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  1. Try this Moroccan music led by a bass instrument called a Sintir. It's also known as a Guembri or Gimbri.
  2. I'm currently wigging out to this lot. Ommmmmmm, ommmmmmmm, ommmmmmmm.........
  3. Another fine mix this month, bravo peeps. And with many on lockdown and trying to fill their days with whatever they can I'd imagine this is a rather pleasant way to pass 20-odd minutes. That should ensure lots more folks voting this time around, yes? Ever the optimist.......☺️
  4. A jarring, echo-laden noisefest featuring semi-acoustic saz, oud, bass, sampled drums, sampled sound effects and a real-life ice cream van. Enjoy/tolerate.
  5. Begone, dissenter! 🀨
  6. Bass. And guitar. And mandolin. And bouzouki. And saz. And oud. And so on and so on.
  7. Bloody hell, that was quick! I haven't even had time to plug my chainsaw in yet...
  8. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Worlds-Ugliest-BASS-Guitar-Fretless-2x4-Primative-UGLY-1-OF-1-3-Strings-Weird/333529125210?hash=item4da7e2915a:g:RD4AAOSwDMtdp5-3
  9. Not that he likes being defined as a certain genre but this chap's pretty good.
  10. U Roy if you want to. Personally, I Roy 😁
  11. Or not set in your ways. Good for you. Take what you like, discard stuff that doesn't float your boat. Don't stick rigidly to 'genres'. It's all music.
  12. Here's my Smiths title-referencing effort for February. Have kept it pretty simple and I've taken time out from vocal duties so my thanks for this month's squawkings go to Gulls Aloud. Hello, my name is Upside Downer and I am a punoholic.
  13. Jah Wobble and the Invaders of the Heart at Nottingham Rescue Rooms. What a fantastic evening. As Wobble said at the end, this is how he always envisioned the Invaders to sound. The band take their cues from Wobble but are allowed to express themselves and with good reason, superb musicians one and all. A few new album tracks to open with, some covers (Liquidator, theme from Midnight Cowboy), four PiL tunes (Socialist, Poptones, Fodderstompf and Public Image) and live dubbing, the songs simply soar. And the man's as mad as a box of frogs, too. Hugely entertaining. Recommended.
  14. Off to The Rescue Rooms in Nottingham tonight to see bass behemoth Jah Wobble and his band The Invaders of the Heart, should be a good'un.
  15. Those blasted humans are up to their old tricks again 😫 https://www.classicfm.com/discover-music/instruments/double-bass/smashed-turkish-airlines-flight/
  16. carl /kɑːl/ noun ARCHAIC a peasant or man of low birth. Great. I've never been prouder to be called Carl. Thanks a lot, Caaaarl πŸ˜’
  17. Congrats yet again. Have yourself a pot of Cherry Garcia ice cream to celebrate 🍨 πŸ˜‹
  18. First - I think Public Image Ltd at Hammersmith, 89. Last - Baba Zula, Jazz Cafe Nov 19. Best - Probably Sex Pistols at The Odeon. Worst - S*M*A*S*H, somewhere in Wellingborough 94 or 95, or Guns n' Roses, Wembley 91. Loudest - Iron Maiden, De Montfort 91 or 92. Seen the most - PiL Most surprising - Little known Welsh band called Gouge who supported S*M*A*S*H, they were fantastic. Next - Jah Wobble in Nottingham, Feb 20. Wish - Too many but The Jimi Hendrix Experience would've been cool.
  19. The Looters. Winstone, Jones, Simonon and Cook, what a line-up!
  20. They don't take up much room. Here's mine. One or two hooks and you're good to go!
  21. Did you buy the saz in the end? They are great instruments to play. In my old band we used to do 'Kashmir' with yours truly on saz, the tuning I use (GDA) is ideal for it.
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