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  1. Chickenbacker - highly inaccurate £200 Chinese copy. Probably junk.
  2. Still a lot like this, only with the headstock lopped off! If all goes well there will be a few details to make it more eye-catching - but that's pretty much it.
  3. Getting there - but I'm having to live with the realisation it's always going to look better from the back!
  4. From this: To this... And 5 coats of Danish Oil later... Going to want a few more, but we're getting somewhere.
  5. They definitely look like generic low-end parts. When I got mine I assumed from everything I'd read about crap hardware on Sires that they must've started fitting better components. Bought mine just a few months before the Gen 2s appeared so it's maybe more of a Gen 1.5!
  6. You have to wonder at what point the 'builder' realised he was hopelessly out of his depth. Fwiw looks like those tuners could be dismantled and reassembled as L/H.
  7. Those are the actual tuners fitted as standard to my first gen MM V7! Grover 142 clones with torque screws. I have an Aria STB-GT, doesn't really need new tuners but these are nice...
  8. This seller has 100-odd poorly photographed guitars & basses, many of which have 4-figure price tags. Possibly lazy & delusional but doesn't look like a scammer.
  9. I have a 2000-ish (so modern-ish) MIJ Talbo bass, a reissue of the 80s aluminium oddity. It's an amazing-looking & nice playing thing but the hollow metal body makes it quite resonant and microphonic, making it very prone to feedback in my last noisy rock band, meaning it didn't get out too often.
  10. I have a gen 1 V7 fretless and don't understand the negativity surrounding the tuners - unless earlier ones were different, they're accurate & nice quality Grover 142 clones with adjustable torque. I do wonder if some people have slippage issues and they've not noticed the adjustment screw? No issues with the functionality of the bridge on mine, although I'm slightly (I'm sure needlessly) uncomfortable with the vintage type threaded saddles & flatwounds.
  11. New one on me - had a bit of a dig and it's on page 56 of this 1988 Greco catalogue: https://vintagejapanguitars.com/greco-1989-catalogue/ Should be good quality, at this point Greco was still exclusively MIJ & Fujigen was the factory. Not going to be a particularly common bass so I'd leave it stock, or at least don't do anything irreversible.
  12. Wot - the blue bit? It's a bit of clear blue acrylic rod poked through the hole. So to speak.
  13. After some delays, and stuff getting in the way, it would seem that I have taken something functional but ugly, and repurposed it into something weird and functionless. An improvement? Who am I to judge? Anyway - next, a little bit of fret dressing, then slapping on some Danish Oil. Wonder if I can get the cloth to spontaneously combust this time?
  14. Much as I don't like to have all-time favourites of anything, I'd have to concede that the single biggest influence on the way I ended up playing, and (in the context of his former pop group) how I approach music in general, would be this dude:
  15. Agree about the damage (although if it's only minor fretboard delamination near the nut, it's a really easy fix) but most Fakers don't have their original trc & I wouldn't say it impacts value. Would need to see pics to confirm it's a Kasuga - but imo €600 is a lot for any Faker.
  16. My first amp (1981) was a T&B 50, the snakeskin covered one. Got it from a charity shop for £20, with a matching 2x12 cab. Gigged mine with a home-made 1x15, dunno how it really sounded but it impressed the f*** out of teenage me! It died when our drummer's basement (where we used to practice) flooded. The annoying thing (devastating at the time) was that I'd just left the band but hadn't picked my gear up yet.
  17. I did already know about this - and I envy the lives, free from related mental and emotional scarring, of those who do not.
  18. I've seen them a few times over the years, was a big fan in their very early days and saw them at King Tut's in Glasgow in (I think) 1995, and chatted to Cass for a bit after the gig. Phenomenal player and a thoroughly lovely human being. Back then he was still 'that guy out of Terence Trent D'Arby's band'!
  19. I think the neck shim's a consequence of the swapped bridge - the original would have sat in a shallow route which appears to have been filled & the replacement just plonked on top. Action's pretty brutal although the saddles are bottomed out by the looks. These were rare basses so finding the proper bridge would be close to impossible - and even if you did, you'd need to re-route it. It's also been de-fretted (which won't help the action) although that looks like a decent job. Pity - first 5-string I ever saw in the flesh & played was one of these.
  20. Ah - becoming restless following a weekend with no updates, are we? Patience my pretties, patience...
  21. This is the Marathon 6 that Eastwood Guitars have recently released a knockoff of: https://eastwoodguitars.co.uk/collections/hooky-series/products/hooky-bass-6-pro If they can charge £1300 for what's a mass-produced Chinese or Indonesian copy, I wouldn't want to try and guess what an original 70s Marathon 6 would go for.
  22. It's disturbing how many Americans spell it 'Rickenbocker'. Which is, inexplicably, how they say it. I've seen Ebay ads for both 'Squizz' and 'Squirt' Precisions, so I think I've pretty much got to give a pass for a bit of harmless transposing!
  23. I have one of these - recently re-acquainted myself with it with a view to selling. No chance, it's a fantastic bass and it's not going anywhere! @LukeFRC- that's lovely, you've done a superb job of bringing it back and I really hope you don't regret selling it! GLWTS!
  24. I really like that scratchplate design - nice nod to the original 1950s 4000 in some of the contours, and a huge improvement on the ugly afterthought Rickenbacker have been slapping on their basses since the 60s. The pink Retro's actually due an overhaul after the scratchplate I made started delaminating & the top pearloid layer started peeling off! Slightly redesigned pickguard, also new pickups & bridge might happen too if I can find anything suitable. It'll be keeping its head, though!
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