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  1. Agree about Markbass if you want a modern rig. They have a nice combination of warm/old school but not dull. You still get good note definition, which is very important for reggae because the rhythm/timing is so critical in the bass.
  2. Bill's absolutely right. If you have a fan-cooled amp, it's remarkable how much dust can be drawn into it, especially if it has no filter. I try to remember to clean my PA power amps regularly. There cab be a fine coating of what looks like fur (which is accumulated dust) inside and on the output trannies. It must have an insulating effect and prevent them from keeping cool. If you have never cleaned a fan-cooled amp, take the top off and take a look. You may be in for a surprise. It's simple enough to brush off the dust and fluff with a soft paintbrush and vacuum it up.
  3. A 7 band graphic is going to be pretty sweeping (no pun intended) in its effect, because each fader will cover a wide frequency range, so adjust judiciously. When I used a graphic-equipped TE head, I'd start with everything set flat and then increase the amount of gain on each fader one at a time (and take it back to zero before adjusting the next). It was pretty obvious which was least to my liking and once I'd found it (or them), it was just a matter of reducing it until I was happy with the tone. Be aware that they will affect each other, so be prepared to experiment to get it to your liking. Adjust using your ears, not your eyes. It doesn't matter what it looks like, as long as it sounds right. Generally, cut is preferable to boost and be careful not to attempt to make up for cabinet deficiencies (particularly at the low end) by using large amounts of boost. You can easily run out of headroom and fry your drivers.
  4. Exotic hardwoods/coffee table basses. "Reliced" (another word for deliberately trashed). Weird shapes, especially angular/pointy. Dozens of strings and knobs. Stupid names/emblems.
  5. Any of them. It's only 3 chords, innit... 😁
  6. Care to share some of your work on here? I'm partial to a bit of McGonagall.
  7. Fair enough. It just gets my goat that some on here moan about the slightest thing. God forbid something really bad might happen to them.
  8. I'd like to see you try to make that stand up in court against a private individual. Are you a lawyer?
  9. I know you are a whiner. Probably another of the flippers on here (they know who they are - I could name some names but the mod's would probably jump on me), who buy and re-sell instruments and equipment. It always seems to be them who bleat about people not being prepared to post stuff. They appear to see it as their right that everyone should make it easy for them to turn a profit.
  10. As it happens, I don't want to sell anything "so bad". But wait. What's that I smell? Ah yes, the whiff of an entitled millennial.
  11. A private individual is not a business, unlike Bass Direct/bass shops. By what right are you demanding that that someone should post an item (and accept the risks of doing so) to you? If you want it so badly, either arrange your own courier/pick up or get off your behind and go and collect it.
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