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  1. More likely an ignoramus and certainly not a player. He obviously thinks Fenders are all called Jazz Basses. There was another idiot on eBay suffering from a similar delusion a while back. He was attempting to sell what he described as a "Jazz Precision", which was a bitsa with a butchered headstock - 3 tuners on one side and one on the other.
  2. I wouldn't try to reduce the size of the neck heel. It will be difficult to do it accurately and you'll likely end up with a sloppy, or at worst, mis-angled fit. I've had to widen a neck pocket and it isn't difficult (although a bit long-winded) provided you use a decent cabinet scraper and take it steadily, stopping constantly to check measurements and ensure you keep everything flat/square.
  3. As ours is a maritime climate (nowhere in the UK is more than 60 miles from the sea), damp can be more of a problem than may realise, especially when those moisture-laden westerlies blow in from the Atlantic. Does it have to stay in the car all the time? I'd certainly bring it indoors in damp/wet weather.
  4. I find it very important to make sure the foot and clamp of a headstock tuner is flush to the surface of the headstock otherwise it won't read properly , especially on lower strings.
  5. I agree with Cato. New strings, especially rounds, can be horribly zingy until they've settled in. If you want fat, I'd experiment with flats. They're not all like La Bellas (nothing against them - I keep a P strung with ancient LBs for that Jamerson thang). I like Chromes or TIs. Both have plenty of clarity and brightness together with the fullness. I'd suggest trying a gauge lighter than you are used to in rounds as they have higher tension (or feel as if they do at any rate). I've tried Roto flats, btw and didn't like them at all. Felt like strips of wood under the fingers. They're good at rounds, but I don't think they have it as far as flats go.
  6. Now reduced to £225. Someone is going to get a bargain. Paintwork by Mondrian 😁
  7. I like that Genzler cab', too. I'm not a fan of tweeters and find small h/f cone drivers are much sweeter sounding to my ears. The Genzler cab gave me the idea to get a 12 (sans tweeter) and use it with one or two of my small 4x5 Phil Jones cabs. Makes a great compact but powerful rig.
  8. Why? I was pointing out that is that there is no right to sell something and especially not for the price of one's choosing. Some do appear to think there is and become upset when they can't. Quite a lot of stuff in the Marketplace is over-priced (the rough rule of thumb price for something used in good condition, unless it's vintage or rare, is around half retail). Given that BC members are generally pretty well informed, that could explain why it doesn't shift. If people are not happy that their stuff isn't selling, they are entitled to advertise it elsewhere or even take it to Cash Converters (and good luck with getting a decent price there). My earlier point - that there are a number of commercial or semi-commercial sellers on here claiming to be ordinary players who are "thinning the herd" or "upgrading"- is also true. A number of the same names keep popping up time and again, selling expensive instruments and kit. They're either wealthy dilettantes who can afford to keep buying stuff or doing it as a business.
  9. Blimey. That's one heavy instrument. 895,000 pounds is 400 tons 😁. Good luck with the sale
  10. Anyone else keep a beater bass lying round at home to practice on? I made a bitsa P which I use for the purpose. Lives on a stand in the lounge. I'm rapidly getting to like it more than my other, apparently better (and certainly much more expensive) instruments. Perhaps it's because I play it every day and am very familiar with the feel of it. Have even started taking it out on jobs.
  11. If you have an original pickguard to use as a template, Jack's Instrument Services in Manchester, in your part of the world, will make you one. I've used them and they're very good. 

    1. Taylor Bitch-blues

      Taylor Bitch-blues

      Brilliant !,  thank-you,  close enough in terms of miles,  i want a replacement for my 32" scale Fender jazz.

  12. Nobody is compelled to use the BC marketplace, eBay, Gumtree or even the classified pages of the local rag (if it still exists). If you have something to sell, it's up to you to find the best channel through which to move it on. You may well have to accept less than you consider it worth in order to do so. That's just good old market forces at work (the same market forces that work to your advantage when you buy something for a bargain price, remember). If you don't like it, that's just life, I'm afraid. If you're buying, caveat emptor is as valid a motto as it ever was.
  13. Roqsolid are fine for moderate protection, such as carrying stuff in from the car. The nicest fabric covers I've bought were from Hot Covers. I got a pair made for some PA speakers and they were excellent - tough, thickly padded and fitted perfectly. They weren't cheap, but you get what you pay for.
  14. It seems a lot of those commenting above who aren't particularly happy with the Marketplace may be trade or semi-trade sellers. A number refer to multiple items not moving. Given that most of us who are members on here are players/enthusiasts who only buy and sell occasionally, it is hardly surprising that those with a lot of stuff for sale are not going to get dozens of takers. I have bought and sold two or three things on here over the years and everything has been fine. I suspect that most are in the same position as me. If you are a dealer or have a shop/room full of kit for sale, perhaps you'd be better off advertising on eBay, FB or in a more commercial arena.
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