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  1. This really says "I don't give a sh!t" just like a "PLEASE LOOK AT ME!!" t-shirt might. The only evidence of not giving a sh!t here is the quality of the Dulux paintjob.
  2. Interesting bass, these have turned up on BC before. I'm not entirely sure it's a "prototype", but I am entirely sure it's a bit later than you suggest - it's a post-Matsumoku bass from the late 80s/early 90s, and seems to represent a halfway-house between the post-Mat SB basses & the IGB series. You don't show any back-of-headstock pics, but I'm prepared to bet it has no s/n and no MIJ stamp - just like the post Matsumoku SBs, which are constructionally very similar. These are reckoned to be Tokai Gakki builds but that's not confirmed. Wonder if it's a Japan-only market bass - a quick search turned up a few on Japanese retail websites, like this fetchingly-coloured example: https://www.j-guitar.com/product_id909850.html Anyway - best of luck with the sale!
  3. Hohner Sabre Copy?

    They didn't - don't think Hohner ever made anything other than harmonicas & squeeze boxes! This'll be made by Cort in Korea, and is a bit of a cheapo, tbh. However I'm pretty confident it never left the factory with the nut & truss adjuster looking like that!
  4. Anyone seen and played Etherial basses?

    Did they spell "ethereal" wrong intentionally? Can't help feeling they didn't.
  5. Hohner Sabre Copy?

    Don't think there's any mystery about this. The truss adjuster's buggered and has been horribly bodged with something that appears to have dropped out of a bus engine, and the tuner positioning is a result of a half-arsed attempt to do a 3x1 arrangement using a standard inline head shape & unsuitably small machine heads. If they'd just moved the G tuner up a few cm they could've avoided that worrying break angle altogether.
  6. Complaining Neighbour

    This. The last 3 places I've lived have been terraced houses and that was how I approached the neighbours. In one of them we actually had a big basement area set up as a rehearsal space (acoustic kit, small PA, etc) and the neighbours' response was - "don't worry - if we think you're sh!t, we'll let you know!" Reassuringly they never complained. Present gaff is an end-terrace & we have an upstairs bedroom on the outside wall (not adjoining neighbours) set up as a music room/home studio & happily it doesn't bother anyone. What's interesting about this thread for me is that when I'm practicing alone, I'm always unplugged - I can hear myself perfectly well & have no need to complicate things with amps & leads. If I'm learning a song & need to play along I have a little Behringer mixer/interface attached to my laptop so I can either play (quietly) through speakers or through 'phones. I think if I decided to set up my GK 401RB rig & crank it until stuff started vibrating, the neighbours would have every reason to be a little bit f*cked-off.
  7. Hohner Sabre Copy?

    I apologise for asking - but someone's got to: Is this photo a record of the unfortunate consequences that arise when fashionable-at-the-time white trousers coincide with stage-fright?
  8. Hohner Sabre Copy?

    Budgety Korean thing, late 80s/early90s maybe - not that common but I have seen them before. Something horrific's happened to the truss adjuster on this - can't quite make out what's going on but it makes me slightly queasy to look at it.
  9. CSL (Ibanez?) Bass

    That's pretty cool. Not Ibanez/Fujigen though, probably closer to Columbus or Grant - it looks like a Chushin Gakki build to me. It's a bit of a myth that CSLs were "rebranded Ibanez". There's a connection because Charles Summerfield Ltd was UK distributor for Ibanez & sourced their own CSL & Sumbro brands through Hoshino, owner of Ibanez. However CSLs tend to be rebrands of Hoshino's budget Cimar range, & that's what I'd say this is. Body finish is a bit odd, might be a bitsa. Pickups (neck pup specifically) are interesting, "Reflex" rings a bell but never seen a Roto-branded one. Hour & 40 to go, still £50 with just one bid, interesting bargain for someone - might have been me if it was a bit nearer.
  10. Fake Fender on ebay

    Bet that's good for matal.
  11. Gold hardware - Is it me??

    Not a fan but it's not a deal-breaker - I recently bought a lovely late 80s Aria SB-ELT with gold hardware. Really don't like the fact it's not durable, and when it wears off the metal underneath's usually grey.
  12. When I think of an 'archtop' ...

    Lovely old thing but not exactly immaculate. It's a high-end early Ibby Musician, looks to be in good, original order - although that red-tipped switch might have been changed. It's a rare guitar but I'd be very surprised if a realistic price would be more than £1000. I had an MC150 (passive, a bit more modest but same basic build) and sold it on for a massive £150! Will be watching this with interest in case of the unlikely eventuality that it sells - I have a set of those pearl-top Velve-Tune tuners and calculating from the asking price of this, they're worth about £400. Arch-top? Silly boy.
  13. Interesting new Ibanez's for 2018

    I think they should reissue this: For a laugh.
  14. The All New RickenFaker Thread

    Shafty all the way. Like I said on the FB page!
  15. Another mystery Japanese Jazz

    Update o'clock: Posted the pics on my fave MIJ FB group and after lots of (occasionally heated & fractious) discussion, it's been established that the serial number & neckplate style is a dead-on match for Tokai. This is from a 1980 JB-65N: This seems to be the standard format Tokai used on their replica-level Fender copies & it's interesting to find that they were presumably building slightly more modestly-specced off-brand instruments simultaneously. There aren't any other 100% match components as far as I can see, although the tuners (which I'd say have distinctively large backplates) are quite similar. Here's the link to the full listing: https://reverb.com/item/3703632-1980-tokai-jazz-sound-bass-very-rare-natural-finish-birdseye-maple-neck-custom-shop-quality so @steviedee, looks like you got a vintage Tokai for £75. Not jealous or anything...