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  1. High mass bridges can "dry" the sound a little in my experience. The difference, despite claims that they offer a miraculous improvement on a BBOT, is very small. You may or may not like it. If you don't want to spend a lot, try a Gotoh 201. Nicely made and good value. There is also a Gotoh version of the BBOT, the 203, which is made from brass and very nice. It certainly looks better than the standard offering. However, adding new p/us and bridge to a Squier will cost a bit and you're unlikely to recoup what you spend if you come to sell it. Might it be better to put the money towards a better instrument?
  2. I'm a little surprised at that recommendation. If you want an Aguilar, the AG700 is the clean one. The THs are excellent amps, but they are voiced to sound thick/old school.
  3. No such thing as "music that doesn't date". Everything is of its time. However, that and whether or not it continues to be liked are separate issues. I like Bach, but I certainly can't and wouldn't claim his music hasn't "dated".
  4. Hilarious. Major selling point for some (me included). Don't really think the maker would have been unaware.
  5. Sorry to be sensible, but when you say "darker", do you mean fatter, with more lows? If so, it could be that you have improved the lead, which you say was a cheapie, by making a decent contact between it and the new plug (which, being a Neutrik, probably makes a better connection than the old one). The highs could be the same as they were, but you perceive it as darker/fuller because you are now hearing the low end properly as well.
  6. If you get another 210, you can pair it with the one you have to make a 410. It will be cheaper than buying a 410 and you have the option of using one or both depending on the size of the job.
  7. Pinegrove wide leather strap. I got one for my 5. Nice bit of kit.
  8. As you won't need the preamp section if you use the Sadowsky, any sufficiently powerful head with an effects return or power amp in or PA power amp will do the job.
  9. Me too, only I have a 30ft lead.
  10. Simple solution is to leave the house with a case containing a bass you are happy to say goodbye to ("just taking it to the shop for a set-up/few repairs") and return with the new one in the case.
  11. If you're playing in an out and out covers band, it is usually to get paid gigs first and foremost - parties, weddings, etc, etc. So satisfying one's soul has to take second place to giving audiences what they want/like. With that in mind, if I don't particularly care for a song, I just suck it up and play it. It's only a few minutes out of my life and, so long as the experience overall is satisfying/enjoyable/lucrative, I'm good with that.
  12. I bought an Aguilar AG700 after comparing it with a Genzler Magellan, Tone Hammer 500, Little Mark 3 (which I liked a lot) and few others. I think the Tone Hammers would be too similar to your Ampeg if you're looking for a cleaner sound. The AG700 is cleaner, but you can still add a little character/bloom if you need it. I find it a good compromise. I am using PJB cabs, which are known to be clean. Your BF 210 is designed to be a little more old school in character. It's always a balancing act according to the taste of the player. You should definitely try some amps with it and see what you like. The Gallien Krueger mentioned above is a good shout, too.
  13. Manufacturers don't want you to buy direct. They prefer you to buy through retailers (and they certainly aren't going to undercut their retailers for reasons mentioned above). It's a faff for them to have to package and ship a single unit to you when they can sell a container load to a retailer or wholesaler. Some offer direct sales to cater for those who have no retailer to buy from.
  14. If your stomp box puts out a sufficient level of signal, you could use a PA power amp.
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