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  1. A few years ago, I was putting up the bands backdrop prior to a show, while perched precariously on a bar stool in my Cuban heels. Inevitably, I fell off, fracturing a bone in my right arm. Thanks to adrenaline and stupidity, I managed to get through the gig, but I spent the next week in a cast. Rock and Roll?
  2. These are great basses. I've had one for about 10 years and it still gets gigged. Of course, I had to tinker with it and I pulled out the active stuff (and sold it to a lovely chap on this very forum) and replaced it with a pair of passive Entwistle pickups and it sounds gorgeous. The neck is lovely - somewhere between a P and a J. They only lasted about 2-3 years in production, which is a shame. They don't go for much money currently, so someone might get a bargain.
  3. I had to google "kimble gun." Now I want one. Thanks, Bunion.
  4. I bought one of these from Thomann, a couple of years back: Pop your combo on this and hey presto! - it's off the floor, and the noise it makes is closer to your ears, so you can actually hear it, without having to crank the volume up to Lemmyesque levels. It's perfect for those gigs where it's impractical to bring another cab to stick underneath your amp and has made a huge difference to my onstage volume. Because I'm a classy chap, I bought a couple of metres of cheap black fabric to cover the legs as although the unit is incredibly sturdy (the spec says it'll cope with 136 kg and I don't doubt that for a moment), it does look a little like you're balancing your priceless Mesa Boogie combo on your moms old coffee table, otherwise.
  5. SOLD Looking for the ideal stocking filler for yourself..? This is a very lightly used Yamaha Sessioncake practice mixer dealio which comes boxed with all the paperwork. I've finally graduated to a bass-specific room of my own, so I can make a bit of noise and not risk the wrath of my nearest and dearest. Hence, this is now up for grabs. £20 gets it posted to you, as long as you're on the mainland UK. Or, pick it up from Halesowen in the Wild West Midlands and I'll knock a couple of quid off.
  6. I do like a reliced bass. There - I've said it. However, the relicing should bear some relation to natural wear. I have no idea how a musical instrument could end up looking like this, unless it's been used as an oversized spatula to ladle heavy duty lubricant into the mouth of an over-aggresive, robot shark. Once, in the not too distant past, that was a nice looking instrument. Unfortunately, following its recent "customisation" you now need rubber gloves, full body PPE and a tetanus jab just to look at it. Shame.
  7. Could it be a jack socket issue? It's worth trying your bass with a lead you can trust, if you haven't done that already.
  8. Jinkies. I thoroughly enjoyed those - thanks for sharing. Like a lot of these "isolated bass" dealios, it's quite surprising how loose they are when you hear them devoid of everything else. Tighter than a very tight thing on the records tho'. "Killed by Death," "Overkill" and (especially) "Stay Clean" are tons of fun. A neat reminder of how Motörhead in their prime, were a force of nature with their own gravitational pull and the power to bend light. They existed in their own world and defined a genre, in spite of hating what it was called.
  9. ...but "the back looks amazing and is fantastic shape." So that's all right, then.
  10. The description on the website is priceless. (When I read it, the voice in my head was that of Apu from The Simpsons and now I feel like I've committed a hate crime...)
  11. I use one of these: https://www.gear4music.com/PA-DJ-and-Lighting/Sennheiser-XSW-D-Pedalboard-Set/2S55?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI3ZO1htnW8wIVkt1RCh18_ASvEAAYASAAEgINpPD_BwE I've been using it since March this year and it's coped with numerous rehearsals and about 10-12 gigs, flawlessly. Having the receiver double as a tuner is a genius move. It's also built like a (very elegant) tank. I don't use it as a bug as I've designed my own bespoke (read "home made") connecting system, which is secured neatly to my strap. Before that, I was a very satisfied Smooth Hound user. I had that for years and it did a great job. Personally, I never had an issue with latency. No one in the band used in-ear monitoring which can be a factor, apparently, and although it was used alongside my trusty, digital Zoom B3 multi-fx, it always sounded fine. If there was any delay in the signal, I, anyone in the band and the numerous sound engineers I worked with, never noticed it. Once again, I never used that as a bug as there's a neat little adapter dealio that you can get from Chris at SH for a few quid. Well worth it, I'd say. I'd still be using it, if I hadn't reduced the size of my board, and as the Sennheiser does the job of two pedals, I sadly let my SH go. Before that I had a Line 6 G30. My experience was not good.
  12. The 02 in Brum is one of the weirdest places for acoustics that I have ever been to. If you're in front of the stage, downstairs then its normally pretty decent, but the minute you venture to the side of the venue (towards the bar) or upstairs, the sound just turns to mush. I'm not an expert in acoustics (and my ears are a bit knackered) but there must be some natural bass traps in that building.
  13. Sort of related: the first Roxy Music album still sounds like it was dropped from outer space. It's retrospective and futuristic at the same time.
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