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  1. Just another list. There's too many of 'em. Rolling Stone magazine had one the other day of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. Who cares? "We've spoken to hundreds of artists, journalists and leading figures from the industry to bring you...." Nah. I mean, well done for going to all that effort but you really shouldn't have bothered, none of these sodding greatest of all time lists ever includes 'Bikini Girls With Machine Guns' by The Cramps so to my mind are immediately suspect. However, if lists are your thing, here's my top 5 list of tracks from Nevermind! 🤪 Smells Like Teen Spirit On A Plain Come As You Are Territorial Pissings Drain You
  2. Just in time after a prankster laptop catastrophe. I may as well blame the damned thing for the fact that the tune and picture have very little in common and I've now got to blather some spiel about what inspired me! Hmm. I struggled to get a handle on this one. I went with a pop rock tune for a busy bunch of black and white birds and a bemused bloke. The usual suspects used, Westfield short scale bass, Epiphone Special guitar, Yamaha keyboard, Looperman drums, some echo effects, all recorded in glorious lo-fi with Wavepad and Audacity.
  3. I'm in a plaice against time to fin-ish mine. I'll ling-er on it tomorrow to get it over the line and hope you won't c o c k a snoek at it.
  4. Jah Wobble - the man of seemingly hundreds of collaborations.
  5. Dirty Cash (Money Talks) - Adventures of Stevie V
  6. From the bootleg 'D-Day in Dallas' of the Sex Pistols in January 1978 at the Longhorn Ballroom, Texas. Guitarist Steve Jones just before the encore... "You must be f**king mad wanting more of us"
  7. This is pretty good, I'll check out some more. Cheers for the pointer
  8. Tom Waits. And if it wasn't working out he'd know some good bars we could get 'inspired' in.
  9. Next Saturday (18th) on BBC2 at 9-30pm, 'When Nirvana Came To Britain'.
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