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SOLD Ibanez Promethean p5110 amp head

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Up for sale is my trusty Ibanez Promethean P5110 amp head. This has been the back up amp to my MarkBass LM3 for the last couple of years - it’s only been used once and that was because the LM3 was in fo a service! I have however also used it for 2 rehearsals during this time just to check that it’s as good has the bass community at large says it is.......and it is a very nice and keeps up well with the LM3 for significantly less cash. However I’ve just picked up a nice brand new MB Little Marcus and have decided to put my LM3 into the back up position so this little beauty is now available to go to a new owner.
It’s in the same immaculate condition that I received it in, not a mark on it, the carry case is equally immaculate. I got a good deal on this from the forum so am happy to pass it on for a good price of £150 collected or £170 posted.
Some specs on the amp are shown below, please note this relates to the combo rather than the amp head only.
  • 6 Band Graphic EQ
  • - Promethean series amps feature 6-band Graphic EQ that allows you to make precise tonal adjustment in any type of environment. Each frequency is carefully selected to be the most demanded by bass players. The 6-band EQ can be bypassed by a selected switch.
  • Vibe Control
  • - Control tonal character from creamy vintage sounds to modern sounds. Also, the On/Off push switch allows you to change playing character, from walking to picking and/or slapping, instantly. (On/off can be controlled by optional IFS2X footswitch.)
  • Aux/Phones
  • - The included aux input allows you to play along with a connected MP3 or CD player. With headphone out, it's great for bedroom jam sessions or sound check at rehearsal.
  • Line Out
  • - The balanced XLR output sends a balanced signal to the mixing console and/or main PA system in any live or studio situation. Pre- or Post EQ switchable and GND Lift switch-equipped along with switchable level control to avoid ground loops with other connected equipment.
  • Detachable Amp Head
  • - The P5110 and P5210 amp head can be easily detached without any tools. Due to its compact size, it's efficient to take it out anywhere you need to go.


  • Output: [email protected]/[email protected]
  • Speaker: 10" Ceramic Speaker, Dome Tweeter
  • Controls: Mute Switch, Gain, Low/High Control
  • 6 Band Graphic EQ, Vibe Control
  • Master Volume
  • I/O's : Input, Aux Input, Phones Out, Tuner Out, Balanced Line Out (XLR) Footswitch Jack (Mute/Vibe)
  • Cabinet: Ported Bass Reflection Cabinet/Tilt-up System






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God’s own county 😎

The socialist republic of South Yorkshire - in the Sheffield area (well, more Rotherham....but we don’t mention that).

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