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  1. Its the grand poobah of all neck shims. It is the neck shim that all other neck shims aspire to be. It is the neck shim that other neck shims worship like a god.
  2. Prince went from (arguably) the most conservative guitar shape - the Telecaster - to a series of instruments that even Salvador Dali might have thought were a bit outré.
  3. Things I like about this: The nifty fretboard markers The pickups The bridge Things I don't like about this: The body. It puts me in mind of a prop used in a pornographic, same sex cyborg movie, set in outer space. Artwork on the body: I have no doubt that it looks great close up, but from 5 or 6 metres away, it'll just turn into a grey blur. I bet they play beautifully and sound even better, but aesthetically... not for me, thank you.
  4. I have a soft spot for: BeBop Deluxe: Live in the Air Age Cheap Trick: At Budokan Rush: All the World's a Stage Loud Family: From Ritual to Romance Led Zeppelin: Celebration Day Neil Young: Live Rust
  5. Another word of warning: I have a lovely Nissan Note (2011) which ticks loads of boxes for what I need it for. Unfortunately a P bass hard case wont fit in the boot and has to live either in the rear footwell, or in the boot with the back seat dropped. Even in a soft case, it'll only go in the boot at an angle. Not a huge issue for me, but, if you ever leave your car unattended, even for a moment, your bass will be "on show" in the back of the car. With the back seats dropped, it swallows loads of gear (it accommodates all my gigging rig, a full drumkit and two people very comfortably) but if it was about 15 cm wider, it would make a huge difference. It's a great car tho'.
  6. Bulbous! That's the word! Cheers, Cetera.
  7. Even this one? : It's the single cut basses with the REALLY pronounced top horn* that I find aesthetically challenging. (* I don't know the proper term for the part of the bass where it looks like its lurching forward just above where the neck meets the body and then randomly attaches itself to the neck, somewhere around the fifth fret.)
  8. I'd say that considering the BZ 7000 NT7 currently retails at £329, glue may be a major contributing factor to the price point. ...unless it comes with the hard case in the pictures. If that case has been made by Isambard Kingdom Brunel from specially treated, solidified angel's tears, then it's probably worth a punt. Or are we missing something?
  9. Someone needs to make a massively comprehensive multiFX unit and call it "Pandora's Box." Here's the flight case for it:
  10. CAVEAT: I'm a huge fan of the Fender Precision Bass aesthetic, so this may temper your opinion of my opinion. Every time I see one of those boutique, single cut basses (à la Fodera etc) they remind me of some massive sea creature, cresting the surface of the ocean. But not in a pretty way. I really liked the look of Jazz basses until I read (possibly on this very website) that someone disliked them because; "it looks like the bass has melted". The love affair ended moments after that sunk in.
  11. That's the weird thing... he was a gen-u-wine. 100%, died in the wool guitarist. But he was incredibly sensible and moderate, too. And a great player - one of those annoying musicians who just played everything really well all the time. When we played live, he brought a PRS, a Squier Strat in case of string breakage, his Korg MFX, a bagful of leads etc and a small MesaBoogie combo. Set up took about 3 minutes with a stage footprint about the size of a tea tray. What a guy. I should have married him.
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