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  1. Hohner Nanyo copy?

    Agree with Jack - this was a pretty generic late 80s/early 90s format, the Ibanez SoundGear range being the most successful & still going strong. I think the Tune Bass Maniacs were the first but if you look through old brochures (like saddos such as me do), every Japanese & Korean manufacturer did a version of this in the early 90s. So, looks like a Hohner version of that style - looks a bit different to the B-Bass to me - weren't those basically the Hohner Jack with a headstock?
  2. JapCrap Spotting

    Yeah man, I need to get out more.
  3. JapCrap Spotting

    Interesting - never seen one of these in the UK before. Lotus was a US-only brand so someone's imported it here. Firstly it's not MIJ - these are Korean, made by Cort. Check out the sexy brass triple-dot inlays - identical to the Cort-made, Kay-branded double cut basses & guitars that frequently turn up. Cort made a variety of body styles based around the same neck-through basis & they all feature this fretboard. Confusingly, this is actually a Korean copy of a Japanese copy of a Japanese made Washburn original. In the early 80s Moridaira made a range of very good guitars & basses which were direct copies of models from the Washburn Wing range - these appeared branded as Hohner, Morris, and in the US, Lotus. It seems that when Moridaira ceased manufacture of these, Lotus' brand owner contracted Cort to build similar instruments based on the same design. II'm not as yet aware of these Cort Wings being sold under other brands, but have seen several Lotuses, both guitar & bass versions. Quite relieved it's not a P/J, might be sorely tempted to take a punt if it was!
  4. An American-y Japanese-y thing

    Fernandes FRB series, 90s onward, basically Fernandes' take on the SGC Nanyo/ Ibanez SR/ Bass Maniac style thing. Think the 4-a-side headstock versions are 32" scale. Not sure about this one, would be entirely unsurprised if it was Korean rather than Japaneeese. Not American in any way, though.
  5. Getting the finish on an old bass shiny again

    If it's poly, then T-Cut does an awesome job. Never tried it on that nitrocellulose rubbish though.
  6. Oooer - not for me

    That's quite hilariously hideous. Looks for all the world like some wonky home-made bodge job.
  7. Ibanez U.K. Are rubbish

    Sadly the more pertinent question might be whether the UK will receive shipment. Not all new models get released internationally and the UK is likely seen as a minor and somewhat conservative market. Unfortunately it wouldn't surprise me if they don't come here, just like all the gorgeous variations on Aria SB basses don't.
  8. Ibanez U.K. Are rubbish

    That's the 1991 original, hand-built, impossibly hi-spec, and virtually unobtainable. I missed one on Ebay about 10 years ago for stupidly little money. @alembic1989 is referring to the forthcoming reissue, described as "affordable". http://geargods.net/namm-2018/ibanez-to-reissue-affirma-bass-in-2018-namm-2018/ Looking forward to seeing some specs/pics. Might be persuaded to part with my orange plastic EDA900 & upgrade...
  9. Attention all planets of the Solar Federation...

    Young musicians looking at bands like Rush in the same way we might look at classical composers is reeeeaaaaal f*cking odd!
  10. Attention all planets of the Solar Federation...

    Immaculately performed but - the chances are those kids' parents weren't born when that album was released, in 1976. That just feels really odd...
  11. Headless designing

    The Chinese system pictured above is a copy of the unit used on the 80s & 90s Hohner B2 & Jack basses - which was a licensed Steinberger design. I have 2 basses with the Steingberger licensed units (which are excellent) but no experience of the copy system. If I was planning a headless build, I'd definitely be considering the Chinese system ahead of the more expensive alternatives.
  12. EKO VJB Jazz bass

    I'd do a bit of research first - this looks like a generic modern J copy with an Eko decal on the head. There have been some recent Chinese-made Eko "reissues" and I strongly suspect this is from that era. No way is this a 70s Recanti classic.
  13. Washburn Force 30 Bass

    Such a pity the earlier pics in the thread got lost, presumably after the recent site update. However I remember enough to say it was a variation on the same model, with chrome hardware rather than black, and a P/J pickup arrangement instead of the J/J on this bass. It had the same style of scratchplate - which is the most unusual feature of this bass. I'm 99.9% sure @pbmuenchen's bass has been defretted, I don't think a factory fretless would have a lacquered board, and all of the fretless SB and Force basses I've seen previously have been unlined and had no position dots. The Force 30 appears to be a very uncommon model - I can't find any pics anywhere else online (didn't have the presence of mind to save the old ones from this thread!) and as we've seen, even self-proclaimed Washburn experts will deny the evidence of their own eyes and claim it doesn't exist! Bit of an update from the earlier post - as I said then research on old MIJ guitars & basses is ongoing - we now know that Matsumoku were not involved in manufacturing for Washburn at any point, so this bass is, with near absolute certainty, a Chushin Gakki product. The serial number, as I understand it, dates it to 1984. "Chicago" on the headstock refers only to the Washburn brand - this bass is 100% a Japanese-made instrument. I would strongly recommend posting pics & info to the "Daions Online" FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1066707010017715/ Daion was the main brand manufactured by Yamaki Gakki, who made the initial MIJ Washburns, & this group is where the best knowledge base for all MIJ Washburns can be found.
  14. World's First Solid Body Bass on eBay

    That's genuinely, properly remarkable to see one of these turn up. Don't think I've ever seen decent , detailed pics before either. Can't help thinking Tutmarc Jr would be better off selling it in a proper auction or offering it to genuine collectors rather than through the Fleabay meatmarket.
  15. Status? (of course not)

    Ironically it appears Dallas-Arbiter could've got similarly stroppy about Status, if they'd been sufficiently petty - wonder what Rob Green would've called his basses then? Don't think the seller's trying to suggest this is connected with "proper" Statii. Just not very good at being a seller...