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  1. Dan Dare

    2019 Gear challenge

    I haven't bought anything bass related for 2 years and have no plans to, but you never know...
  2. Dan Dare

    Okay, so who here has twins?

    I had a Fender Twin. Great amp' but too heavy to cart around...
  3. Dan Dare

    Phill Jones Bass Compact 8 Lite

    I have two PJB C4s (the C8 is effectively two of them in a single box). I like them a lot. Clean/flat and excellent tone, but they may not suit if you are used to the BF sound. PJ cabs, even the Lite versions, are quite heavy for their size (wheels and handles are OK until you encounter stairs). They are also quite inefficient and take some driving. You really ought to audition/try before you buy to avoid making an expensive mistake.
  4. Bill's right. It's pixie dust, really. Even RMS wattage claims are pretty meaningless. They may tell you how much an amp will heat an 8 ohm resistor for a few milliseconds, but into a reactive load like a speaker and across a full range of frequencies, that all goes out of the window. And that's before you start factoring in speaker efficiency, etc. Best to ignore all claims and audition stuff in real-world situations.
  5. Dan Dare

    Trace Elliot, tell me about it

    I had the AH350 many moons ago. Great heads - powerful, unburstable, reliable, heavy. If you can live with the weight, they are still great amps. TE's design brief was to mate a good quality pre' with proper eq to a PA power amp output stage. They were originally built in the wilds of rural Essex (I took mine to the factory for a service/repair and they did it on the spot whilst I went to the local pub for lunch). They were a bit of a revelation in their day compared to what else was available and that uv front light looked cool.
  6. Dan Dare

    NCD! Ampeg 810 fridge to complete the SVT

    Impressive. They do look the biz, those classic Ampeg rigs. Has anyone ever tried putting lightweight neo drivers in an Ampeg 8x10? Would be an expensive experiment, but I'd love to hear if it would work. Have fun with the new toy.
  7. Dan Dare

    Eden WT-550 Replacement Suggestions

    Aguilar AG700 is cleaner and more powerful than the TH500. I'm biased because that's what I chose (over the Magellan and several other well-liked heads that are mentioned here), but worth a try/listen, I'd suggest. If you want that classic Eden sound, another Eden is the obvious choice. A Reidmar might be a good lightweight alternative. There's no alternative to auditioning a few, really.
  8. Dan Dare

    Weight Of The Bass

    I reckon ped has it right. An instrument is the sum of its parts. As an OAP, I'd prefer a lighter instrument, but not at the expense of quality.
  9. Dan Dare

    2nd hand market slowing??

    I've found with my very infrequent sales (I hardly buy and sell - I try to find what I like and stick with it) that the BC sales forum is a reliable place. The only thing I don't like is that you have to set a price when selling. Sometimes, you can get a pleasant surprise when selling on eBay, especially if several get into a bidding war for what you're selling. I do notice that a few selling on BC have an optimistic view of what their stuff is worth. Typically, average used values (excluding vintage, rare or unusual items) tend to work out at around half new retail.
  10. Dan Dare

    Lightbulb joke...

    The late great Jimmy Smith played all the bass parts with his feet on his Hammond. Very tasty bass parts they were, too.
  11. Dan Dare

    Neck conundrum....

    I'd sell the bass complete and try a Jaguar. Short or medium scale, depending on model, P/J pickups and not too expensive.
  12. Dan Dare

    Fender p bass capacitors?

    It's cheap and easy to experiment with cap values. They cost pennies.
  13. Dan Dare

    TH500 idiots guide??

    THs do have a baked in tone (warm/thick), which you can modify but not lose completely with the eq (which is only 4 band) in my experience. If you like the sound, great. If not, you're probably better looking at alternatives. I have an AG700, which is less coloured by nature, although even it has some of the trademark Aguilar sound. Fortunately, I like it.
  14. I love tucking into the buffet at functions (provided I'm invited, natch), but you have to watch out. If you overdo it, you can be nodding off in the second set - like those films of the lions of the Serengeti, where they kill and eat something and go to sleep under a tree for two days...
  15. Dan Dare

    Mark Bass LMIII true flat settings

    You need to bypass the preamp entirely if you want something genuinely "flat" (if such a thing exists, which is debatable - all amplification has a sonic signature of some sort). A plain power amp is the obvious choice. You may not like the results, of course...