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  1. CDLT

    Feedback for CDLT

    A feedback thread for myself.
  2. Just bought a gig bag from Patrick - it was as described, in excellent condition and postage and comms were both very quick. Wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again - cheers Patrick.
  3. I know this is a low offer on a good price, but any chance you'd take 30 for it?
  4. Thanks, seeing it done in person makes it nice and clear and looks like this guy has other setup videos too, thanks so much for sharing! Man, thank you so much! So generous. Feeling very welcomed and excited for the bass. Hopefully I'll be in a position to pay forward the kindness to someone else in the future
  5. Oh wow that's not even something I knew to look for, thanks for pointing it out! Seems like it'd be a good idea to talk to someone, maybe in a shop or something to get my head around it and learn how to fix it myself. Plenty of music stuff here in Bristol at least And funnily enough my friend sent me a headstock tuner as I'd mentioned learning the bass, which was what spurred me to get on with it and buy one. Thanks for the handbook link too, sound 👍
  6. Need to work out how to use all these emojis
  7. I like this! Here's my new friend, I've never usually been a fan of red but I actually think it's pretty jazzy! Scuse the crummy photography.
  8. Thanks for the tip! A little structure would definitely help. Have just signed up on studybass so will see how that goes too...
  9. Wow, that's really kind! I'll bite your hand off if you're sure you don't need it? And yeees it is exciting! Taking my mind off all the stuff I should be doing :s
  10. Hi everyone, I posted about a week ago looking for a first bass under £250 and got a truckload of suggestions. I spent the week poring over ebay, gumtree, fb etc and then actually went into a music shop to see what they had. Realised I felt like a prat looking for "something nice" when it was my first time holding one of the things, and the entry level ones sounded fine to my untrained ears... Anyway, a slightly beaten up Yamaha RBX170 turned up right around the corner for £70 and (after checking reviews on here first) I went and got it! Anyway, this forum's provided me so much information this week, so thanks everyone. I'm now gonna look for a copy of Hal Leonard's bass thingy and get stuck in, I'm psyched just to finally have the strings in front of me. It's admittedly a little daunting having it all in front of me and not knowing quite where to start (also being 24 and not having played anything before) but this place seems very chill and welcoming of questions. I mostly started because I want to eventually play music with other people for the fun of it. I'm mostly into rock/indie and some jazz stuff but I'm hoping getting to know the instrument will open up other music for me. A bassist that really made me want to start is from one of my favourite bands, a Japanese group called Gesu no kiwami otome who do funky, jazzy rock/pop. He seems really talented and I'm always drawn to their basslines. The vocals are definitely an acquired taste though. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B98VzkSNV1U&ab_channel=gesunokiwamiotome-Topic Anyway, cheers for having me! Edit: One thing I'm struggling with is the difference in sound between my index and second finger when I pluck. The second one is less powerful and also less twangy, the cause seems to be that my index is a little pointier and the nail tends to hit the string, unlike with the other finger. Is this a (common/easily fixed) problem?
  11. Thanks for even more recommendations. Starting to see quite a few possibilities now and it's probably just a case of pulling the trigger... definitely open to a PJ, sounds like there's plenty of love for them here
  12. Appreciate the extra info! I have one of my old man's on the way but it's apparently pretty old so may need an upgrade at some point 😛
  13. Ooh it looks very nice, and within my price range, it's just far and I'm a bit reluctant to buy without checking it out with someone that knows their stuff. Thanks for sharing though, great find.
  14. Yep... after reading so much about them almost went ahead and bought one new, then saw they were sold out...
  15. Wow, what a great concept. I didn't know that was a thing but I'll search out the thread. Thank you!
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