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  1. Awesome P still here.
  2. I am in the market for a nice acoustic bass. Preferably a Tacoma Thunderchief. What do you have?
  3. Cheers mate. All good on this site of the atlantic!
  4. Up for grabs is this awesome P-Bass clone from Nash Guitars. In gorgeous Lake Placid Blue. 4kg, Lollar pickup, and just that lovely uncomplicated P-Bass "thing" .. Sounds AMAZING. Strung with flats at the moment. Everything is perfect and as "new" - no wear except the relic 70's specs. That means a gorgeous B shape neck. Located in Denmark. Lets discuss shipping. Open to trades with a 4 string maybe.. Trade value 1400£ 1250£
  5. Trades: 4-strings.
  6. Extremely. Even the truss rod nut is gold
  7. Up for grabs is this amazing piece of kit. Top shelf Music Man Stingray 5 Dual Humbucker. Creamy white with matching headstock and seriously bling golden hardware. Immaculate condition. Weight is 4775gr on my kitchen scale. Comes with original hardcase. Shipping from Denmark with UPS on buyers account.
  8. *SOLD* Nordy VJ4 *SOLD*

  9. Up for grabs is this gorgeous Fender Jazz Bass American Deluxe. Very good condition even though it has been played. Minimal wear. Very lively, resonant bass weighing in at 4kgs. Very punchy, authoritative and versatile. Everything is 100%. Great bass really - but I am mostly into Passives. Shipping from Denmark via UPS. Price: 1250£ + shipping. (I will cover half).
  10. *SOLD* Nordy VJ4 *SOLD*

    Still here. 1800€
  11. Up for grabs is this gorgeous 50th Anniversary FSR (factory special run) Jazz Bass. Limited edition bass - only 200 made. Superb modern take on the classic 70's style JB. Modern hardware and construction makes this a bit more "user friendly" than the "older sibling". Very nice weight, 4kgs, very resonant and lively JB tone. A bit warmer/darker sounding than other similar J's I have owned. Sits PERFECTLY in the mix. Very organic with plenty of bite and growl as you would expect from a 70's J. Its a player, have been played ALOT. Frets are fine, but it has its fair share of dings and dongs (see pics). Everything works perfectly. NO issues. Come with original Fender custom shop case (black). No pickup covers, sorry. Shipping from Denmark via UPS. Contact me for a quote. Price is 1500€ or best offer.