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  1. I had one of these as my gigging head for several years, it never let me down and always sounded great. GLWTS
  2. Mine’s an Ibanez SR505 with maple board, that I did own for a while. Nothing super special, but I really loved it. Was going through a 4 string phase, didn’t have the confidence to switch between 4 & 5 strings all the time, and traded it for a Warwick. Regretted it even before I got home, but the other guy wouldn’t trade back, even though I offered him a better deal. Still really gutted about it, and it’s probably been 6-7 years now. Wonder where it is now
  3. I’d like to come along this time, never been to a bass bash!
  4. I bought an amp and cab from Jez, great transaction and great bloke, deal with confidence! I've also had the pleasure of hanging out with him for a couple of hours and trying out his bass builds, which was a real treat - superb build quality, design, and sound on all of them, very talented man! Thanks Jez
  5. Well I'm very disappointed - I was off to see Jabba_the_gut this afternoon for him to have a look at this bass, and hopefully resolve the issue, but my partner has asked me to put the trip off for today. Winds are supposed to get up to 45 mph this afternoon and BBC weather has classified as a potential danger to live, so I'd be silly to go against her request really. The bass is sitting by my desk at work, all packed up in its gig bag all ready to go and get fixed up - if it had feelings, it would probably be as bummed out as me at the moment
  6. [quote name='Andyjr1515' timestamp='1507841896' post='3388373'] What's the balance like between the P and the J? Keep the cable tie on - it's doing something from the sound of it - and try lowering the bass side of the P pickup by a couple of mm [/quote] Hey Andy! Sorry for the delay, hectic couple of days at work! I had a minor breakthrough this morning with it. I got frustrated with the lack of note definition on the E string, and it was making the G string sound funny (haha) so I took the cable tie off. Then I decided to see if it would work with the tie just on the E string and not the rest. It definitely makes more of a difference, and the notes are more defined. However the string is not quite as bright now. Overall it sounds a lot better. I also lowered the poles on the pickup under that string as well, and I think the combination of the two is much better!
  7. I just had a thought Maybe I just don't like P pickups?!
  8. [quote name='Andyjr1515' timestamp='1507751872' post='3387794'] Trust me...it'll work with anyone [/quote] Hehe! Well Andy. I tried the foam, no effect actually, in the interests of full disclosure, I can't find any foam short of stealing from the. Sofa cushions and that wouldn't go down well, so I shoved a sock under the strings. I also tried the cable tie. It massively lessened those 'orrible overtones and got rid of the rattle at the nut, but had a weird side effect - at least to my weird ears anyway. J pickup still sounds fine, but as soon as the P pickup is brought in the lower notes on the E string are almost indistinguishable from each other. And even worse when soloed. No idea what that's all about
  9. Ohhhh I see! Would that work with a rather tubby sort like me? Haha
  10. Thanks Andy! I'll definitely try the foam and the cable tie fixes tonight to see what that does! Pressing on the string behind the nut does seem to solve the issue so I'm fairly confident that the cable tie (and therefore the bar) will sort it. I think I have some hardcore cable ties at home, will give it a whirl tonight. Just out of interest - you mention that the bar comes with it's own foibles - what sort of issues crop up with those? Regarding the strap button, that's interesting. I might have a mess around with some playing positions later - when I played long scale basses I used to have them quite upright, but that's mainly because I couldn't reach the lower frets otherwise haha! I've never had that issue with the shorties so play them more at a 45 degree angle.
  11. [quote name='alyctes' timestamp='1507671876' post='3387222'] That wasn't quite what I meant. If you damp the string behind the nut with something stuffed under the string (sponge? bit of balsa? cigarette filter?), what happens then? [/quote] Ah, I got you. I'll give it a try tonight
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