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  1. Dan Dare

    Marta Altesa

    You're making my point. I haven't seen a YT vid of Tal W miming to a track. She behaves like a proper musician - lets her fingers do the talking and doesn't (despite the fact that she's rather gorgeous) trade on her looks or give it large to the camera. So drop the smug nonsense about "having the audacity to be a woman", etc, eh. You know very well that's not what I'm saying. Have the gumption to post a photo of yourself on your sig', too. Stop hiding behind a cartoon.
  2. Dan Dare

    Marta Altesa

    Talk about deliberately misunderstanding me. Find me a video of a woman playing (I concede that MA, if she plays the stuff on the vid', knows what she's about) who isn't eye candy that gets any attention. Oh, btw, I have daughter who is, among other things, a mountain bike instructor and triathlete. She could kick my and your @rse.
  3. Dan Dare

    Hughes And Kettner Bassforce XXL combo

    H&K stuff is usually well built and decent. If it was cheap, I'd be surprised if you're disappointed, provided it works OK. You can get that acoustically transparent foam very cheaply on eBay if you fancy recovering the grille.
  4. Dan Dare

    Ampeg PF 500, Pre amp out question.

    If it's a powered monitor, it should work. Best if the monitor has an input gain, so you can adjust its level independently of the main amp.
  5. Dan Dare

    Power Amp questions

    I'd bet that's an IcePower module in a box. Quite a few offer them. Output numbers look a bit suspect. It doesn't work out that way in practice (doubling of output every time the impedance halves).
  6. Dan Dare

    Marta Altesa

    Oh Gawd. There are a load of these vid's on YouTube of cute (and sometimes scantily clad) young women playing along to tracks. The comments are full of drivel from the lustful and stupid about how wonderful they are, etc, etc. Look closely and you'll notice you often cannot see the jack on the instrument in many of them, which suggests it ain't even plugged in and that they are miming. All very contrived.
  7. Dan Dare

    Ridiculous requests

    In similar vein, I was playing in an irish trad' band at a wedding. People will often book a band to play some trad' early in the evening, before a disco or function band takes over to play music for dancing for the rest of the night. A bloke came up to me and demanded that we "play some rock n' roll for the youngsters". I explained that, whilst he and I, being the wrong side of 60, may have listened to rock n' roll in our youth, "the youngsters" these days want something very different. He was very offended and made a big fuss because I'd suggested that he was old. In the end, I had to tell him to go and look in the mirror...
  8. Dan Dare

    Power Amp questions

    Power amps go for very little secondhand. Always worth a look on evilBay etc before buying new. Brand, provided you stick with decent name stuff, doesn't really matter. They tend to be much of a muchness as far as quality, output, etc is concerned. Everyone uses pretty well the same circuit.
  9. Dan Dare

    Built by Terry or Pat??

    "Real bargain for the festival season". Great for banging in tent pegs...
  10. Who plays in the upper register? Guitar players, that's who...
  11. Dan Dare

    Possible spoof reply to a wanted advert.

    I got a similar reply from him when I posted a wanted listing. Asked him (not via the dodgy looking email address he gave, but via BC messaging) how old the item was, where it was, etc and whaddya know, radio silence.
  12. Exactly, although I back off my bridge pu more than a smidge as I've replaced the log pots with linear ones, which makes fine adjustment easier.
  13. Dan Dare

    Greco Basses

    Watch out for the prices some folk think they can charge. They were one of the so-called "lawsuit" brands and some seem to think they are worth silly money because of it. They're still copies, albeit quite decent ones
  14. On my Jazz, I find if you turn it all the way up and back it off a smidge, you get that J bass sound.
  15. Dan Dare

    Whats happened to Jeff? Hope he's ok

    Indeed. Very American - massive self justification, anything rather than simply admit one is wrong or has made a mistake. I played in a band with s similar fellow from across the pond once. He was a nightmare; he actually told me on one occasion "I NEVER make mistakes". Needless to say, I didn't hang around for long. His wife, who was/is a good musician (she played keys and sang), used to carry him - nodding cues at him, counting him in for breaks, etc, etc. Sometimes, he didn't even tune his guitar before we started playing. If you reminded him, he'd act all insulted.