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  1. Hi Folks .. Maybe similar question to this has been asked before but hear it goes anyway. Recently I have been getting a bit of aggravation from our drummer regarding the volume change between finger style and plec playing during a gig. As we are a cover band I do what the song requires weather it be "Plec" , "Finger" , "Slap" .. etc .. I recently changed rig but this was also an issue from time to time with the old one .. Im thinking maybe a compression peddle !! .. If so can anyone recommend a good one for the job. For clarity on this topic Im currently using.. 2 x 1x12 EBS classic,s with a reidmar 500 head .. 70s P Bass with active EMGs .... 88 Warwick Streamer .. The drummer may have a point , he isint the only person to have noticed it but he is the one suffering as the amp is right beside him , we all wear plugs at our gigs but it still seems to be an issue for him. I haven't noticed it but everytime i switch to plec playing mid gig i now try and hold back on the "attack" a bit .. it proves difficult as im changing the way i play .. Anyway , thanks for any advice ..
  2. Thanks for the comment mate , absolutely .. The version in the video is only to prove the concept and get all my patents in pace. When this comes to market it will be available for all size of amp. Its fully adjustable as it is but i will need to scale down the design for the likes of class D amps. It would be perfect for what you have in your picture , do away with the guitar stand.
  3. Thanks for sticking this up buddy , it's actually me that developed and patented it. Im making a better video on Wednesday .. This video leaked out from a private FB page and has just gone viral, I will keep you posted with details. Anything you want to know just fire away and i will answer .. i know the video ain't great.
  4. Very nice ... any interest in a Spector Euro 4 !!. 03 / 04 , one of the first from the Czech republic ..http://www.adverts.ie/bass-amps/spector-euro-4lx/12587732
  5. I don't seem to be able to view these images for some reason , is the Bass viewable somewhere else. All i can see is "Please update your account to enable 3rd party hosting"
  6. Thanks lads .. I see this conversation leaning one way alright as i suspected it might .. Id love to be able to have both but i aint parting with my 1970 P Bass thats for sure !!. Im thinking i might hang on to the Spector for another few weeks at least just to be sure, before i take the final leap
  7. Ok folks , Im sure there has been similar posts to this before but here it goes. Im a fender player all my life and have also been holding out for years to get myself a Musicman Stingray , in particular one that was for sale here but i just didint have the cash at the time .. Buttermilk with matching headstock and maple board !! , stunning looking machine however its gone now. Anyhooo when i finally got a bit of cash together a lovely 03 Euro Spector happened to come up for sale which i bought instead , a mate of mine uses them so i was familiar enough with them to know i would like it. Thing is now that i really love it however a part of me still wants to get a Musicman .... am i mad to go for the musicman over the Euro 4 or should i go for it ... Now im sure i will get Musicman fans who wouldn't use a Spector and Spector fans who wouldn't use a Musicman but is there anyone here who has had both and can give an opinion decisions decisions !!! Cheers
  8. [quote name='Nicko' timestamp='1457442570' post='2998576'] Some fair points, but it depends how you interpret the data. If this is simply establishing whether there is a perception of a problem that a product might solve and whether a market might exist the survey is valid. I don't think you could extrapolate the results in to a market size. Details of the product should be kept well under wraps if there is possibility that a patent will be applied for. [/quote]
  9. [quote name='lowhand_mike' timestamp='1457365596' post='2997799'] already taking up too much space [/quote] LOL ,
  10. Thanks for all the replies and your contributions lads they have been a HUGE help, i shall be revealing all soon hopefully .. The design has to go for copywrite and protection first (college requirements) but yes more room on stage and guaranteed instrument protection. What i might do as soon as i get the protection in place is publish the whole design up here (if its OK with MODS) and let you pull it apart and ask questions etc , your input is very important as you guys are the potential customers. You may be interested to know that the survey is actually going the way i thought it would and im very pleased with the result so far. Also huge thanks to Basschat for letting me use their platform for the survey, i did ask first and Si said it would be cool. Im running the same survey on Talk Bass to get the US market point of view also. Thanks again folks
  11. [quote name='bigash' timestamp='1457300907' post='2997246'] Done. [/quote] [quote name='andytoad' timestamp='1457301415' post='2997251'] Done [/quote] [quote name='Bigjas' timestamp='1457301777' post='2997256'] Done and like others, I am interested in what the product is. Jas [/quote] [quote name='dave.c' timestamp='1457302057' post='2997261'] Done [/quote] Thanks guys , your a great help .
  12. [quote name='spike' timestamp='1457298805' post='2997215'] Done. I think you should have a 'possibly' option for the last question. [/quote] [quote name='TrevorR' timestamp='1457299532' post='2997226'] Yeah, my real answer to the last Q would be "maybe" [/quote] Thanks guys and your suggestion is noted (mentally) i cant actually change the question at this point in the process , i guess for yourselves it would depend on what exactly the product is offering and the benefits it could offer you over what you currently use , would that be it !
  13. [quote name='mep' timestamp='1457295700' post='2997163'] Done. Good luck and keep us updated. [/quote] [quote name='colgraff' timestamp='1457296475' post='2997173'] Done [/quote] Thanks lads , will do . This site will be the first to know
  14. [quote name='Roger2611' timestamp='1457295045' post='2997152'] done and intrigued! [/quote] [quote name='toneknob' timestamp='1457294809' post='2997148'] done [/quote] [quote name='davegriffiths91' timestamp='1457293992' post='2997134'] Done. [/quote] Thanks lads , you are a great help .. really appreciate it.
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