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  1. Bass players and technology - it's a dangerous mix... That's a bit more like it, pricewise - I'll check that out. Thanks Skinnyman.
  2. What page turner do you use? I've been looking at the AirTurn doohickey, but I'm not sure I can justify the cost...
  3. Another happy ForScore user here- I use an iPad with a Hercules attachment for a mic stand and it’s been brilliant and surprisingly discreet.
  4. I've always used these guys: https://www.ultimateproaudio.com/ Decent prices and I've never had one of their leads fail yet.
  5. I've got the precursor to this - the "Icon" model. Unless Hofner dropped the ball significantly when the model changed name, these are great basses - not just "good for the money", but good basses full stop. Light as a feather, easy to play and they sound great. Limitations? Well, the string spacing may seem a little narrow at first, but you soon get used to it. They do lend themselves to a thumpy "sixties" sound, so if your looking to go for the JJ Burnel sound or something to slap yourself silly on, this won't work. Played with a pick, with a lump of sponge at the bridge, they sound fantastic.
  6. As interesting as these isolated tracks are, when the bass lines are taken out of context, all the fluffs, timing errors and miss-hits spring to the fore in a way that they don’t when there’s other instrumentation around them. Having said that, there’s nothing wrong with this at all. I’ve heard the backing track for this, on a “Classic Albums” TV program, I think and it sounds incredible- tight and powerful. I can’t agree with the comment that it sounds random- to me, it sounds incredibly focussed and is very much a “written” as opposed to an improvised bass part. Would I have fixed anything about that take? I doubt it.
  7. Now I’m worried. Like a few people commenting, I’ve never even thought about string wrap alignment before, but from this day forward, that will be the first thing I notice on a bass, and my OCD will cause me to do unspeakable things...
  8. I've just stumbled across this - an amazing version of Air's "La Femme d'Argent" that I'd never seen before. Maybe I'll dust off my copy of "Moon Safari" and find my good headphones....
  9. I've got one of these. The guy I bought it from is based in Rugby and he bought all of the stock from the defunct Roberts retail business, including a bunch of basses. Mine was considerably cheaper than the one on eBay as the tone controls aren't connected. It's a lovely instrument- very distinctive and well made. Even without the tone controls, it's a great sounding instrument. I think they’re Korean made, but I could be wrong. They're active and mine also came with a good quality hard shell case and a few other bits and pieces.
  10. rushbo

    Your Go To Bass

    For the last 2-3 years, it's been this - one of my collection of mongrel bitsas. A Squier body (stripped and resprayed in rattlecan racing red) a Mexi Jazz neck, a Schaller bridge, one Fender pup, one Entwistle pup, Gotoh machine heads, and a Kiogon toggle switch and loom. It's strung with flats and is a dream to play and incredibly versatile.
  11. I came across this while trawling the Interweb... a cool idea, which I'm sure must have been done before. No bass version as far as I can see and the pedal assignment seems a little odd, but it's a great concept.
  12. rushbo


    If you're using a power brick, it might be worth getting one of those clever connecting strands which combines two outputs into one, doubling the amount of mA the pedal gets. Songofthewind is right - Zoom pedals tend to prefer their own PSUs to anything else as both he and I have found to our cost! Then again, it might be something else entirely...
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