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  1. Wow! I was reluctant to take you up in case I liked them too much and had to take them off! I used to be so much more active here; I forgot how nice everyone is!
  2. I think I just need to hang fire and hold out for some second hand strings!!
  3. I actually love their sound and feel, but their low tension means the volume isn't great on the doghouse.
  4. I'd like to think my hand strength isn't too bad (although my technique could use a bit of work). I've string it up with the braided and see...
  5. Most people don't spot it, and I'm glad! It's a bit unprofessional, but I joined their band and they are cads!
  6. I play in a trio and a guitarist/mandolinist/gobharpguy plays a bass drum with one foot and a tambourine with another (and sings). The challenge is always timing, the technical aspect is easy! The piano switches won't be touch sensitive so you'll just have on/off at whatever velocity/volume your drum brain is programmed at, but it'll work.
  7. Thanks for your input. I'm very happy with my Big Single on the doghouse; I might buy another!
  8. I'm always nervous about posting my shoddy technique!
  9. Big Single? (https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/J-tone-Big-double-Bass-Pick-up/201498506263?hash=item2eea3f3417:g:jwYAAMXQn11RfS6F) Big Double? (https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/J-tone-Big-double-Bass-Twin-Pick-up/201463522743?hash=item2ee82965b7:g:P84AAOxyhlJRe0ny) Twin Paddle? (https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/J-tone-Black-Double-Bass-Pick-up/202427630075?hash=item2f21a081fb:g:~bIAAOxyUylTSQtC) Slap? (https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Slap-bass-pick-up/201132105317?hash=item2ed4685e65:g:o2wAAOSw~9RcvY9x) I've got the big single on my doghouse and I like it, but I'm not sure whether the 'upgrade' to two elements is necessary. I'm interested to hear your experiences.
  10. Yet another of these threads! I have Innovation Rockabilly Blacks on my doghouse, Helicore Hybrid Mediums on my NS and (I think) Obligatos on my new SLB100. I also have some Innovation Honey Jazz and Braided Orchestrals in a box somewhere. I want to move a bit more toward slap on the SLB since I can install a J-Tone under the fingerboard and I've got a Zoom A3 to properly EQ everything. I don't mind slapping on the doghouse or the NS (obviously the Helicore's are a bit more hard work). I'd rather not take the strings off the doghouse, but do any of my other strings lean towards a good slap tone (in your experience)? I don't have much time to be switching strings and tuning and plugging in and then trying to figure out what it sounded like 3 sets ago. I'm keen to hear your experiences, and whether or not I can justify a £100 expense the same month I need car insurance and a new phone!!! Also, I like hearing your opinions!
  11. Thank Richard, but mine came a couple of weeks ago. Just gotta get this bag sorted!
  12. Your experiences are our collective worst nightmare. Equipment failing on a gig is so stressful. Hopefully you're soaking up all the bad juju and we'll all be fine this weekend!!
  13. Man you should've seen the boiler. It was MASSIVE but it was the most modern thing in the building.
  14. Hi everyone! This is a new video we've recorded at the spectacular Bolton Steam Museum. Let me know what you think!
  15. DanOwens

    Baryton Sax

    Itu hits the nail on the head. The ADSR of a sax (the way the note starts, continues and fades away) is controlled throughout by the breath. The strings of your bass have an initial 'pluck' then gradually (or quickly) fade away. Basically you can control the way the note is played throughout it's duration on a saxophone, but without something like an ebow, all you can do on bass is pluck it. There's all sorts of possible solutions available with an ebow, eq, volume pedal. To be honest I think a bari sounds best when it's HONKED staccato. Flats and foam is probably the simplest way to get a similar tone.
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