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  1. I feel better now...I thought it was just me
  2. I might have something that's right up your street. I have a Yamaha BB 350F that I just don't use. I bought it with the intention of prettying it up, but just haven't had the time. It's a bit battered and bruised, it came to me with an awful pick up cover (binned) , bridge cover, (binned) and home made Pick up surrounds which aint too shabby. Got a lovely lined neck, straight and true and it growls like a growly thing. Give me a PM if interested and I'll take some Pics...I'd be looking for around £130
  3. I'm going to have to stop visiting this bloody forum!! White one on the way!
  4. Talon


    This is my MIM Precision. pick ups are SDQP's and it has a vintage style bridge
  5. I'd be wary about going to view it...given his/her other items for sale
  6. Bought some SD 1/4 pounders off Steve...Top Bloke
  7. [quote name='hookys6stringbass' post='1036004' date='Nov 25 2010, 10:26 AM']I've taken the plunge and ordered the red Retrovibe...[/quote] You will not be disappointed
  8. Talon

    Retrovibe Aero 2

    I dropped the pick ups too....took it to a gig on Saturday where there were about 30 people..thought Sod it and used it in the final set. It cut through a treat I'm changing all the screws on mine though, they seem very soft. I was going to change the TRC and put a silly name on it....but I'm going to keep it as it is. I think the Guitar deserves its identity.
  9. Perfect timing.....got this today [attachment=64470:Mick__s_...hday_022.jpg] [attachment=64471:Mick__s_...hday_023.jpg]
  10. Talon

    Retrovibe Aero 2

    And just like Buses, here's another [attachment=64451:Mick__s_...hday_022.jpg] [attachment=64452:Mick__s_...hday_023.jpg] I'm very impressed with it...pots are a bit dodgy but useable, they'll be replaced. Pick ups are hot, I see no need to muck about with them just yet Lovely playable neck and the finish is as good as any guitar I've seen. Worth every penny (although it was a surprise birthday pressie off the Missus, bless her)
  11. I have a 1989 SR885LE and it's just awesome...fantastic playability and tone
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13. Sold Pete my Sub Sterling and it was a great transaction. He was patient when I got the courier time wrong (waiting nearly a week) but he finally got it today. Great bloke to deal with...would have no hesitation dealing with Pete again
  14. Fair play to you mate...It doesn't matter who the couriers are though, They will throw parcels about. Decent packaging is essential.
  15. Blimey..Surprised to see this thread again The Neck is very Similar to a Jazz and the Bass is still up for grabs
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  17. I'm not sure whether the pups are active or passive, I'll find out. It does seem like the Neck pup is more powerful then the bridge pup though.
  18. I picked this guitar up in a trade a few weeks ago with the intention of 'doing it up' and it's becoming my main player...it's a stunner to play with a superb tone. The problem is it has half the output of my other basses. I love the sound of the stock pickups so would changing the pre amp help? or is it a complete job, pups and all. This then begs the question of which pre amp or pups? Sorry if this all sounds a bit newbish, it's the first time I've attempted anything like this. I have changed the battery and strings with no improvement. [attachment=54398:GetAttac...aspx__1_.jpg]
  19. Final Bump before it's put away for a few years
  20. Met Mauro and his lovely wife today, Top bloke to deal with and a thoroughly nice guy.
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