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  1. It's not really that much like a Rick, really. If you rounded off the corners on the insides of the horns I don't think there'd be any real similarity. Rickenbacker have registered all their designs as trademarks, and that's very specific - almost certainly means they can't do anything about instruments that are blatantly influenced by the look, but don't precisely copy anything - like this: The only thing here which is a spot-on clone of the RIC design is the scratchplate - which is a shape they never trademarked!
  2. Cort T-34 (unsure if it's named after the tank) which someone has ruined by badly faking the 4000 series' ugliest feature. Otherwise it's a dead-on Rick copy - what with its active preamp, 34" scale and skinny 24-fret, Ibby Soundgear-esque bolt neck. I had one, mine was pretty:
  3. Agreed, if it's a choice between hideous and dreary. Fortunately, it isn't!
  4. Just a detail, anyway what do you need the post for? It's only got two strings! Clearly a design feature - a weight saving, and to compensate for neck dive!
  5. It's a full set! Plus you could knock up a nice engraved plaque out of that neckplate, if you didn't mind all the holes.
  6. That's worth £28 for the Schaller 3D & the set of old Gotoh tuners. Even more of a bargain if you have an open fire at home.
  7. It does look like someone found The Ugly Stick and made a bass out of it. Although in fairness, it looks like one of these wonky, lumpy things knocked up in the shed by an enthusiastic amateur with no grasp of aesthetics or proportion. It lacks any of the wilful, mismatched, freaky wrongness of something like this misbegotten abomination.
  8. Other brand names are available. As far as I can work out, early Marlins were Musimas, not sure when MIK production took over.
  9. Bassassin

    Bass ID

    Found a bit more detail - "Tulio" is just a US importer brand so not really an ID - but as an unbranded bass, it's a Fujigen EB-2. A proper oldie too - this is from a 1965 catalogue for a US importer brand called St George, owned by a New York music shop chain. Apparently one of the first US importers of Fujigen instruments, when the company was still in its infancy, and operated from an out-building on a cattle farm owned by its founder, Yuichiro Yokouchi. All important information...
  10. Bassassin

    Bass ID

    Well - despite the internet being the Suppository Of All Global Knowledge, I actually found it in a book! Frank Meyers' History Of Japanese Electric Guitars has a pic of this exact bass & calls it a Tulio EB-2, made by Fujigen Gakki. I have to go out now but I'll do a bit more research when I get back & see if I can find any more detail. Fujigen's one of the best-known & longest established Japanese factories, but I'd never heard of Tulio before. I'll see what I can find.
  11. Bassassin

    Bass ID

    Can of worms, those.
  12. Bassassin

    Bass ID

    That's a US mail-order catalogue brand name.
  13. Bassassin

    Bass ID

    I know a bit about old MIJ stuff, this is 60s which is a bit before the eras I know. Will have a dig around & see what I can find out. Pics of details like neckplate & tuners might give clues. With something like this it'll be a manufacturer rather than a brand name we'll be looking for.
  14. Probably the best place to ask is the Tokai Registry forum: http://www.tokaiforum.com/ They're mostly concerned with the vintage Japanese Hamamatsu factory output, but likely someone will know about the more recent stuff too.
  15. Having seen the pics - @itu nailed it, it's a Musima! So, early/mid 80s, pre-unification East Germany. A slightly more interesting/cool P copy than I expected. Seen loads of these either unbranded or rebranded, but never seen one with a Musima logo before. Would have saved a bit of time & head-scratching if I had! Still have no idea why the Musima logo reads "WL" though...
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