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  1. Hmm. Interesting that this bass sold a fortnight ago, and this is a re-list. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fender-Squier-Jv-P-Bass/283598948420 Maybe this is why it's relisted - £685 would be reasonable these days for a decent condition JV. If it didn't turn out to be a bitsa.
  2. Lurk around your local car boot for long enough and one will turn up, it'll be £20 and you'll still feel ripped off.
  3. You're all right, but, paradoxically, wrong at the same time. But can we find a way throught this apparent cognitive dissonance? Oh god, if we must, you say. The bass in the pic is a Teisco Del Rey EB110 Tulip, related to, but not identical to the Kay EB100. If you look at the body shape of the Kay, it's not the same & not a "Tulip". This is what the guy in the pic's playing: https://reverb.com/uk/item/196751-teisco-del-rey-eb-110-tulip-31-inch-scale-bass-original-case-1960-s-sunburst The original Teiscos are quite collectable these days (hipsters, I expect) and a lot less common than the Kays, which were sold in every Woolies and your Ma's Kay (obvs) catalogue, somewhere in the pages beyond the ladies underwear section. They are, despite being Taiwanese & not Japanese, sort-of Teiscos, having been made in a factory established by and initially owned by Kawai/Teisco, which made a lot of identical & similar models. There - today you learned something you genuinely never gave a sh!t about.
  4. Very nice - it's a Roadster RS924 - I have one, probably my favourite P/J bass. Definitely agree about the passive tone being preferable to the active, great, punchy pickups in these. GLWTS!
  5. It's slightly more interesting than the MIJ copies in that it's actually an East German-made Musima - easy to ID from the external heel-end truss adjustment and the curious use of rather high-quality Gotoh Resolite tuners. Here's a somewhat more broken one in Estonia: https://www.osta.ee/en/retro-elektrikitarr-musima-action-bass-35-95632552.html And here's one on UK Ebay, unconvincingly pretending to be a 70s Jazz! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/used-70s-original-electric-bass-guitar-fender-jazz-neck/312771076085 Kingfisher will have been a local importer rebrand - in fact most of these Musimas (Musimae?) turn up unbranded. There were also matching Strat versions too, seen several at my local car boot over the years. As far as the neck's concerned - it might be sortable, with a bit of brute force and a few washers. Get the neck off, manually bend it (brace the head on the floor, bend it back against your knee) and then see if the adjuster will tighten. If not, you should be able to get the adjuster nut off & bung a washer or two under it to give the nut a few more turns. This is an old P copy I had, being (successfully) persuaded to abandon its tendency to forward-bow. Strings are slacked off and it's clamped at the body end, bent back over the neck rest, and out of shot, the head's clamped to the bench to tension the whole thing. Left it like that for 3 days then cranked the truss rod to hold it straight. Sorted! Don't be afraid to flex a neck - it'll bend way further than you expect without breaking. Probably...
  6. Not really clear how the poor soul behind this knockoff brand "couldn't keep pace with demand". I'm pretty confident I could buy a bunch of £90 Harley Bentons, kick them around in the mud a bit and knock out 10 or so of these a week. Easy.
  7. If anyone's interested (which I suspect no-one is, but as usual I'll bang on anyway, sod the lot of you ) this is an East German-made Musima, probably mid-80s. Identifiable from the combination of the protruding truss adjuster, and the odd use of rather classy Gotoh Resolite tuners. Loads of Musimas seem to have been sold unbranded, which as this one shows, makes them a prime candidate for the application of fakey stickers. Dunno if the gen-u-wine Fender screw makes it worth the £77 it's currently bid at.
  8. These were crap. It's a cheap Korean knock-off of the Kramer Duke, which was in itself a cheapsh!t, bodged-up-in-an-afternoon attempt to bandwagon-jump the 80s headless market, whilst avoiding the inconvenience of bothering to design appropriate hardware. But at least the Kramer had decent Schaller parts, which this doesn't.
  9. Looks like a generic Fender copy covered in filth. One of the things in life I simply am not equipped to "get".
  10. Is that what you get now instead of the NME's current favourite landfill indie haircut band? Not watched it for about 4 years - my, how times change. Used to force myself to sit through it as it was the only live music on TV. In recent years I appear to have exhausted my supply of giveafuk.
  11. In fairness exactly the same result could have been achieved with a much smaller - and lower - shim in the back end of the pocket, simply changing the angle of the neck rather than raising the entire thing. Would look somewhat less, err, conspicuous too. The majority of bolt-neck instruments I've worked on either already have, or benefit from a shim at the back of the pocket.
  12. Mine was a CMI - Jim Marshall's Cleartone Musical Instruments brand - @razze06 has it now. Don't remember seeing this model branded Shaftesbury, only the Nobblies.
  13. Voted B - seemingly the unpopular choice but I've always enjoyed playing new places in front of people who had no idea who we were, and what they were going to get. Money for fuel is a bonus too. Doesn't always happen...
  14. The 'Oo were the first band I really got into and Townshend, in his day, was a genius-level composer. I don't really do all-time favourites but for me Quadrophenia is unparalleled as a suite of conceptual music, it's an album I never tire of. However - Moon died within a few months of my becoming a fan and in a real sense, that was when The Who ended. I've always had some interest in their sporadic career since then, was beyond gutted when we lost Entwistle, and have bought a few albums and seen what's left of them a couple of times. But this - little more than a leaden 12-bar with Daltrey grunting away like he's lost his inhaler. A bit of a relief in a way, won't have to be tempted to give any more money to a thicko geriatric millionaire with ignorant, obnoxious political views.
  15. That nut looks like it's been strung l/h at some point. The scratchplate is the same shape as the original - they were always ugly! Easy to use it as a template to make a replacement though. Not sure what's gone on with the neck joint - mine was bolt-on but I have an idea some of them were glued. Mine had a cover over the screws but can't remember what it was like underneath, except it wasn't like that! Would definitely need to see the neck to understand what he means about it being bent. Seem to remember these have a 2-way truss rod, might be possible to tweak it. Although £350 seems a bit much for what really looks like a project.
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