been stopped.... "how bad did I play!?!?!?!?"
  11. Adjusting the EQ? On the monitor? Whilst performing? You guys are crazy! I play in an acoustic trio but we use about 12 instruments between us, including a mandolin with the dreaded DPA4099! As such I'm definitely an advocate of subtractive EQing simply to get rid of problematic frequencies (usually feeding back, but also artefacts of amplification like piezo quacks etc). A 3-band EQ on the back of a monitor is a waste of time and resources in my experience. If you're lucky enough that one of your problems is at an EQ centre, and the Q/Width of that band perfectly matches your requirements then excellent, but otherwise those EQs get put flat and left flat. All of the EQing is done at the monitor graphic EQ (thank you XR18) which allows far more accurate isolation of problem frequencies. With so many mics on stage (the guy playing Dobro won't use a pickup, we all sing, etc) there are so many risks and possible sources of feedback that I use the monitor to reinforce the live sound and run it as low as possible. Of course, that's still often close to feeding back, especially when the dobro player leans down for a beer and presses his chest into the mic! TL;DR: Its probably too loud on stage, and you need a proper multiband EQ to use on your monitor but that isn't to make it more bassy!
  12. Gadd does ABBA? I'll defo check it out. And yeah, I know I don't NEED more gear, but I have a load of stuff in storage (synth pedals etc) that I was going to fish out or trade depending on people's recommendations.
  13. Me and a few friends are putting together an ABBA band for a PRIDE event in September. I have a cheapo passive PJ Yamaha and a Darkstar'd Precision. What toys do I 'need' to buy to get some ABBA sounds? Synth pedal? Bass preamp to 'active-up' the Yamaha? What would you recommend?
  14. Thanks Nick! See your channel for our new vid too
  15. I finished my music degree and committed to several originals bands, which didn't pay, so I got some peripatetic teaching work, which led to me hiring others, and running a community group, and stressing every month about paying my bills but also worried about the security of my future as I've always been taught to save and I wasn't earning enough to. So I went the other way; I went from regular touring, dep work, teaching, into the classroom. I stopped playing with bands as music was a job, not fun like it used to be. Now I'm in a job I enjoy (Data Analyst) and gig with a covers band more than I have ever done (consistently up to 5 gigs a week every week). It pays and I love the material (blues, Rock & Roll etc), and I'm not wringing every penny out of something that I hate, which is where things have got before.
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