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  1. Haha, cheers. I cant take credibility for that - but I'll pass it to the boss / lady of the house
  2. A close friend of mine wanted a Pino P and Arnoldo had one for sale. I agreed to facilitate the deal and it went amazingly smooth. Pleasant communication throughout the process. Thank you!
  3. Up for grabs is this awesome 2004 EB MM Stingray. Great condition with some light wear. Headstock has some rash but nothing serious at all. Lovely low action and actually one of the best player Ray's I have encountered! Very resonant and lively and packs the punch of a Stingray of course. It weighs 4.3 kg on my kitchen scale. Comes with OHSC. Ships from Denmark. Contact me to have a chat about shipping. EU shipping is around 50€. 1250€ plus shipping.
  4. Hmmm.. Not really what I was planning. But, what do you have?
  5. Up for grabs is this AMAZING Stingray in pretty much mint condition. Plays perfectly - very low action and strung with flats for that old school thumb. Works very well with my soul/motown band.. but if you string it with steel rounds its instant Louis Johnson! Very lively, punchy and resonant bass.. it just invites for more playing time!! All the time.. The reason for selling is that i have an 80’s Ray that just feels more like home for me. Original hardcase and extra pickguard (tortoise) is incl.. Lets discuss shipping, I am willing to offer free shipping in a quick sale if its not crazy expensive. So, lets have a chat if interested. Bass is located in Denmark and I have a lot of experience shipping basses around the world 😅. Price: 1650€ Now for the pictures.
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