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  1. Whilst aimlessly browsing the InterWebs, I came across this: https://www.thomann.de/gb/the_t.bone_giga_pro_pedal_set.htm Anyone had any experience of one of these? The price point is certainly keen - currently £142.04. Lots of bells and whistles (not all of which I'd use) but it looks like a solid unit. There's a YouTube demo of it, featuring the guitarist from Evanessence. but it's pretty hard work... Is it a case of "if it looks too good to be true, it probably is." ?
  2. Another vote for the Gear 4 Music double case. I would be reticent to wear it on my back, as it does seem to tower above me, but the handles seem pretty sturdy. It gets used regularly, but (like a few people on this thread) it only goes from my house to the car and then to the venue/rehearsal room. I've been using mine for over two years and it looks as good as new. Padding is decent and offers good protection. For transportation, I find the best place for it is in the footwell of the back seats of the car, on its side. I can then move the seats forward to almost but not quite touch it and load around it. I'd think twice about carrying it for a long distance, or on public transport, but for my needs, it's perfect. And affordable.
  3. Cheeky, honest, funny and absolutely clear. Beautifully done.
  4. "I must admit to having reservations about the usefulness of this device"
  5. Birmingham "Musical Exchanges" store, June 1986. I'd just joined a very REM-y trio and was desperate for a Rickenbacker bass. I sold my custard yellow BC Rich Warlock, saved up my meager wages and I had £350 - then the going rate for second hand Ricky - burning a hole in my pocket. There were three or four hanging up in the shop, including my dream bass - a black 4001 with chequered binding. I played it. I hated it. I played all the others and hated them, too. I tried so hard to justify buying one, but I just couldn't. I could have cried. On my way out, I spotted an Ibanez 850 Roadstar in burgundy. I played it and fell in love. That bass was my number one gigging instrument for nearly twenty years. The Rickys I could have bought that day would be worth about £2000 now, I guess, but that Ibanez gave me so much pleasure and was so reliable that I don't mind too much. I love the look and sound of a fired up Rickenbacker bass, but they're just not for me.
  6. I too, have fallen under the curse of the five-string bass... I've tried three times now, with three lovely instruments - a gorgeous. entry level Attitude, a Spector and a lovely Squier P Bass. They all sounded great, looked very cool and were all playable instruments - although the Spector weighed about as much as aircraft carrier... I just didn't get on with them. The 'B' string, for the most part, was a glorified thumb rest and I found myself playing the occasional low 'D' just because I could, rather than because it suited the song. They weren't really expensive mistakes as I managed to get what I paid for them back - and every time I see a bassist with one, I have a bit of a wobble, until I remind myself of all the packaging involved in sending a five-string bass through the post, when I inevitably sell the damn thing.
  7. I've been a 10cc fan since the mid seventies and I still go and see them whenever they play in the Midlands, in spite of Graham Gouldman being the only member who survives from the "classic" lineup. Two of the touring band (Rick Fenn and Paul Burgess) have played with Gouldman for forty-odd years and they do a fantastic job of keeping the music of the band alive. As long as no-one turns up to the show expecting to see Eric Stewart, Lol Creme or Kevin Godley (and you'd need to be a pretty fly-by-night fan to not know they weren't in the band by now), then there's no harm done. An old band of mine supported Dr Feelgood on a number of occasions over the last few years. I can't remember anyone getting irate over the lack of Lee Brilleaux et al. They're probably the ultimate "Triggers Broom", UK band. As bands get older and members leave (or die...), we can't expect them to carry on with the same lineups. I was really hoping that when Kiss announced their retirement, that they would just announce replacements for Stanley and Simmons and carry on as a sort of franchise, as everyone's favourite Puerto-Rican boy band Menudo have done. As long as no potential ticket buyers are actively deceived and they know what and who to expect, I can't see a problem.
  8. When I played with a Pub/Club band, I lugged around a bag full of spares for everything practically - mics, XLR leads, speaker leads etc. Nearly all of it got used at one time or another. Now I'm playing in slightly larger venues which provide the PA equipment, my load is considerably lighter. I have a medium sized sports holdall which carries: 2 x Hercules folding stands Mains extension lead Mains 4 way power strip Spare leads 4 x IEC leads - two long and two short Spare strings (bass and guitar) Notepad and marker pen (for the numpties who forget their set lists...) Power breaker plug (used if the electrics of the place look suspect!) Basic tool bag - actually a small wash bag, with screwdrivers, pliers, electrical tape etc A small pencil case with odds and ends in - paracetamol, band aids, disposable ear plugs, drum key, batteries, a patch lead etc Small clip on light (useful if you're using cheat sheets) Speakon lead Spare 9V PSU Clip on tuner The inevitable roll of gaffa tape If something hasn't been used in last few months, it gets moved out. It may be one extra thing to carry, but it's been a lifesaver on loads of occasions.
  9. Thanks. Now I have gigbag envy.
  10. I always take a spare bass to every gig. The last time I had to use one was about three years ago when the strap button came away from the body of the instrument. 30 seconds later, I was playing again. I’d never be without one.
  11. Here’s my well thought out opinion. After giving this some careful consideration, I have decided: I don’t mind, really.
  12. I've read all the other threads on the Smooth Hound and latency crops up all the time. Maybe it's because there's very little other wireless/digital gear used in my band, but I have never noticed any delay. In a fit of paranoia I've asked sound engineers, band members and punters and no-one has ever spotted any latency. YMMV as they say on the internet.
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