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  1. I have a maple board 4 string V7 fretless, on mine the dots are near-invisible, being sandwiched between the binding and the timber. Never gigged with it but under stage lighting they'd offer no reference point at all. You get used to not relying on them surprisingly quickly.
  2. I used to make some of my income from buying, tidying/restoring & selling on, during that time the local car boot provided me with: 1962 Watkins Rapier 3 guitar: £7.50 1960s Jem Crybaby wah pedal: £10 Westone Thunder I guitar: £5 Squier Strat, E-serial 80s MIJ: £70 (the most I ever spent at a car boot) Antoria EB-3 copy - £30 As well as literally dozens of other less interesting projects and clean-up jobs, mostly budget 70s MIJ & MIK. Some cool stuff from Ebay, Gumtree & local Crack Coverters & pawn shops too: Squier Precision, early 80s SQ serial MIJ: £70 Squier Precision, mid-80s A-serial MIJ: £30 Ibanez MC150 Musician guitar, 1981: £70 Washburn SB-40 bass, 1983: £95 Westbury Track 2 bass: £50 Westbury Standard guitar: £60 And loads more not interesting enough to mention, plus some I've doubtless forgotten! 10+ years on, I regret not having a full list of this stuff - I lost most of the pics of everything pre-2011 in an unsalveagable hard drive incident. Such is life! If anything's the best deal I ever had though, it's this: CSL Jazz copy from 1980-ish, cost £60 from the pawn shop. I had every intention of doing a quick wipe-down, setup, new strings then flipping it for double what I paid - until I played it. It was, and remains, the best-playing bass I've ever laid hands on. It's been significantly pimped, this is what it looked like the day I brought it home: A few in the list above have been keepers but this is the one I'd grab in a fire.
  3. Wouldn't have thought it would carry so far, me being out in West Lothian these days. Sorry, I'll knock it back to 10.
  4. I've always thought it's because the Precision is sturdier and constructed more robustly, in order to afford the player an advantage in the event of an undead apocalypse.
  5. I can tell you - despite appearances the Mudbucker, and the 8-pole bridge unit, are both single coils. Would expect they'll have numbers, date codes on Maxon pickups are thought to go back to 1971.
  6. As I understand it, most crackling is dust/muck/contamination on the track, the noise is what happens when the contact passes over the dirty part, interrupting the signal, so it's a bit of both. Cleaner removes the contamination, but persistent crackling that doesn't respond to being cleaned suggests damage to the track. There should be enough gaps or openings in the back of the pot to get cleaner inside and onto the track.
  7. Been using the same can of Servisol lubricating switch cleaner for about 15 years now. Always works, cost about a fiver.
  8. Maybe he's 12, which is how come his dad's had it for as long as he can remember. Hard to believe anyone's really this dim.
  9. He picked up the bass & started soloing, so they left the property & headed for the nearest bar.
  10. In case anyone thinks no-one in their right mind would actually do this, then of course, you're completely right: However - it's been on this wall for nearly 6 years, and about 3 years at my previous place . And that Daion P weighs a ton. Apologies for the Indian restaurant wallpaper - no time to decorate properly when we moved in, and now it's fallen off the bottom of the list...
  11. Correct - it's a shim for height adjustment, if you don't need it, don't use it!
  12. Can't find much but MonoGram appears to be a budget current/recent Japanese brand, and their Fakers do look like generic MIC stuff.
  13. Trying to get my head around the kind of thought-process that could lead to this happening. "OK - what's in the shed? The remains of a cheap PJ bass pulled out of a fire, two dozen costume jewellery butterflies from Clare's Accessories, 3 metres of gas pipe and some glue. Wonder what I can make?" And the answer is - [email protected] knows!
  14. Unfamiliar with Monogram as a brand. Got a pic? But @prowla's right, waaaay too much for any Faker.
  15. Or perhaps you're the only (unfortunate) person not to have more basses than cases! On-topic, I had a sticky stand a few years ago, and they replaced it without fuss. I wonder if they were a bit overwhelmed with sticky stands at that point, and changed their warranty policy as a result. Was able to bodge my old one by wrapping the sticky bits in gaffer tape but the plastic underneath has crumbled to bits. It's OK in the house but I wouldn't gig with it.
  16. It's not sacrilege - but if you mod it and in 10 or so years don't feel the way you do now about it, when you come to sell it you'll be kicking yourself so hard you'll have buttocks where your cheeks used to be. Even now it's rare and not without value, irreversible mods will make a huge difference. I would go with the plan of buying a decent but inexpensive P/J body and swapping neck & hardware over.
  17. Indeed they were - I've had a NOS set of l/h Gibson-branded Schaller M4S tuners in my spares box for years, waiting for the right l/h neck to turn up so I can do a reverse headstock project. Still waiting!
  18. Doesn't look like the mods are recent so presumably it's stable. Odd decision though, the rest of the work looks very competently done. You'd think some sort of individual ball-end retainer adjacent to the tuners would seem more sensible. On the whole I think it's an interesting, and well executed mod.
  19. It's well known that Hondo started fitting DiMarzios to some models in the late 70s/early 80s, in an attempt to place the brand a bit more upmarket. That's why these instruments are well-made MIJ basses, rather than the largely rather shoddy Samick-built MIK low-end stuff Hondo's better known for. Anyway - don't listen to me - it says so in the catalogue! "Model H1015 with a DiMarzio Model P (TM) Bass Pickup". Says that right above the big DiMarzio logo! As far as this one's concerned, they're covered with stickers but if you view the pic full-size you can see the cream covers & hex poles. The quickest & easiest way to verify is to try an allen key in a pole piece - DiMarzios are imperial so a metric key will not fit. Some MIJ pickups from this era look a lot like DiMarzios (as do Schallers) but those will have metric sized poles.
  20. It's a Hondo Professional H1015, from about 1980. Made in Japan, probably Matsumoku (might say on the neckplate), unless it's been abused, will be a very nice bass. As a bonus it looks like it still has its original DiMarzio Model P pickup, with a bit of fake stickyback plastic carbon fibre stuck on top of it.
  21. If we're getting proper esoteric, professional cyclists Daniel Oss & Jack Bauer both play bass.
  22. On their site they call the timber "Caroline wood" - no idea what that means, and Google's no help for obvious reasons! Is that a type of pine? Everything else they do seems to be the usual hardwoods used in instrument building - maple, mahogany, alder, ash, basswood etc. Would seem really odd they'd use pine for just one instrument, particularly when it's built with a set maple neck & maple top - you'd think mixing hardwoods & softwoods like that might make it more unstable. Apropos of nothing, or at least nothing relevant to Fakers, I'm not sure why pine isn't often used in guitar building - seems the first Fender Esquires & Broadcasters had pine bodies.
  23. Just remembered - that little Hammond guy from old Top Gear. Great taste in basses but must have killed his poor little shouders - he looks in pain!
  24. @barrycreed No need to be coy talking about Fakers, whatever the brand. You can say "Rockinbetter" here, look - I just said it. Rockinbetter. Said it again. Just don't say they're anything to do with Tokai, because they're not. Talk about them, post pics of them, describe them - just don't try to sell them or post links to sales. Best place for unlimited discourse is, of course, here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/78514186083/
  25. That's a crazy, crazy bargain for a high-quality, hand-made vintage bass. Would bite your arm off if it had cheat lines!
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