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  1. Filling switch holes

    Another vote for DFA swiches. I've got one on my OLP Musicman. That's the knob I twiddle ostentatiously when the sound man asks me to "drop the level of the bass onstage, please". Works every time.
  2. The nadir of my musical career...

    I can't really compete with Billie Jo Spears and a death on the dance floor, but I have played some howlers, including: Nellie the Elephant Wombling Merry Christmas Grandma's Feather Bed Theme From the Muppets Three coins in the Fountain Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (reggae version) Ding a dong (1975 Eurovision winner - I love it. YMMV) Save Your Kisses For Me ...there may be others. I tend to blot out trauma. The closest I got to seeing a fatality at a gig was at a wedding reception my old band played. The whole night was strained as it was obvious that the happy couple (who were both lovely) were the only happy people in the room. Both families hated each other and sat at opposite ends of the venue, only interacting to walk over to the "enemy" side and do some shouting, swearing and chest poking. While we were packing up, the groom's mom started laying into another guest...an elderly gentleman who happened to be in a wheelchair. To be fair to him, he was giving as good as he got. I didn't stick around to see who "won", we chucked the gear into the back of a couple of cars and got out of the area before the cops arrived. I don't miss wedding gigs.
  3. Steam punk bass anyone?

    Buy it now: £875.
  4. A very honest appraisal by the seller, tho'...
  5. Stage gear

    [quote name='Leonard Smalls' timestamp='1509643890' post='3400578'] This is what I wore in a very early 90s very indie band... [/quote] Oh my. Is your backdrop made from Stilton?
  6. [quote name='thepurpleblob' timestamp='1509306494' post='3397967'] Ha! I'm glad it's not just me then. "Jamming?". Get thee behind me satan [/quote] One of my favourite bands of all time - Big Star - never ever jammed. Not because they couldn't, they just associated it with the Blues based, corporate, "big" rock and roll sound that they were trying to get away from.
  7. Going slightly off topic, but.... A few years ago, I heard a fascinating radio documentary about the history of Jethro Tull, presented by Ian Anderson. In the early-mid seventies, members of other bands routinely asked the guys in JT if they wanted to "jam". Every time, the Tullsters would refuse. Not because they thought they were above the other musicians, or were too cool, or just couldn't be bothered - the real reason was they literally couldn't "jam". The only material they knew was the Jethro Tull set and nothing else. Does that alter the quality of those classic era Tull albums, or those live shows? No. When Boz Burrell joined King Crimson, Robert Fripp had to teach him how to play the bass. He did OK, I'm sure you'll agree. I'm a huge Beatles fan and a staunch defender of Ringo. When people trot out the rather dreary "Ringo was crap, wasn't he?" line. I'll ask for a specific example of a "bad" Ringo drum part. I've yet to get a decent response. You could do the same with Adam Clayton, Alan Lancaster or Cliff Williams. They make the band sound better by providing a solid foundation for the guitarists and vocalists. Is Vic Wootten a better bass player than Adam Clayton? I think so. Adam Clayton would probably agree. Would Vic Wootten be a good fit in U2? I'm not so sure.
  8. Warm Fuzziness for Max Webster

    One of my favourite bands ever and blessed with a couple of outstanding bassists in Mike Tilka and Dave Myles. All their albums have just been reissued in a boxed set with some rare stuff thrown in. Not cheap (thanks Brexit!) but it looks gorgeous. CD and Vinyl. All their albums are excellent and if you're a fan of rock and roll that dips towards the left field, you'll love 'em. There are some great live recordings kicking about too, if you know where to look (cough cough...)
  9. Taste - it's a funny old thing, isn't it? I think if I went for it, I'd take the whole body back to natural and Tru Oil it.
  10. Zoom B1on - quality effects? Alternatives?

    I'm a bit of a Zoom fanboy and a proud owner of the Zoom B3. I had the B1on for a while - the sounds were great, but they can be a bit fiddly for live use. If all I needed it for was recording or practicing at home, then I'd still have it, but I sold it on in favour of the B3 which I love. For live use, the B3 is unbeatable, as long as you're not switching between a huge palette of effects in every song. I play in an old school R&B band and an Americana band, so as long as I have easy access to a drive, fuzz, chorus, compression etc, I'm happy. My fave Zoom Multi FX was the B9.1ut which was superb, but it was just a little bit too big for the kind of places we play - especially with a lead singer/guitarist with size 13 feet! I have a mini pedal board for live use with the B3, my SmoothHound reciever and a two gang power extension with a short, female IEC attached. I just plug in a standard "kettle" lead (i hate having those rather flimsy, (9V leads trailing on stage) and I'm off. A superquick set up and both devices have their own, dedicated PSU with a nice, small footprint.
  11. Peavey TNT130 - re-covered

    [quote name='totorbass' timestamp='1507882590' post='3388477'] Great to bring to a picnic. [/quote] I agree. There should be more colour options for amps, cabs and combos. I saw a pink fur covered combo once. That's more like it.
  12. Bass player with different ideas

    It was Lennon on bass for "The Long and Winding Road" Not his finest moment.
  13. Peavey TNT130 - re-covered

    It looks like a huge presentation box of shortbread.
  14. Black basses should ONLY have tort plates. But you know what they say...ask ten bassists a question and you'll get fifteen opinions. If it looks good to you, then it's groovy. It looks good to me, too.