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  1. Bought a pedal from Tony, all sorted swiftly and as agreed. No problems whatsoever. Thank you.
  2. Bought a pedal from Paul. Good communication and swift, well packaged delivery. Would happily deal with again.
  3. I have a MIM jazz in a very similar blue, i think it was called midnight blue (bit more purple in a dim room). Mine's a 2000 though. Had it from new.
  4. Lee77

    Boss SY-1

    Well DHL tell me it'll be delivered tomorrow but gear4music say next week. 🤔 (said Lee77 in a hushed voice to avoid fretmeisters attention)
  5. Lee77

    Boss SY-1

    Mines coming tomorrow 😁
  6. Midnight blue sir, I have the same model.
  7. There was a radio 4 program about 'pioneer new thumb surgery' not long ago. It was to do with arthritis and replacing the worn out joint. Don't know if that is what you would need but might be worth a listen. Good luck.
  8. G&l asat hollow or Schecter dug pinnick baron h?
  9. Lee77

    Show us your rig!

    Just got this as a change from my headphone practice setup. Big enough for me.. for now. Little Blackstar beast.
  10. Octabvre now sold. Just the synth pedal left for any one bold enough.
  11. Bananana matryoshka synth pedal in excellent condition (no box, but no import fees) £160 including postage. 3 leaf octabvre (mk1) in excellent condition, with box and paperwork £150 including postage. Apologies for the rubbish picture.
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