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  1. Thanks Bill. That's generous of you. Eminence is becoming increasingly available here and prices aren't bad.
  2. That's very interesting, Bill, especially the reason why European manufacturers concentrated on the PA driver market. I understand that you may not wish to answer this question (I appreciate that you've done your research/experimentation in developing your cabinet designs and may well not wish to give away your knowledge), but could I ask which 10" and 12" drivers you favour for bass guitar (assuming they are mounted in suitable cabs of course)?
  3. Are all the drivers in the one large enclosure, or is it divided internally so the 10s and 15 have separate compartments? If they're all in the one space, they won't be doing each other any favours. Peavey did a 2x10 plus 1x15 once with no internal subdivision. It didn't work very well (the bass player in a band I used to play in had one and it wasn't great). If possible, you might look at dividing it internally.
  4. You should typically get a little more volume from a 4 ohm drive unit. But (and it's a big but) check the efficiency figures of the drivers you are interested in. They will say something like 98db for 1w at 250hz and will give better guidance as to how much output a driver will give.
  5. In practice, that amp will only be capable of producing 900w for a couple of milliseconds (if at all). It was doubtless measured in a lab, run into a stable, non-reactive load and over a limited range of frequencies. In the real world, forget it. Claiming massive power outputs has always been the way of things. You'll be fine.
  6. Gear 4 Music's own brand as far as I'm aware. Generic gear, sourced from one of the big factories in China that makes for Thomann et al. Economically priced and does the job. As long as you don't expect miracles, it'll be fine.
  7. Any moment now, someone will recommend the Fender Rumbles. They're decent for the money and nice and light, but really, you need to go and try some kit. Find a well stocked shop (Bass Direct or similar), spend some time comparing and make an informed decision based on your preference, not anyone else's. Don't buy on recommendation. That's a major reason so much nearly new stuff appears in the marketplace on here.
  8. You can make a pick more resistant to slipping by drilling a hole in the centre of it. Allows a bit of skin to skin contact and increases grip.
  9. This. Switchcraft plugs are also excellent. You can save quite a bit making your own.
  10. Churches are always hard work. The more grand they are - high vaulted ceilings, reflective stone surfaces, lots of nooks and crannies - the worse. I did sound in one last night and it was challenging. Certainly didn't need any reverb...
  11. If it enables decent musicians (you can't be a duffer playing jazz - smooth or any kind) to make a living, I'm fine with it. Don't care for it myself, but different strokes for different folks and all that.
  12. I agree Francis Rossi has the best claim to the name in SQ. More generally, bands are like companies (especially established ones). You wouldn't expect a company to cease trading when it had no original staff left working for it, so why a band?
  13. At last. Sensible advice. Never mind all that practice your scales malarkey. Practice is for wimps. People won't notice a few fluffy notes. It's only a bass, after all. And you won't care anyway. Win, win 🤪
  14. Oh dear. I shan't be bidding on that bass when it pops up on eBay...
  15. Malcom Hine. In Edmonton. Google will find him.
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