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  1. I've got one the same - really odd (and odd-sounding, with the piezo) and interesting bass. Orange was definitely the best colour!
  2. Bassassin

    Good luck with that

    I met Tony Butler years ago, and shook his hand. Does that triple the value of my hand?
  3. Couldn't agree more. It's the shape which makes it a very ugly bass - I really like the actual woodwork.
  4. Bassassin

    Aria Pro 2 SB900 FRETLESS (?)

    Re-listed. Same description, so he's clearly not following this thread...
  5. Bassassin

    What bass is being played in this video?

    Not a Washburn - there wasn't a P styled model in the range in 1984. Closest thing would have been one of the Force models & they're very distinctive & nothing really like this. Don't know what the bass is but I've seen a few bound body/no scratchplate P types from that era - pretty sure Fernandes did something like that. Failing that it could be some sort of custom job. Apropos of nothing, can't read the logo but the placement looks really odd...
  6. Bassassin

    Very unusual Guild bass

    It's an early 70s Japanese LP bass copy, plywood body, pressed top, the necks on these are also a mahogany multi-laminate - which strongly suggests they're Sakai Mokko builds. The same bass was sold in the UK as Jedson, and also unbranded. The one I had aged 16 was unbranded - it was a decent & playable starter bass and actually sounded pretty decent - unlike a lot of these the pickups were proper humbuckers rather than single coil "mockbuckers" - and it was pretty gutsy. Just noticed this has an old Maxon single-coil as a replacement for its bridge pickup. Oh - the Guild logo's a sticker, and this is about £100's worth realistically. They're fairly common.
  7. Bassassin

    Aria Pro 2 SB900 FRETLESS (?)

    First off it's not an SB-900 - it's a late 80s (post-Matsumoku) SB-ELT. These were probably Japanese but they don't have any serials or other identification so they may be Korean builds. As far as I know (and I ain't no expert) all the Matsumoku fretless SBs had lined boards - I've never seen a fretless ELT before so this might be factory. Not too sure though. Whatever it is, the seller's a lazy sod for i) not researching what it actually is, ii) not doing what he claims is a simple repair that he's done before, and iii) not giving the bloody thing a wipe. Still managed to get nearly £400 for it though.
  8. Bassassin

    Westone Thunder II Fretless. Oh Dear...

    Just had a proper look at the pics (I was on my phone earlier) and that's a Thunder 1A, probably a Jet with the finish taken off. Ignore my earlier remark - it's a wreck!
  9. Bassassin

    Westone Thunder II Fretless. Oh Dear...

    Considering Thunder IIs are typically around the £300 mark, that's a damn good price for a project/ resto.
  10. Bassassin

    Wow...just "wow"

    I'm inclined to think those are not the original pickups - the wood surrounds look like an afterthought. and don't match the build quality of the rest, to my eyes. I'd guess they're a later modification & are covering older routes. Another bass displaying exceptional craftsmanship (aside from the wonky pup rings) but ultimately ending up pretty ugly - although this one's very much of its time. Anyone else clock the Aria Pro style bridge?
  11. Bassassin

    My Austin Hatchet Bass

    Properly cool, always fancied one of these but never actually seen one in real life. The guitar versions however, are pretty common. I think they were sold as Austin Hatchet in the US, Kay in the UK - but they're actually Corts - sharing the neck-through construction , brass triple-dot inlays & brass hardware with a range of Corts from the late 70s/early 80s. They were sold under the Cort brand as "Cort 45". Lol.
  12. Gorgeous example, and a sensible price too. Relieved it's not on my GAS list!
  13. That's astonishingly well-crafted and meticulously detailed, a genuinely jaw-droppoing level of craftsmanship. It's also really, really ugly.
  14. Bassassin

    WISH. Elixir strings for crazy price.

    Cheapo bass strings in shonky packaging. Speaking as someone who got burned a couple of years ago - and mine weren't quite that absurdly cheap!
  15. Did a lot of reading about Watkins after I picked up a Rapier III at a car boot for £6.50! It was designed from the ground up to be a Strat-style guitar, simply because real ones weren't available in the UK at the time. Think Hank Marvin played a Rapier before he got that red Strat.