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Dan Dare

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    The Smoke
  1. Learn To Read Music

    Bar lines are punctuation. They tell you where the strong/on beat should happen. Tied notes are used when a note should be held beyond the end of a bar. What's wrong with that?
  2. Running 2 cabs out of here

    This. Speakons should be the same diameter as XLRs.
  3. New bass day!

    When it's a bass synth...
  4. Learn To Read Music

    More generally, would anyone claim learning to read language "stifled their creativity"? It's the same with music. A lot of defensiveness around the topic in my experience.
  5. Learn To Read Music

    Wrong way round, surely? C = no sharps or flats, g = one sharp, F = one flat and so on.
  6. Laney Richter bass cab. Who'd have thought.

    Old Peavey 4x10s and 8x10s are the same. Heavy, but seriously good sounding and can be picked up for peanuts.
  7. Never thought of that. I've just compared my Mex PJ with my Bitsa (which uses a Squier body, so I assume it uses the same spacing as a full fat Fender) and the p pickup is in the same place on both.
  8. Gig Gear bag = what do you use

    Fusion rucksack. Being a tackle tart, I got it because it matches my gig bag.
  9. Somefing wot I did...

    I'd like that on a T shirt
  10. Before cutting holes in your Nate, would it be worth selling it as is and looking for a PJ? If you mod' it, it may well reduce the re-sale value (modification usually does). The Mexican Fender PJs can be picked up quite reasonably second hand.
  11. Really flexible electrical flex

    Check the power rating of Arctic cables, too.
  12. 12" Powered Speaker for PA use without Sub

    EBS Freak's recommendation is a good one. The RCF's are excellent and light for their size/power. The Yamaha DXRs are also very fine. Many shops stock both, so worth comparing them. A pal of mine uses a DXR as keyboard backline at quite high levels and it's very good/clean sounding. You will need a sub for significant bottom end, as mike257 says. No getting away from the fact that you need to shift air for bass and kick at higher levels.
  13. Collection in person

    Seems comments on this issue are split between those who buy the occasional instrument, who don't mind travelling, and those who buy a lot/deal, who do mind. If you want to deal/buy and sell for a profit, that's your business, but you can't really complain if people won't help you by shipping stuff to you.
  14. Collection in person

    I don't think a bass would fit on a pallet, even diagonally, due to its length.
  15. Collection in person

    Why? If a seller doesn't wish to chance entrusting his instrument to a courier, that's his prerogative. "Fairness" doesn't come into it. You can always buy new. Shops will happily deliver because they are covered by their insurance (and because couriers know that they will lose a shop's entire business if they screw up, whereas they couldn't care less about a private individual).