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  1. War Dogs is a great film, too!
  2. I was watching the movie and Packouz has a cameo at the beginning, performing in a retirement home with the Beat Buddy. I did some digging!
  3. Did you guys watch the movie 'War Dogs' with Jonah Hill and Miles Teller? Miles Teller (the guy from Whiplash) plays am arms dealer called David Packouz. Post international-arms-dealing, David Packouz went on to invent create SingularSound. Seriously!
  4. Got any photos of that? It sounds awesome.
  5. I'm glad it's working out for you! I would add that I practice blindfolded AND play with a bow as it produces a clearer fundamental that allows you to more accurately discern the tuning issues. A top practice tip is to buy a looper (I use a tiny Donner one); it allowed me to make my practice sessions a little bit more creative and dynamic so ultimately more fun.
  6. If you’re after P90 type And vintage style then I love Vintage Vibes’ ‘CC Rider’ which they do in a humbucker-shape
  7. Yeah, you can just close your eyes or look away but I found it uncomfortable to be screwing my eyes shut and dangerous to my shoulder position to look away to an unnatural position. Blindfolded was a suggestion of my former teacher, Steve Berry, and it was absolutely a top tip. It allowed me to really focus on the note I was producing and more critically analyse its pitch and tone. Try it! What's the worst that can happen?
  8. It depends what you're practicing for. If its to develop your line writing, or your harmonic, melodic and rhythmic understanding then yes absolutely; the instrument's 4 strings and consistent tuning means that all are interchangeable. If you're trying to practice muscle memory though then no, they're not interchangeable as the positions will differ, and with upright I advise practicing blindfolded, with a bow, along to drones to develop muscle memory.
  9. Is the problem with your plucking hand or your fretting hand? If its the plucking hand then I suggest doing exercises around string skipping. Put on a slow metronome and practice playing 8th notes in a variety of patterns. I'm a big fan of isolating the problems and working on them in isolation before integrating it into normal playing. So if it is just your plucking hand, put on a slow (gradually increasing) metronome and play 8th note patterns such as: Moving top note: EAEDEGED Moving bottom note: EGAGDGAG Now there are a LOT of possible permutations, working in groups of 3 rather than 2, or eventually introducing the fretting hand (playing scales in 5ths or 6ths can be a great workout). The world is your oyster, but focus on what the problem is and isolate it to address it.
  10. That's not a standard Fender Precision, for sure.
  11. I used to file Dunlop .73s to a point until I discovered that they made them like that. I'm not a metal player or anything, I just liked the attack of a sharpened 73. Oddly enough I used >=2mm picks on guitar but .73s on bass.
  12. I have no idea who told me about the Prodipe TT1 but I'm very enthusiastic about how much better they are than the 58
  13. It should be here, but since the end block has already been replaced/‘reinforced’ I’d be concerned about the force being placed on the endpin. To be fair, I’m already worried by that end block but it might be fine; I’m sure there’s someone who knows better than me.
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