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Black basses


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[quote name='Talon' post='1030513' date='Nov 20 2010, 03:29 PM']Perfect timing.....got this today

That looks darn fine - been very tempted by these for a while. Once you`ve familiarised with it, would be very interested in your opinions of it.

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HA! Just to remain PC as I posted my '57 on the white bass thread, heres my Frank Bello :yarr:

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I Love black guitars, but I hate how the black gloss just shows every finger smudge mark going. I'm forever cleaning my guitars....

A Crafter Cruiser Stingray copy....a plank, borrowed of a mate -


My current gigging bass, a Fender 2003 USA P.
Its called Roger (after Roger Waters and the guy I bought it off), never gonna get rid of -


A MIM Fender P I used for gigging before I got the US....nice but I didn't like the rosewood fretboard -


A Squire P I pimped, sold to buy the MIM


And my late eighties Squier Strat...obviously called Dave -


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Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Now you've gone and done it....

In order of age:

1978 Fender Precision

1979 MM StingRay

1982 Precision JV

1983 Aria SB

1983 MM Cutlass I

2000 Kubicki ExFactor

I do own basses that aren't black too. Honest.

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Here's some of mine.

First up my Fender Panther (couldn't call an all black Jaguar anything else, really)
[attachment=64649:jaguarblacksp3.jpg] [attachment=64650:jaguarblacksp2.jpg] [attachment=64651:jaguarblacksp1.jpg]

Washburn Scavenger and matching Raven

[attachment=64652:wash1.jpg] [attachment=64655:raven1.jpg]

Westone Thunder 1A plus matching 1T

[attachment=64653:westone9.jpg] [attachment=64654:westone3.jpg]

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[quote name='4 Strings' post='1032732' date='Nov 22 2010, 03:22 PM']These both look in perfect condition. Is that a pre-EB Stingray body and a '70s Precision?[/quote]

It is indeed a pre EB body with a Status neck, but the P is a recent parts build (Jap body, Mighty Mite neck fender hardware and kent armstrong hot vintages) to look like a Roger Waters bass due to my current role in a floyd tribute.

Cheers mate


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