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  1. oH No iTs cAncEL cuLTuRe GonE MAD!!!!!1111!!!!!!1111
  2. I'm being proper nice, me. But I can't be held responsible for other people's absence of a sense of humour, or appreciation of irony & my clumsy, elephantine attempts at sarcasm.
  3. If you go back read carefully, you'll find I said I'd never do any such thing. Go on - have a try.
  4. Excuse me - is this the right room for an overreaction? However rose-tinted your recollection of these instruments may be, they were low-quality, cheaply (often badly) made, and aimed solely at undiscerning beginners. Back when I started, this sort of thing was all I could afford, and having more recently been in the business of buying, restoring & selling elderly Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese etc instruments - many of which have been decidedly low-end - I know very well of what I speak! They might be interesting, but quality musical instruments they are not. I had no intention of causing offence - but then it would never have occured to me that calling a cheap, poorly finished plywood budget guitar 'tat' would cause offence to anyone. It's really not like calling someone's Harley Davidson a clown bike. I'd never do that.
  5. No idea how I missed this thread first time around. Guitars & basses like these - for want of a better word, tat - aren't really my thing but they're associated with many of the same manufacturers as the MIJ stuff I am into, so I've picked up the odd bit of info here & there. Very few of these budget Kay-branded instruments are Japanese, but there tends to be an assumption that every funny looking 60s & 70s guitar is MIJ. They're pretty much all from Taiwan, and products of a factory established there in the mid 60s by Kawai/Teisco. These are probably all early 70s instruments, and some designs (including the Tulip) are near-identical to the earlier MIJ Teiscos. The strip-ply neck is pretty common on 60s & early 70s MIJ guitars & the technique is very common on products from the Taiwanese Kawai factory. It's a way of avoiding warping common on single-pece necks made from available unseasoned woods.
  6. See, that's what I'd do now: Bung in a nice set of DiMarzio Model Ps for £50 or £60 and stick the '70s Fender unit on Ebay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FENDER-PRECISION-BASS-1974-USED-PICKUPS-11-5-k-EXCELLENT-WORKING-CONDITION-/164632533665 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1977-Precision-Bass-Pickup-1976-Pots-Cup-and-Jack-Complete-Set-/224265520692 Free Antoria, free DiMarzio & enough change for a few pints and a pie.
  7. And we have a winner! And I've got one, ain't I? Slightly (reversibly) modded because the original scratchplate's a bit ugly and the parts box was a bit full: Still have all the parts to put it back to stock, should I ever flog it. Which I might.
  8. £900?? There's money in that there parts bin!
  9. Not usually - I have an early 80s Washburn which does, but it's not really the same sort of thing. Looking at this, hard to be sure but I think it's a mod - the bridge is poorly aligned & the string spacing's a bit too narrow for the neck, so it looks replaced. The ferrules are all over the place too.
  10. That's kinda cool, I'd pay €20 for it! Going by stuff like the tuners & neckplate it's Korean rather than MIJ. Really interesting/cool pickups and looks like the defret hasn't been too much of a hack job, as far as I can tell. But no, don't remember seeing one the same before (and I'd probably remember!) and I couldn't say who made it & when, beyond maybe Samick or Cort & probably mid/late 70s. Would like to see this pulled apart & cleaned up - I doubt all those switches & pots are original, but you never know. Anyway - buy it!
  11. It's a bit butchered and abused. Will be curious to see what it goes for but I wouldn't touch it, even as a fixer-upper & flogger-onner. Neck like a banana & far too much you'd never be able to put back to stock.
  12. Surprised that didn't sell on here, £350's a bit of a bargain for a tidy one of these.
  13. It's not the Maxon I'd expect to be in a 70s Antoria. I have an idea I do know what it is, so let's see if those with bigger brains agree...
  14. First Motorhead album. It was 1978, I was a 16 year old Stranglers fan & I'd never heard of them, but I saw this in my local record shop & had to have it. To be honest the sleeve was (still is) so awesome I wouldn't have cared if it was crap. Bit of a bonus that the actual music was life-defining!
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