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  1. Is the original top loading or string through body? Assuming the former, you could, if you don't mind drilling an extra hole or two, replace the bridge with something different. As long as you ensure it sits parallel to where the original does and use one with the same string spacing or saddles that adjust laterally, it should work fine.
  2. Have you tried any of them? Beware buying on the strength of reviews or other peoples' opinions.
  3. It does have a slight amount. It shouldn't affect a poly finish, though. Much cheaper than naphtha/lighter fluid.
  4. Those all aluminium necks are not pleasant to hold. They feel very cold. The Kramers, which had wood inserts let into the back of the necks, were much nicer to play. Still, in view of the bargain price...
  5. White spirit? I find it removes the glue residue from stickers.
  6. You could enquire of some of the luthiers suppliers (try Google).
  7. Jack's Instrument Services - Manchester guitar setup and repair workshop. Electric, Bass and Acoustic Guitars taken on for upgrades, modifications, set up or repair! - Tel: 07706828122. Very wide range of materials/styles and good work.
  8. It's a pedal. Just got the promo' email.
  9. I agree with Jakester. G&L Tributes are exceptionally good for the money. I'd say the comparison between them and US built models is similar to that between Mexican and US built Fenders.
  10. It could well be the nature of the beast. 100w isn't a massive amount of power for bass, especially in a rock/metal band or similar. If you start experimenting with replacement valves, you may find the power supply can't keep up.
  11. Very happy with my 4" padded Pinegrove. Not cheap, but high quality leather and beautifully made.
  12. Ideally, for that sound, the humbucker should be nearer the neck rather than the bridge. I saw an interview with Billy Sheehan when he described adding the humbucker there to his famous old P bass. Pickups set closer to the bridge tend to emphasise the mid range growl.
  13. Most cabs and most amps are compatible, in that they will work together (within reason, obvs). Whether you like the result is a different matter. You simply have to try things out in order to make an informed decision.
  14. I'm with chris b. I'll happily browse shops and try new stuff out, but unless it's a noticeable improvement over what I have, I keep my money in my pocket.
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