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  1. I think the neck shim's a consequence of the swapped bridge - the original would have sat in a shallow route which appears to have been filled & the replacement just plonked on top. Action's pretty brutal although the saddles are bottomed out by the looks. These were rare basses so finding the proper bridge would be close to impossible - and even if you did, you'd need to re-route it. It's also been de-fretted (which won't help the action) although that looks like a decent job. Pity - first 5-string I ever saw in the flesh & played was one of these.
  2. Ah - becoming restless following a weekend with no updates, are we? Patience my pretties, patience...
  3. This is the Marathon 6 that Eastwood Guitars have recently released a knockoff of: https://eastwoodguitars.co.uk/collections/hooky-series/products/hooky-bass-6-pro If they can charge £1300 for what's a mass-produced Chinese or Indonesian copy, I wouldn't want to try and guess what an original 70s Marathon 6 would go for.
  4. It's disturbing how many Americans spell it 'Rickenbocker'. Which is, inexplicably, how they say it. I've seen Ebay ads for both 'Squizz' and 'Squirt' Precisions, so I think I've pretty much got to give a pass for a bit of harmless transposing!
  5. I have one of these - recently re-acquainted myself with it with a view to selling. No chance, it's a fantastic bass and it's not going anywhere! @LukeFRC- that's lovely, you've done a superb job of bringing it back and I really hope you don't regret selling it! GLWTS!
  6. I really like that scratchplate design - nice nod to the original 1950s 4000 in some of the contours, and a huge improvement on the ugly afterthought Rickenbacker have been slapping on their basses since the 60s. The pink Retro's actually due an overhaul after the scratchplate I made started delaminating & the top pearloid layer started peeling off! Slightly redesigned pickguard, also new pickups & bridge might happen too if I can find anything suitable. It'll be keeping its head, though!
  7. Slight progress update - I have a design for the re-shaped vestigial head that I think looks pretty damn sexy - it's now down to my (non-existent!) wood-hacking skills to see if I can replicate it in reality. Think I'll keep it under wraps until it's done... Messing around with the tuners, I found that they're a lot smoother with two nylon washers fitted, downside is that the size of washers used on the units doesn't seem to be available in nylon, although they are in steel, copper & aluminium. Back to the grease then, unless I can successfully trim larger washers (which I already have) to size without them looking a complete mess. Wouldn't be surprised if that's pretty much exactly what it is - Steinberger neck, hardware & electronics transplanted onto a Rick-shaped body.
  8. Sold for £360 BIN, re-listed as Washburn - which in fairness is pretty good for a Washy Status these days. Bit rough & ready but if it's structurally sound should tidy up OK.
  9. Would be fine for £70. Really don't know who bids on things like this.
  10. This will definitely have conventional string spacing & neck proportions - I'm pretty sure only the 70s Fakers had correct Rick string spacing. The Hipshot bridge has adjustable spacing, although they do cost a fortune these days. I think I'd be inclined to go for a decent conventional bridge, Schaller 3D or something. Apropos of nothing, if I was doing this one I'd take the opportunity of binning the scratchplate (which I think is a horrid design that spoils the look of the bass) and put an original 50s 4000 style one on. In gold, obvs. 😎
  11. Haven't listened to the demo yet but looking at the design and construction of the instrument, this is a fascinating design concept. It's a genuinely spectacular leap of imagination to look at a basic BBOT bridge and go - let's make the entire bass like that! Slightly more seriously - I don't find it attractive to look at but if this was £160 (as a BBOT bass realistically should be) rather than £1600-odd, I'd be all over it!
  12. So anyway - I made a thing: I think that constitutes a proof of concept - everything's nailed on, everything looks straight, everything seems to work. A couple of niggles - the tuners are very, very stiff - albeit I have not yet smothered them with grease as I don't want to risk oily splats on the unfinished wood. The other is something I didn't forsee - the ball ends on this set of strings (the old ones that were on this before I dismantled it) slip out of the tuners unless the ends are laid horizontal. Not too important - I've had bridges that did this before (the Gotoh on an Ibanez SR800 I had didn't like small balls!) and it's easy enough to place them flat. The ends on these strings are fairly small & rounded so it likely won't be a problem with other strings, but if push comes to shove I can slip washers over them like I did on my old Ibby! Very pleased with this so far, I have some ideas for reshaping the headstump, & I'm starting to think this could be quite special when it's done.
  13. It is - Laurus use individual clamps behind the headstock for the string ends. I thought about doing something like that with my block clamp on the back & the strings going through ferrules like the Laurus, but I don't think there would be the physical space for it.
  14. Probably a bit beyond my skills - and more importantly the tools & equipment I have to hand! A big part of doing this mod is to scratch a headless/full-size body bass itch. I've actually got 3x 80s era Steinberger style headlesses (they don't take up much room!) but don't have a full-sized one. Since I'm not realistically going to pick up a Status S2000 from the car boot, or even a Hohner Jack for the £150-odd they used to go for, it's Bastille Day for this one... A bit of a progress update - fitted the string clamp thingy yesterday, & trimmed the truss cover to fit under it. I then became preoccupied with ideas for re-shaping the headstump into something that would look pleasing and maybe in-keeping with the look of the bass. Imagine if the otherwise-stunning Laurus Quasar had a headstock (or whatever that is) that followed the lines of the instrument, that looked like a continuation of the design, rather than an incongrous, wonky lump of plank stuck on the end? It can be done. I'm certain of it.
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