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  1. I like the yellow Korg Pitchclip 2. I mount it on the reverse of the headstock or on my double bass bridge and as its yellow it doesn't stand out like a black one would. I can press and hold the power button so it inverts the display which is essential to most of my mounting locations. And its cheap!
  2. I'm thinking of selling the Yamaha. I've just never got on with it. Got it cheap but no case means I mostly just use it for practice.
  3. I've got an NS and a Yamaha but no MK. I was considering it for a long time but I can't justify the expense really
  4. Yeah, if it has the portability of an MK and the reliability of Yamaha then it might be worth selling all my other EUBs and buying this one
  5. Have you seen it yet? https://bassmusicianmagazine.com/2020/01/yamaha-debuts-unique-electric-upright-silent-bass/
  6. The main part of the bass tone was actually a mic wedged in the c-bout. And it was beyond subby!
  7. Here's the first single from our new EP. I'd love your feedback and comments. Follow our social if you do that sort of thing for the next 2 vids.
  8. We've recorded an EP recently with an engineer and no producer. I'm convinced that working with a producer would improve our overall sound, but we decided that putting the money into music vids for each song would provide us with the content we needed for our social streams and allow us to pay for some facebook advertising, and we realised that there's no point in half-heartedly doing anything. £1500 has got us three professional videos but it wouldn't give us the time we might need with a producer. We're effectively a pub/events band who are writing our own tunes and trying to pivot to originals stuff and we're all around 40. But we post on social at least every other day, have developed relationships with press, radio and festivals and we're looking to put 100% into getting the band going for the next 12 months (around our 9-5s). Part of the success of the band is the songwriting, part is production, part is promotion; you can't neglect any side of it. Here's our first vid:
  9. She put out a jazz guitar booklet too (as I'm sure most of us know she was firstly a jazz guitarist) which is VERY highly considered.
  10. She advocates "pulling the bridges back"? That sounds like messing up the intonation to change the break angle and adjust the tension, am I right about this?
  11. You've no idea. It was an improvised Drum & Bass band and it was just an excuse for us to indulge our greatest excesses - ridiculous gear, complex harmony, polyrhythms... and I wonder why we never got that far! 🤷‍♂️
  12. I used to play a lot of electronic music and the band would tongue-in-cheek argue whether something was post-Breakbeat or early Dubstep, Progressive Jungle or perhaps simply IDM. The joke was really that the terms we use to describe music is entirely subjective since the perception of the music is subjective, but also that the nomenclature is undefined. I can quite categorically state that Supersonic by Oasis is classic Rock; its 25 years old and features the instrumentation common to the genre 'rock'. You could argue that I'm a moron. Neither of us would be right (well maybe you would be but I'd never admit it!) since the terms are SO subjective. I'll introduce the game: Classic Rock or Not? Light My Fire by the Doors Hedonism by Skunk Anansie Apache by The Shadows Pretty Vacant by The Sex Pistols I know these 4 songs are clearly in other genres, but are genres exclusive? Can something be NWOBHM as well as Classic Rock? If so can something be Punk as well as Classic Rock? I think there's an argument that all four of the songs above can be considered Classic Rock.
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