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  1. Got some Custom shop 60's Jazz Pickups.....Lovely
  2. Good to hear this. I've just ordered some Custom shop 60's Jazz Pickups from them....almost £20 cheaper than anywhere else and they've sent a tracking number too.
  3. Talon


    Bought a wiring loom off Mark, very easy transaction. Pleasure to deal with. cheers Mick
  4. Todays 'cheap instruments' are great. My main gigging bass is a Squier VM Jazz and I love it. I've gigged a 'Sue Ryder' Bass too with no problems. The circuit I play old Ethel wouldn't know the difference between a Sue Ryder or a Sadowsky anyhoo.
  5. I bought one about a month ago and for the price range they are great,... nice 'B' too. Mine is quite heavy though.
  6. [quote name='KiOgon' timestamp='1383385080' post='2263820'] I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Squiers yet have you seen the holes in some of them only joking Squier owners [/quote] Doh....Now I just have to take the plate off my VM
  7. My photography skills are awful...but here we go [attachment=145414:Aerodyne 001.jpg] [attachment=145416:Aerodyne 002.jpg] [attachment=145417:Aerodyne 003.jpg] [attachment=145415:Aerodyne 004.jpg]
  8. Thanks for the replies Guys...at that price I just had to buy it. It appears to be an early export model...black, knobs through the body but a normal jack socket mounted at the front and it says crafted in Japan by the serial number. It needs a good set up and clean as it's been stuck under a bed for years and there doesn't appear to be a blemish on it. I'm well chuffed
  9. Due to health issues I'm having to look for a lighter Bass and I've been offered an Aerodyne Jazz in virtually new condition for £360. Is that a good deal before I go ahead? Looking around the forum they seem to be a bit chalk and cheese but I do like the look of them. Anyone got (or had) one of these and could offer an opinion? regards Mick
  10. Sweet Jesus...I just spat my Chilli out...
  11. My main Bass is now a Squier VM Jazz...totally stock. Fantastic Instrument once set up properly....and the Squier Logo stays, no gear snobbery here
  12. The bridge isn't as 'substantial' as a MM Sub...but it does the job. These basses are easy on the back too. I gig mine no problem
  13. I've changed the switch and put Black screws in since this was taken. I was going to change the Pick ups but the stock ones are beasts. Love the stripes on yours.
  14. Met Chris at his shop today (see you again mate ) to trade Basses. absolute pleasure to deal with. Great transaction....and a new place to look around. Nice shop Chris.
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