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  1. I've got one of these. The guy I bought it from is based in Rugby and he bought all of the stock from the defunct Roberts retail business, including a bunch of basses. Mine was considerably cheaper than the one on eBay as the tone controls aren't connected. It's a lovely instrument- very distinctive and well made. Even without the tone controls, it's a great sounding instrument. I think they’re Korean made, but I could be wrong. They're active and mine also came with a good quality hard shell case and a few other bits and pieces.
  2. rushbo

    Your Go To Bass

    For the last 2-3 years, it's been this - one of my collection of mongrel bitsas. A Squier body (stripped and resprayed in rattlecan racing red) a Mexi Jazz neck, a Schaller bridge, one Fender pup, one Entwistle pup, Gotoh machine heads, and a Kiogon toggle switch and loom. It's strung with flats and is a dream to play and incredibly versatile.
  3. I came across this while trawling the Interweb... a cool idea, which I'm sure must have been done before. No bass version as far as I can see and the pedal assignment seems a little odd, but it's a great concept.
  4. rushbo


    If you're using a power brick, it might be worth getting one of those clever connecting strands which combines two outputs into one, doubling the amount of mA the pedal gets. Songofthewind is right - Zoom pedals tend to prefer their own PSUs to anything else as both he and I have found to our cost! Then again, it might be something else entirely...
  5. This may be the greatest, single sentence to ever appear in Basschat. Kudos sir.
  6. rushbo


    Could it be due to the amount of mA the Zoom needs? Typically, they need 500mA which is more than most pedals (I think...) Have you tried it with a dedicated Zoom PSU?
  7. HYPOCRITE ALERT - Up until recently I was happy to have my fluctuating, modest collection of pedals, stuck to a humble piece of MDF. After 35 years of playing in bands, I finally caved in and bought a pedalboard. This is is the musical equivalent of buying a bed after sleeping on a mattress on the floor, I guess. After a false start with a Pedaltrain that was lovely, but too big for my needs, I settled on a Warwick Rockboard, which was perfect and I highly recommend them. My sad collection of gizmos is powered by a Harley Benton Power Plant Junior, which does a great job, very quietly. If you're looking to power more than five pedals however, you're going to come unstuck, as it doesn't push much power out, but fortunately, it copes well with the stuff on my board. I even found room for the tin for my spare batteries, a plectrum holder and a clock. Like Flavor Flav, I always need to know what time it is... The BDI 21 is used as a drive pedal and works a treat. Although there's a tuner on the Zoom, I prefer the Pitchblack as it doubles as a killswitch. The revelation was the Rockboard - very sturdy, great design and the soft case it came with is really well made.
  8. I know we're not dealing with a massive outlay of cash here, but... I've used a couple of other Grolsch type washers/grommets/straplocks (Fender and some no-brand Fleabay things) and they all seem to go brittle and crack. Admittedly, it takes about two years, but they do. I bought the non Grolsch versions as the colours matched my bass or strap in the way that the Grolsch versions didn't, but now I stick to Grolsch ones. I bought fifty about 10 years ago for a few quid and they're still going strong. The Grolsch washers just seem more supple and durable - but if you get a couple of years life out of £2.59 worth of straplocks, that's still a pretty good deal!
  9. First: 10cc, Birmingham Odeon, Sept 1978 Last: BabyBird, Hare and Hounds, Birmingham, Nov 2019 Best: Blue Nile, Town Hall, Birmingham Sept 1990 or Posies, Garage, London, 1993? Worst: Black Crowes, Phoenix Festival, July 1993 Loudest: Flaming Lips, Goldwyns, Birmingham, date unknown Seen the most: 10cc, Posies, REM Most surprising: Divine Comedy, Wulfrun Hall Wolverhampton, March 2001 Next: John Shuttleworth (does he count?) tomorrow night. Wish: Nick Drake, Led Zeppelin, Game Theory/Loud Family
  10. Anyone come across the Not Quite Dead? If I remember rightly, their bassist played a one string bass which I though was extremely cool. I must dig my old comics out of the loft...
  11. That sounds like the B2. I had one of those and I found that the preset sounds could be a bit hit and miss, but with a bit of a tweak, they sounded great. The exception being the fuzz and overdrive patches, which always sounded a bit fizzy. The B3 (which I love) is a bit better. Maybe the B3n has more convincing drive sounds, or maybe I just need to try harder to dial in useable sounds. I love Zoom stuff, especially their multi fx- you can’t get better bang for your buck,.
  12. Yes. This. I love “Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”
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