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  1. Got a couple of bass boxes suitable for shipping if anyone wants them. Collection from TA10 9PW
  2. I would be very happy to take the Elites off you if still available.
  3. Thanks for all the advice. I went with one of these in the end and it seems to be ok, but I guess time will tell.
  4. I've been given permission by the wife to display a bass in the corner of the living room. I'm looking for a wooden stand, but not 100% sure what type exactly. Don't really want to be paying the £100+ for the hanging type, but cautious that most of the A Frame type look better suited to lighter acoustic instruments. Any recommendations?
  5. What was it that was so bad about it. The reviews I've read were quite enthusiastic about them. Are you interested in selling it?
  6. Picked this up a couple of months back to have another try with five strings. Not sure what I was thinking because I struggle with four so in light of some recent purchases I think I will move this on. The Good Points It's a good, solid 5 string bass which punches above it's weight. Body is Bubinga wood, fingerboard is Rosewood. The neck is super flat and really nice to play. Hardware and pickups are by Wilkinson. The four pots are Volume, Tone, Bass, and Pickup Blend. The Bad Points It has a few marks and dings (the previous owner toured Europe with it) but nothing major, just general, light, wear and tear. When I picked it up, it had a really low output, and the pickup blend pot was crackly when adjusted. On inspection, the battery had leaked and corroded the battery clip, so I replaced that and stuck in a new 9v which sorted the output issue. I haven't gotten around to fixing the pot yet. It may just need a squirt of cleaner, or it may need a replacement soldering in, both of which should be pretty simple and are reflected in the price. Price is £125. This does not include shipping but does include a crap Fender gig bag to carry it home in. Shipping could possibly be arranged. I have a box, and can upgrade to a better more padded gigbag, but this will push the price to £160. I would also consider a trade for a high end (Mono, Sadowsky) gig bag with money either way. Socially distanced collection or viewing is welcome, as is PayPal if fees are covered. Any questions, please ask.
  7. Well I've got to say, mine arrived today (used eBay purchase) and I couldn't be happier. It's stunning, plays well, sounds great, and no apparent QC issues or unwanted noise from the electrics. Time will tell whether or not I decide to fit the VTC, but very glad I took a chance and bought it.
  8. I had it made by someone on here. Can't remember the chaps name, but he made lots for Basschatters. He swore he would never work with carbon fibre again after making this one.
  9. Here's an Encore I modified some time ago.
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