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  1. If that was a tenner at the car boot I'd probably leave it there, as it would need far too much work to make it sellable. Wondering if all the black muck smeared over the belly cut is an attempt to hide plywood laminations.
  2. Not sure that's right - Status (originally Strata, until Fender got shirty) were around from '81 or 2. Jacks didn't appear until the mid/late 80s, as I remember.
  3. So - did they lock them all in a room with their basses so they'd use them to bludgeon each other unconscious? And the last one left standing was the winner? Or was it 'ten random bass players some of our readers might have heard of'? I've just rolled my eyes so hard I've currently got a great view of my own occipital lobe.
  4. It's not a Teisco, but then again most 'Teiscos' aren't. They've been spotted in the wild badged Sakai, so it's logical to think Sakai Mokko, an actual manufacturer, made at least some of them. However most of them, including matey's diseased piece of junk, the overpriced Audition & possibly @prowla's (would need to see neckplate pic to confirm) are Korean, and made by Samick. These things are the object of some curiosity in vintage MIJ circles - there are various different versions & the earliest has a 2-a-side headstock & German carve body: Not sure who made these but they turn up badged Dynatone, which is a brand that might have been connected to Guyatone. These are probably the 60s versions. The MIJ Sakai versions have the more common 4-inline head, no carve & big chrome-covered pickups. Also more likely to feature a tort plate, turned metal knobs & a maple neck. Common badged Silvertone & National in the US, it's also in an early 70s Aria catalogue, although that's never been seen in the wild, as far as I know. Moving swiftly on, we get the ubiquitous MIK variants. These often conveniently tell you what they are by means of a sticker, like this: Other identifiers are mahogany necks (really common on MIK & Taiwanese guitars of this era) often black-painted headstocks, single coil staple-type pickups & single-ply scratchplate, like this & the two Ebay examples: These are also fairly common bearing the 'Arirang' brand, which is known to have been manufactured by Samick. 'Arirang' is the title of a traditional Korean song. Unsurprisingly, we've had threads about these before...
  5. Always liked the look of the B Bass - it's basically a Hohner Jack with a headstock, & the Bs tend to be somewhat cheaper than their decapitated brethren. Not sure how long they were around for but late 80s/90s Hohners were made by Cort and tend to be uniformly top quality.
  6. Agreed, I see loads of examples of that old bass (there are several variations, Japanese & Korean/Taiwanese, all with the same design) and never noticed it before. The Gibson even 'borrows' that overt curve on the control part of the scratchplate.
  7. That is literally amazing and might well be one of the top five things I have ever read. Congratulations on winning The Internet - just be careful what you do with it.
  8. That's stunning, best-looking P I've seen in a long time. Incredible grain on that body!
  9. That's how it works. It's like a sport to him, he's toying with us, and our collective incredulousness only makes him stronger. Don't squander your resistance for a pocketful of mumbles.
  10. Just looking at it makes me want to take a rasp to it.
  11. Oh, I have. And I'm aware of his 'novel'. All part of The Game, never doubt it...
  12. I'm inclined to think it's influenced a bit by those slabby-looking Burns-Weill things from the 60s - Riverhead robbed the shape of their Unicorn headless from the Burns Flyte, after all.
  13. I am increasingly leaning towards the theory that the gentleman in question is a member here - possibly a long-standing, well-known, well-respected contributor, even - and these listings are actually small, incremental components of one long and very complex wind-up - at our expense. I'm not saying "let the witch-hunt commence", but...
  14. Not quite £30 but I didn't exactly pay top whack... Had this one for 12 or 13 years - picked it up from Gumtree back when I was buying & selling to earn a crust. The guy was from Aus & basically selling up before he went back - oddly it turned out he was a friend & former bandmate of my band's guitarist. The pics hadn't shown much so I had no expectations of the bass, expected it to be a bit beat-up & was amazed to find it in near-new condition in its original case. It had been gigged, there are some tiny marks here & there on the body, but clearly really well looked-after. It ended up being one of those basses I bought to wipe down & sell on, but ended up falling in love with. Used it plenty for gigs & recording, the only downside being it's a hefty sod. And it genuinely was at the back of a cupboard, where it (and one or two others) got stashed when we moved, seven years ago.
  15. Looking forward to seeing how the Crimson lacquer turns out - I have a few projects needing refins & that's on the list, I've had good success with Danish Oil but it never cures to a completely hard finish. Anyway - look what I found at the back of a cupboard!
  16. Seems to be the case that with the MIJ Squiers, the older they are the more you pay, while quality remains broadly similar. Never had a 90s example but I'd expect them to be on a level with the 80s SQ, E & A serials I've had. If it's around the £300 mark and all in good order then that's probably a pretty good deal.
  17. Piece of nasty plywood Korean or Taiwanese garbage from the mid 70s. That's the £350 one I'm talking about. I wouldn't pay more than £60 for that (£30 at a car boot), the other one I'd just chuck back in the skip.
  18. My motorbike is a spectacular colour called 'Nuclear Red' by Triumph. However I have seen this shade referred to as 'Dog C**k Pink' on Triumph owners' forums.
  19. We wouldn't be talking about it and fewer people would be aware of these basses. It's good marketing - I'd never seen it before & I think it looks great - if I was in the market I'd want to try one. Assuming that price is a typo and it's meant to be £365, that is. Excellent memory! Unfortunately it wasn't my bass, but it'd be a struggle to find a more appropriate name for that particular green/yellow burst! I think @prowla on here has got one, or did at one point.
  20. Love these - in a different life I would've bitten your arm of for this and I'm still sorely tempted! Nevertheless - must resist as I no longer have any justification. GLWTS!
  21. Both Greco & Fernandes are long-established and well-respected Japanese brands with a reputation for high quality. You don't say where you're posting from but I'd guess it's not the UK - Greco and Fernandes are both brands mostly sold on the Japanese domestic market, particularly with 80s era instruments like the ones you're asking about, and that means it's quite unlikely BC members will have had any direct experience of the two basses you're looking at. Old Japanese basses are very much my 'thing' but sadly I don't know anything about the ones you're interested in. However if they're well-priced, in good condition and fit your needs, then given both brands' reputations, either one will likely be a good purchase. There's a very comprehensive Fernandes catalogue archive here, where you'll probably be able to find some info about the FRB, and a collection of Greco catalogues here, which cover the mid/late 80s period. The text will be in Japanese but electronics/hardware specs and dimensions should be clear if you can't read kanji.
  22. Boring answer - technically yes, nothing on this bass contravenes Rickenbacker's trademarks. The bridge's a copy of a Hipshot & the scratchplate shape isn't trademarked. Everything else is just generic stuff sort of arranged in a Rick-ish fashion. Of course something like this shouldn't be sold anywhere. Just buried at midnight, under a full moon in unconsecrated ground.
  23. This bass seems to exist to make it abundantly clear that the only thing remotely interesting/attractive about a Rickenbacker is the body/headstock shape. Everything else just looks like a pile of junk. And that bridge isn't even a real Hipshot.
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