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  1. Sina Always liked Bat out of hell but watching Sina play to it is wonderful.
  2. My current favourite. Avonlea singing. The wonderful Sina on drums and her dad on bass and guitars.
  3. I rarely keep going back to the same drummer but Sina's sheer drive, commitment , energy and wonderful playing make it an absolute pleasure to see someone like this, that puts so much time and feeling into every song. One of my faves
  4. The wonderful Sina https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ch4d3x7ZBFk
  5. The Record company get it for me with "I'm getting better"
  6. Bought a Panasonic tv recorder from Chris. Great guy to deal with and the best packing that I've ever seen. Thanks Chris.
  7. Original...I think. The drums sound better in the original.
  8. Only on Buddy Rich. Probably just kept it to myself with being too nice n'that.
  9. Glad we finally agree Dad. I just keep coming back to watch it as I like it so much. He's more power than I've ever had.
  10. What a sound. What a drummer and great attitude also.
  11. What is there to ..tear it up.. in Ringo's Love is a many splendoured thing. There's practically nothing there. Nice bass though.
  12. Even Jugglers are influenced by The Beatles. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uaBBl3gXRs
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