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  1. Bought a 4-track recorder off Mark. Arrived well packaged and in double quick time. Many thanks.
  2. Thanks, spoke to him a few days ago, but not heard anything since.
  3. These are the older versions, but may be useful to somebody. Grades 1,2,and 4. £10 + Postage
  4. As per title. Nice filter pedal, just not for me. Price includes postage.
  5. As per title, one is 30ft long and has two straight jacks, the other is 10ft long and has one straight and one right angled jack.
  6. Lucky enough to have been there, geat gig, even Ozzy sounded ok.
  7. Any interest in a Spector SSD NS-94 in black?
  8. In Duraweave grey, very good condition.£25 posted.
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