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Dan Dare

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    The Smoke
  1. Advice Sought - PJB Content

    I have a couple of C4s. You need a few of them to develop any weight to the sound - I use my two with a 4B and it's fine for most situations. Handy for me at my advanced age to carry several small cabs rather than one big one. They like plenty of power - efficiency is low, but don't like to be pushed really hard. You have to find the sweet spot. Very crisp and hi-fi sounding and better, imho, with a warmer sounding amp. When I bought my C4s, I actually tried them with a MB LM3 in the shop and thought it was a good foil to the cabs, for me at any rate. When I bought a new head recently, I tried the LM, but preferred the AG700, which I subsequently bought.
  2. Bassist Ad again

    Someone should respond, inviting him to join an Adge Cutler and the Wurzels tribute band, just to confirm his prejudices.
  3. Markbass combo - removing the amp

    You defo need a lid on it. Without one, the case will be less rigid and more prone to bending, which could break a circuit board.
  4. Ported v sealed

    Bill, do you think it worth lining a cab with those shaped foam acoustic tiles? They're expensive, but is it worth the cost?
  5. I Hate Tobacco Sunburst

    I prefer Golden Virginia
  6. Bassist Ad again

    I'm sure he'll be inundated (there's another "posh word" for you) with replies from people eager to get him to a nice quiet out of the way rehearsal room where they can give him a good kicking . What a tosser.
  7. Small PA, Studio monitors, or something else?

    I agree with lemmywinks. Studio monitors or similar will not handle uncompressed music at anything like sensible levels in a noisier environment and anything decent won't be cheap. If you want something that will reproduce DI'd bass at any kind of level, you're going to have to spend some money. Don't, repeat, don't buy anything without trying it for its intended purpose first. That's a sure-fire route to throwing money away.
  8. Receipt for second hand buy

    You might be seen (so many CCTV cameras around these days) Dog turd in an envelope through the letterbox?
  9. Musicianship vs Personality & Stage Appeal

    It's often the case that a band will have a combination of those who stare at their fingers/shoes but who are great players and those who are at home engaging with an audience. That seems to be a good balance. I don't think you need any more than 2 who front up/chat or it can get a bit wearing.
  10. Getting the finish on an old bass shiny again

    Good point. T Cut also leaves a residue, which you should ideally wipe off with something like white spirit.
  11. can you guess what it is yet?

    Now you're just meshing about
  12. Oooer - not for me

    I saw an interview with Bryan Beller, in which he spoke somewhat disparagingly about "coffee table basses". Sums up a lot of the preceding pic's rather well, I think.
  13. AER amp 3 experience?

    Very nice they look, too.
  14. Advice Needed Amp Repair

    Have a look at the Consumer Rights Act (Google will find it). Like the Sale of Goods Act before it, it specifies things such as your rights to refunds, repair and replacement of faulty goods.
  15. Landlord can "get bands for free", oh no.

    It depends. If I'm playing a function, such as a wedding, where I'm playing what people want, then of course not. However, If I'm doing something for my own sake (perhaps in a situation where I play in an "originals band" and we want to try to create awareness, gain audience, etc, then, if we think the gig may be useful in that regard, yes. Also, I play in another band that made up of experienced players, who are well past the first flush of youth (all 60+). We like to get together once in a while and play for fun. We are fortunate in that we don't need to earn money at every possible opportunity. So if something that looks as if it will be enjoyable comes along (and it isn't going to make a lot of money for the event organiser or anyone involved), we'll do it for the hell of it if they ask nicely and buy us a drink or two. See my comment above. There is little "original music" in the world. There may be stuff that someone has written recently, but that often isn't "original". "Derivative music" might be a better term for much of it. As for "hearing something new", at the age of 64 and having been playing since my teens (including stints where I made a living out of it), that doesn't happen all that often and certainly not at these venues that put on "new bands", singer/songwriters et al.