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  1. My mate sold his cheap Chinese G4M bass on eBay for more than it was worth because the buyer wanted to turn it into a drinks cabinet. you could always insider that...
  2. It might be overkill, and somewhat blasphemous, but couldn't you run a Spectrum Analyzer while the band is playing to see where your space actually is? Or where there is so much traffic that you definitely don't want to be there? I know Basie preferred the Octave RTA whilst Ellington liked Audiotool (but he was famously pro-Android). I jest, but it could offer interesting insight.
  3. I bought a Little Mark 250 around 2006 and it's still my main gigging amp to this day. Second hand they're cheap too.
  4. My solution was spinach. I love the stuff anyway but I committed to a fistful of the stuff every day and it really helped with the speed and quality of nail growth.
  5. I really like the baby-pink colour.
  6. War Dogs is a great film, too!
  7. I was watching the movie and Packouz has a cameo at the beginning, performing in a retirement home with the Beat Buddy. I did some digging!
  8. Did you guys watch the movie 'War Dogs' with Jonah Hill and Miles Teller? Miles Teller (the guy from Whiplash) plays am arms dealer called David Packouz. Post international-arms-dealing, David Packouz went on to invent create SingularSound. Seriously!
  9. Got any photos of that? It sounds awesome.
  10. I'm glad it's working out for you! I would add that I practice blindfolded AND play with a bow as it produces a clearer fundamental that allows you to more accurately discern the tuning issues. A top practice tip is to buy a looper (I use a tiny Donner one); it allowed me to make my practice sessions a little bit more creative and dynamic so ultimately more fun.
  11. If you’re after P90 type And vintage style then I love Vintage Vibes’ ‘CC Rider’ which they do in a humbucker-shape
  12. Yeah, you can just close your eyes or look away but I found it uncomfortable to be screwing my eyes shut and dangerous to my shoulder position to look away to an unnatural position. Blindfolded was a suggestion of my former teacher, Steve Berry, and it was absolutely a top tip. It allowed me to really focus on the note I was producing and more critically analyse its pitch and tone. Try it! What's the worst that can happen?
  13. It depends what you're practicing for. If its to develop your line writing, or your harmonic, melodic and rhythmic understanding then yes absolutely; the instrument's 4 strings and consistent tuning means that all are interchangeable. If you're trying to practice muscle memory though then no, they're not interchangeable as the positions will differ, and with upright I advise practicing blindfolded, with a bow, along to drones to develop muscle memory.
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