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  1. Got some Custom shop 60's Jazz Pickups.....Lovely
  2. Good to hear this. I've just ordered some Custom shop 60's Jazz Pickups from them....almost £20 cheaper than anywhere else and they've sent a tracking number too.
  3. Talon


    Bought a wiring loom off Mark, very easy transaction. Pleasure to deal with. cheers Mick
  4. Todays 'cheap instruments' are great. My main gigging bass is a Squier VM Jazz and I love it. I've gigged a 'Sue Ryder' Bass too with no problems. The circuit I play old Ethel wouldn't know the difference between a Sue Ryder or a Sadowsky anyhoo.
  5. I bought one about a month ago and for the price range they are great,... nice 'B' too. Mine is quite heavy though.
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