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  1. There's another thread about the Ebay listing for whatever the hell this is. His pricing strategy definitely appears to be to add two 0s to the average market rate for any item, unless it's been daubed by, or allegedly breathed on by some minor musical mediocrity, in which case add five. He has a whole lot of signed Megadeth gear - including two Dave Ellefson basses, for remortgage-your-house money. I wonder if I'm alone in wondering what exactly Ellefson signed them with.
  2. I have recently noticed a few new posters replying to threads started 10+ years ago by people with single-figure post-counts, then attempting to engage in dialogue with a person who only came here twice and hasn't logged in in a decade. That seems odd. Not as in suspicious, but as in the behaviour of an odd person. I say this speaking as a very, very odd person.
  3. Post millions of pics when you get it, OK? 😎
  4. Ellen's a great young player - by I do get the impression there's a massive case of Pushy Dad Syndrome going on in the background. But I play videogames more than I play bass, so don't listen to me.
  5. This is a bass I've only ever seen two examples of - a BC member offered me a slightly earlier BBR (black with red binding) version about 10 years ago & I couldn't afford it. Now this one turns up. If I'm not already too late, I'd be very, very interested.
  6. If only that were true! The only things I know are both useless and rubbish - recognising obscure old MIJ basses is, in reality, a p!ss poor party trick which, over the years, has afforded me neither financial reward nor opportunities for carnal indulgence. All I have to show for it is a house full of sh!tty old basses I can't be ar$ed to sell! Btw @Beedster - GLWTS!
  7. Early 70s Japanese, sold unbranded & with a bunch of random names, common in the UK branded Jedson, if you Google Jedson Tele bass you'll find loads of pictures & loads of info, most of which will be rubbish. Just so you know in advance - they weren't made by Teisco.
  8. Body's from a thing called a Double Eagle, MIJ, made by Chushin Gakki. Only ever seen one before & this is very likely the body from that same bass - I think I remember seeing it parted out on Fleabay a few months ago - and I have a shrewd idea of which entrepreneurial little rascal done the deed!
  9. Vaguely remember these - weren't they UK-made, late 80s/early 90s, mail-order only? Might be thinking of something else.
  10. Original bassist from Tool, played on their first EP & album, quit in 1995, well before they became massive. I'd guess as a founding member he must have retained some legal right to a proportion of their income. Doubt any of them would have expected the level of success they'd achieve, he left back when they were still playing club gigs.
  11. More curious that the guy who quit Tool in 1995, before they had any meaningful success, and who has been very low-profile during the following 27 years, appears to be worth an obscene amount of money! And is that a Geddy Leg Jazz he's playing in the pic?
  12. Same as my old one - wonder if it is my old one? Another great, near replica-level bass, always though with a swapped trc, neckplate & a Gibbo sticker, you almost could get away with passing it off as original. Of course if you have the Ripper, Grabber and L6S copies, you have to have an Avon Marauder to finish the set: Only one I haven't had is the Ripper.
  13. You could have one like mine for buttons: https://www.dv247.com/en_GB/GBP/J-D-TL-Alder-Thin-Line-MN-Butterscotch-Blonde-/art-GIT0027509-000 Couldn't believe how good this is for such little money. Admittedly it's gone up about a tenner since I got mine...
  14. Can't quite get past having a little bit of GAS for HB's MadCat wannabe. I really don't need two Teles though. Do I?
  15. It was a different sort of brand - both Aria & Ibanez were (are, I suppose) premium brands owned by big Japanese companies with an international reach. Kimbara was a domestic UK brand belonging to the distributor FCN Music, alongside their lower-tier marques Columbus & Satellite. Kimbara was broadly their top-quality brand & was sourced from several manufacturers, including Matsumoku, who made most Arias. @Maude's Ripper will be the same bass as the set-neck Aria LB650 - apart from the name.
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