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  1. Those cardboard covers are ace. I saw some on T*lkb*ss a year or two and they looked like they do the job. The only drawback is that you cant fold them down and at a pub gig with limited space, it could be a bit of an issue.
  2. rushbo

    Ah, the naivety of a more innocent era.

    We all know what he REALLY means...
  3. rushbo

    Warm Fuzzy Old Fashioned Bass Sound

    This makes me feel really happy.
  4. rushbo

    Your Worst Gig Ever

    Worst gig, you say..? Well, I've got a few to choose from... An old Manic Street Preachers type band I played with many years ago, was tricked into playing a bikers wake. Various chapters spent the night glaring angrily at each other and completely ignoring the band. The only reason they weren't knocking lumps out of each other was because they'd agreed on a truce up until midnight. We crammed an hour-long set into 50 minutes, got off stage at 11.50 and literally threw all our gear into the van and sped off. We'd been travelling about 6-7 minutes when we saw about half a dozen cop cars speeding towards the venue... Or there was the gig in Bolton where we travelled from Brum in the snow to play to about six people. Uncharacteristically, I got blind drunk and played a chunk of the set lying on a bannister rail at the top of some stairs with a 30 ft drop to my right. After the gig, we were interviewed by the music guy from the local paper. Unfortunately, I picked up his tape recorder, started singing Judas Priest songs into it, then slammed it onto the beer-soaked table, thus breaking it. I'm not sure if he ever printed the piece... Or the wedding gig where the two families absolutely hated each other. No one danced apart from the bride and groom (who were lovely). Instead, every few minutes, a group from one side of the room would march across the dance floor and have a little scuffle with some "opposing" guests before skulking back to their side of the room. As we were packing up, the police were called to stop a fight between an incredibly drunk and belligerent lady and an equally over-refreshed guy in a wheelchair. Pretty evenly matched, I'd say. We do it because we love it, right? Right?
  5. Potential thought process behind modification: "I'm a little drunk. It's the middle of the day. I've got all this sandpaper and a bass I no longer play. The next door neighbour needs four knobs for his bakelite radio. I know what I'll do..." https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bass-Collection-Sgc-Pick-Up-Bass-Guitar-Nanyo-Made-In-Japan/132778689044?hash=item1eea3a0214:g:6VkAAOSwXUdbmSxE
  6. rushbo

    Hofner ignition violin bass

    I've got a slightly earlier version of this - I think mine was called the "Icon"... They're fantastic basses for the money. It'll need a bit of a tweak out of the box if my experience (and that of James Nada) is anything to go by. Intonation can be tricky and mine had a little bit of fret buzz which was cured by a tiny tweak of the truss rod. If you're looking to play a whole bunch of clever slap licks, then this isn't the bass for you. Roll off a bit of treble, grab a pick (and maybe even a cheeky bit of sponge at the bridge for a mute...) and you've got a great sounding, lightweight, fun instrument to play. I keep meaning to change the stock strings which are an OK set of roundwounds, but now they've gone a bit dead, they're starting to sound better. Anyway, short scale flatwounds are a bit pricey... They're nice and easy to mod, if you want that "authentic" Macca look - teacup knobs and a quick repaint of the selector switches and you're getting close to Fab-ness, if that's the direction you want to go in. They're ace basses for not much money. I'd be inclined to get a hard case for it tho', as they're a wee bit fragile.
  7. rushbo

    Gibson 2019...the year of fail.

    I quite like the shape, but it looks superhumanly fiddly to navigate.
  8. rushbo

    Tried a Rickenbacker...

    Another vote for Chris Squire and that gorgeous, righteous clank. Martin Gordon was pretty nifty on the Ricky when he was in Sparks, too...
  9. rushbo

    Pickguard doesn't fit? No problem!

    A decent, basic, beginners amp with a good stand and amp for £100? Regardless of the wonky plate, if it plays well, that's a good deal. (just spotted - it's a guitar amp though...)
  10. rushbo

    FBT Bass combo - any info?

    Whilst browsing on Shpock for bass related bargains, I came upon a bit of a curio - an FBT MM 83/B bass combo. As the seller was approximately 1km from my front door and I was able to negotiate a pocket money price for it, I took a punt. Some switch cleaner and some hard scrubbing of filthy tolex later, it's turned out to be a fairly decent bit of kit. It's solidly built and sounds pretty cool. ...but it's a bit of a mystery. It's 80w, so it's never going to trouble my Genz Benz Contour rig as my gigging combo, but it'll be useful for the occasional acoustic/drummerless gig. It's made in Italy and dates from about 1980 (there's a very similar practice combo on the 'net which the owner thinks dates from then...) but I don't know much more than that. Thanks to the miracle of Google Translate, I found out that FBT was known as "The Italian Marshall", apparently. There are two or three similar looking amps/combos detailed online but precious little info. FBT specialise in PA gear now, it seems. Any Italian amp specialists out there who can shed any light on this?
  11. rushbo

    As far as hare-brained ideas go...

    If you need a hand with the setlist, drop me a line. Oh and if you don’t do “Gimme the Car”, I will sulk. Really, really, sulk.
  12. Very much yay.

    1. Marc S

      Marc S

      Oh why? Do tell........ :)

  13. rushbo

    Eros Mark II semi acoustic bass

    Rest assured that it'll remain unmolested... I was really surprised at how good it sounds and how well it intonates, given the rather "primitive" bridge. I'll use it in anger at rehearsal next week to see how it copes in a band situation, as it would be a shame not to play it. ...and thanks for all the info, Bassassin!
  14. rushbo

    Eros Mark II semi acoustic bass

    Thank you sir. The panel allows a little bit of access to the pots and output jack. Maybe I should whack a set of active EMG's in it, just to mess with the purists...