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  1. Bought a 4-track recorder off Mark. Arrived well packaged and in double quick time. Many thanks.
  2. Thanks, spoke to him a few days ago, but not heard anything since.
  3. These are the older versions, but may be useful to somebody. Grades 1,2,and 4. £10 + Postage
  4. As per title. Nice filter pedal, just not for me. Price includes postage.
  5. As per title, one is 30ft long and has two straight jacks, the other is 10ft long and has one straight and one right angled jack.
  6. Lucky enough to have been there, geat gig, even Ozzy sounded ok.
  7. Any interest in a Spector SSD NS-94 in black?
  8. In Duraweave grey, very good condition.£25 posted.
  9. I'll be at both, then off to Sonisphere the next day for Maiden. This could possibly be one of the most memorable weeks of my life.
  10. Well, it turns out that there were a lot of crossed wires and guitar boy was actually a decent bloke. Practice went ok and we've all picked a song each to learn for next time so all's good.
  11. Well, it turns out that there were a lot of crossed wires and guitar boy was actually a decent bloke. Practice went ok and we've all picked a song each to learn for next time so all's good.
  12. Yup, gonna have a word straight from the off. I totally understand that in a band situation I'm going to end up playing some stuff I don't really like or enjoy, it's just that in this situation, I don't think it's right that somebody can ask to join in with something that's already going along ok, then start dictating about song choice without any regard for, or even asking what anybody else thinks. As far as I'm concerned, we're all going to pick songs that we want to play and if guitar boy doesn't like it then I guess he's in the wrong place.
  13. So, having never been in a band before, when a mate of mine who's learning to drum suggested we get together and have a little jam session I jumped at the chance. Another old mate of ours was interested in joining in on guitar which was fine by me (as I'm really only interested in doing this for shits and giggles with my mates) and we started practicing a couple of easy songs (Seven Nation Army and She Sells Sanctury). Anyhow, drummer boy mentioned to a workmate what we were doing and he then asked if he could come along and join in. All this was still fine until the drummer came round with a list of about thirty-five songs that new the guitarist had given him, with instructions for me to learn the first five. When I asked about the two songs we'd been practicing, drummer boy told me that that the new guitarist thought the guitar parts weren't very good and didn't want to do them. Now there's a couple of songs on the list which are ok, but none of it is stuff that I'm really into, lots of Oasis type stuff mainly and we're more into rock, so I suggested to drummer boy that each of us bring one song to the table so that we all get to do something we enjoy. Drummer boy agreed and I thought that it was sorted, but just found out the new guitarist hasn't been told yet. As it will probably be me having to give him the good news tomorrow and we've never met before, I'm not sure things will be getting off to a great start. Any suggestions for handling things tactfully?
  14. Another massive fan here, not just of his songs, but also of his attitude towards his fans. Always makes time to meet people after shows and answer emails personally. Can't wait to see him again at Sonisphere this year, really hoping he gets on stage with Maiden after the celebrity mastermind thing.
  15. Cheers, that was very helpful, especially the bit about the bass part being triple tracked. Guessing that's probably why I'm having trouble nailing the sound :-\
  16. Been trying to work out a patch for this for a while, but can't quite get it. Has anybody got close and would be prepared to share their settings?
  17. The Squier Matt Freeman P Bass always gets a lot of love. They seem to sell for less than £300 s/h.
  18. I'm going. Thought I'd never get to see FNM so this was a no brainer for me really. Also be good to cross Soundgarden off my hitlist. Then you get Lemmy and Geezer....what's not to like. Shame it's the same weekend as Soni though, going to be a bit hectic that weekend.
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