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  1. Bassassin

    aria bass - model ??

    Well personally I'm all about those flat silver thongs - but moving swiftly on... We've had one right here back in '07 - the seller (Tinman, who I don't think comes here any more), managed to dig up what looks like official specs, calls it a 505 (despite it being a 4) and I assume bought it new: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/863-aria-sb505/ Formatting's a bit mangled following the site update but pics are intact plus a fair bit of discussion & info. Also found a 5-string 404, which might (or might not) be called a 404/5. Googling SB405 finds lots of pics of this and very little sandalage. http://www.chorder.com/electric-bass-guitars/aria/sb4045-5212
  2. Bassassin

    aria bass - model ??

    Interesting, this one. These were early '00s, as far as I remember. The S suffix on the serial probably means Samick, Korea. Occasional BCer FlatEric has a 5-string version of this in his blog (same build & control layout), which he names as an SB505: http://flatericbassandguitar.blogspot.com/2011/04/aria-sb-505-and-little-bit-of-jaydee.html So typical naming conventions might suggest the 4 string should be an Aria SB504. However, performing an image search for this term yields lots of pics of womens' sandals. I found that peculiar.
  3. They are - a drummer mate I occasionally jam with has one lying around at his place - I stopped bothering to take my own bass after I played it. Awesome bargains for the 50-odd quid they go for.
  4. Bassassin

    Basschat merchandise

    Happy to (sometimes, at least) do wot it says on the tin! All a matter of personal taste - and I'm entirely aware of the fact I possess none. No offence intended!
  5. Bassassin

    Basschat merchandise

    My two bob's worth: would buy & regularly wear a £10 (+ p&p) t-shirt. Would need to be black. Would not be seen dead, ever, in something as spectacularly naff as an embroidered polio shirt, regardless of the superlativity (is that a word?) of its quality. So yeah, sell me a cheapshit BC t-shirt & I'll be happy.
  6. Bassassin

    One of a kind Curbow

    I think someone's '90s Harley chop wants its paintjob back. Happily, a spot of acetone should get that mess off the bass in a jiffy.
  7. Bassassin

    Fretless bass

    If you're OK with Jazz neck dimensions you won't go far wrong with a Squier VMJ, nice used ones turn up for around £150 - £200. Still kicking myself for selling mine.
  8. Bassassin

    Removing neck finish from 80's G&L L2000 - affect the value

    Just make sure you don't take it back to the wood - pretty unlikely unless you go mad with a belt sander though. The finish will easily T-Cut back to factory-standard gloss if you want to sell later.
  9. Bassassin

    Ibanez Studio ST300 EQ board required

    Odd. The ST300 is a guitar, so despite the fact BC is an enormous suppository of information and knowledge about most things under the sun, asking about it here isn't the most obvious choice. For the benefit of the most recent enquirer, the best place to ask will be one of the vintage Ibanez FB groups: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ibanezvintageguitars/ The 50s 60s and 70s Ibanez Fan and Collectors Club
  10. AKA So-Called Ruler Of The United States (SCROTUS)
  11. Good advice. We'll erect a lamp post in her name.
  12. What about felch? Can we still say felch? Edit - yep, we can say felch.
  13. Don't know a lot about Orville, (or Gibson, for that matter) so I did a bit of reading! Orville was a Japan-market brand & seemingly a collaboration between Gibson & Yamano Gakki (distributor/retailer) from the off. So pretty much the same deal as Fender Japan, which was set up between Fender & Kanda Shokai. Didn't know Orville was Japan-only, although plenty of Japanese domestic-brand isntruments end up being unofficially exported - Greco being a good example. Regarding Fender Japan, I *think* Squiers were always intended for export while initially MIJ Fenders were home-market only. I also think I'm correct that JV Squiers & Fenders were the same apart from the branding - the earliest Squiers having the big Fender/small Squier logo to differentiate them from home-market Fender JVs. Export MIJ Fenders might've started when Fender changed ownership in the mid 80s but I'm not certain. This is both off-topic & dull as ditchwater so I'll STFU now.
  14. What's interesting is that Orville was an official Gibson brand - high-end Epiphones, if you like. Seems a lot of people don't associate Gibson & Orville. As far as I know Orvilles stopped production in the late 90s & I guess Gibson attempted to fill that hole in their range with "affordable" USA Gibsons. Which, as I understand it, are a bit rubbish.
  15. If that was true Rickenbacker should've folded 40 years ago. Ricks have always fallen to bits if you look at them funny. Maybe Trump will succeed where John Hall's bloodyminded incompetence has failed. Probably because Fenders were designed to be mass-produced inexpensively & they've sensibly decided to maximise the cheap & cheerful end of their product range for the last 35 years or so. Can't help thinking their cleverest trick might have been to persuade some people it's worth paying £3000+ for a bass/guitar that's fundamentally identical to a £200 one with Squier on the end.