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  1. Bought some IEMs off Rick with excellent comms and everything was very efficient and easy. We had a few small issues to resolve but Rick was super organised and understanding and it was all resolved without any bother at all. Cheers, C
  2. Thanks for the generous feedback york5stringer, very much appreciated! I think you're right in that it may have to start life as more of a bass bash type event, but really encouraging that such big names have been into the idea in the past watch this space I suppose! In the meantime please keep the feedback coming folks, I'm very open to everyone's thoughts and ideas! C
  3. Hi everybody, I was wondering if I could ask for some feedback from the bass community? I’m thinking of organising a bass specific event similar to other instrument festivals around the world, and I’m reaching out to you all to see how much interest there may be, and if so what you would like to have at such an event. I'm aware that similar events do already exist, but this would be in Glasgow (where I'm based) and very accessible, friendly and low key Features could include the following; 1: Masterclasses - presentations given on a variety of subjects (technique, studio experience, theory, industry stories, etc) 2: Workshops - more participatory sessions focussing on various aspects of musicianship, attendees are encouraged to bring an instrument and play 3: Luthiers - a chance to meet instrument makers and try their instruments 4: Amp/pedal makers - a chance to meet equipment makers and try their products 5: Performances - concerts given by solo bassists, bass fronted ensembles, bands with prominent bass players, etc 6: Other/any more ideas? Even if you have a minute to comment with the numbers (1-6) of the things that you’d be most up for attending that would be extremely helpful. Of course more detailed feedback in this thread or via PM also welcomed. Thanks in advance bassers, looking forward to hearing all of your thoughts! Cammy
  4. Starting a thread for Peter, bought a bass off him and communication, packing and everything was brilliant - totally recommended!
  5. Very easy to deal with Dave; quick replies & payment, no problems whatsoever. Highly recommended
  6. la bella original 1954 0760M £20 - been on a bass for about 2/3 months, not played very much though. cut for standard 4 in a row headstock with 2/3 winds on each tuner.SOLD d'addario medium scale exl160M £15 - brand new, uncut, but the package has been opened.
  7. Hi everyone, selling some stuff that's been lying around for ages not being used: Boss OC2 £60 - does what it says on the tin. made in taiwan. velcro on bottom. boxed SOLD mooer bass eq £35 - 5 band eq. velcro on bottom. boxed & instructions. ehx mini q tron £40 - super fun & squelchy. velcro on bottom. been modded with a volume control (used to boost volume a huge amount). no box. comes with power adaptor so a normal power supply can be used. SOLD fmr rnc £110 - high quality compressor. comes with american power supply & uk adaptor. velcro on bottom and the top as I used to put a pedal or two on the top of it on a board. boxed & instructions. can post anything, any questions give me a shout, cheers!
  8. bought 2 items from me, comms were very quick, payment likewise, very easy to deal with, thanks
  9. yeah it is, it's all in proportion so it doesn't look weird
  10. Hi all, tried to sell this a while ago but here goes again! The spec is standard; rosewood fingerboard, 34" scale, CAR finish + matching headstock (a bit of a ding out of the top - visible in the photos), controls are vol/bal/tone, weight is 4.2kg, and it even has the plastic covering still on the pick guard! The bass has been professionally set up, with a new nut too, and has a comfy low action. As you can see (I hope) from the pictures the higher up the neck the defret work is a bit messy, but it gets much neater the nearer the 'money' end. This doesn't affect the sound as the fingerboard has been sanded down well, and could be coated with epoxy to get even more 'mwah'. Currently got on labella nickel rounds. These are fantastic instruments for the money, and I could ship in a (used but solid) protection racket case. For local pickup without case I could knock off a few quid I hope this seems like a reasonable price, but I'm open to opinions from everybody here. If you'd like any more details please get in touch, Cameron
  11. Hi everyone. Selling this medium scale, made in Japan jazz bass. For those who don't already know these are 62 jazz bass copies that are available in long/medium/short scale, I think just for the Japanese market and therefore seldom seen over here. It's in excellent condition and is as original, except I've changed the tuners to hipshot ultralites to correct some awkward neck dive - makes a big difference. One small issue is that while they were being fitted the drill went right through the headstock (see in photo, by the D string tuner). A minor cosmetic detail but worth mentioning. It comes in the original Fender packaging, with original hardware included. I'll also throw in a spare set of medium scale D'Addario rounds (which it's got on at the moment) and a set of medium scale labella flats. Any questions fire 'em at me! Shipping not a problem, and no trades thanks.
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