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  1. Massive reduction this sunday... 1200£ plus shipping!
  2. Hey Marc, I haven't tried the new version on this - also, only have seen it with the 2 pickup configuration. Honestly its one of the best hollow body basses I have owned.. (and I have owned vintage Rivoli, EB-2's, Hofners etc).. Sounds amazing really and plays just perfect.
  3. Initial thought is no.. but my curiousity says “what do you have for Trade?”
  4. What about a 92' Warwick Streamer?
  5. Dont know how to edit the price.. Was meant to say 1000 euro .. But its 875 pounds converted
  6. Up for grabs is this amazing Warwick Streamer from 92'. This bass is GOOD - and it shows. It has players wear from countless gigs. The bass has ALWAYS been cared for and maintained and everything works like it should. But yeah, it has some buckle rash and a thumb nail groove at the neck pickup as well as small dings and dongs. Also missing the "shield" on on of the tuners. The bass plays effortlessly and sounds just like a Streamer should. Also, very lightweight bass. 3.7kg. Will ship in a old hardcase - packed well bubble wrapped in a cardboard box. Price: 1000€ plus shipping. Bass is located in Denmark.
  7. A bit unsure of letting this superb bass go - but it just doesn't get enough attention from me. Its a 1968 Fender Coronado Bass I - a rare sight. This bass was apparently made for a trade fair as a show piece - it has the "Special" engraved on the back of the headstock. Its well kept for its age and this old lady just plays perfectly. It has gotten new frets a few years ago and also a new bone nut. Other than that - all original. The neck is just a joy to touch and play. Very easy to play and capable of low action (which is pretty rare also on these old basses). The original pickup has those separate magnets that you can adjust the string volume on which is a cool feature. Controls are as simple as Volume and tone. Currently strung with Daddario Black Nylon Flats but will include a set of Labella medium scale flats for that perfect fit on this bass. The bass is healthy, the truss works 100%, tuners are stable and the bridge works as it should. The bridge has lost its "F" inlay - which is normal on these models. Try and google pictures Bass is 30" scale / short scale. I have NO case - but lets discuss a solution for this if you're interested in the bass. Im sure we can work something out! (I have and old Rockbag for the bass which I can include also). Price is 1550£ / 1800€ and I am open to trades. A vintage Mustang or a nice 34" scale 4 string could be interesting. (Can add money towards the right trade). Bass is located in Denmark. And I am experienced in shipping instruments
  8. Alan bought my Fender CS Jazz Bass fretless. Prompt payment and very friendly communication. I had some issues with finding the right box for shipping the bass which dragged the deal to about 2 weeks in total. He was very understanding and patient. Thank you for that. Highly recommended! Thank you!
  9. Had a few inquiries about the "missing" Custom Shop decal on the back of the headstock. Well, long story short I got this from Fenders CS support (can email the full correspondence to a buyer). "Hi Mikkel, Thank you for getting in touch and sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Long story short, these fretless Jazz basses were constructed with 'Jaco Pastorious' base model necks - which are visible in the pictures attached. Because they are usually fitted with strap pins, they didn't include the Custom Shop logos on the back of the headstock. The guitar is still an authentic Custom Shop instrument, but just doesn't feature the decal because of the Jaco connection. I hope this helps clear this up for you, and if there's anything else I can help with please let me know." I hope this clears it up
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