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  1. Yes. Lovely tone on that fella. I also loved the ease of setting up on the (sturdy!) stand - that ball joint is genius. At the time I preferred the slightly more DB-ish experience of the longer scale and curved fretboard of my Stagg so the Dean went - but it was certainly easier to live with and carry around.
  2. I just remembered - I wrapped copper tape around the strings where they made contact with the bridge. No idea why I did it - probably found a YouTube or something - but it worked.
  3. My old one, I think? I fitted a set of Roto black nylons had some issues getting the piezo bridge saddles to connect with the string at first. I did resolve it in the end but can't for the life of me remember what I did.
  4. On the first song of my last gig the input jack on bass #1 developed a fault so I quickly switched to bass #2. If I only had one bass the gig would have been over.
  5. This. What Gig Ink do (brilliantly, I might add) is use clear plastic and the custom bit is what is printed on the reverse. I don't think that would give a realistic tort finish.
  6. Small music pub in Stowmarket, The Pickerel Inn. Hardly anyone there but those that were made it feel like we were playing Glasto. Even the A12 being shut and diverted through unlit country lanes couldn't take the shine off the night. And - bonus point - drummer took the pa, which I usually babysit, having realised his seats fold flat to give a van-type space. Precedent set.
  7. I do move - mainly my head. I jerk it upwards to the beat. And I'll bounce gently from foot to foot and maybe shuffle a bit, too. Even prowl, slowly, given a big enough stage. But generally it looks like I am being electrocuted.
  8. looks like a few on this site https://www.yourparkingspace.co.uk/london-parking-spaces-and-garages-to-rent?gclid=CjwKCAjwwdWVBhA4EiwAjcYJEC6TqiioqmYUE1e6Qggi032ofIG0G73wv8MGUaCeMrO3hvzoSEX0xhoCDXMQAvD_BwE
  9. And hopefully not in Clarks, whilst buying the shoes. This is not a straighforward matter at all. If I say to Mrs S that I am going to buy a new bass she'll say 'OK' or 'Good' or 'Mmm' or something similar. If I say I am going to sell a bass she'll say 'Are you sure? You often regret it later'.
  10. Me? I've been doing it for a few years, switched from resistance training to stretching/core/yoga/pilates excercises at a gym locally - although I've been doing it at home since the start of COVID. It helps but, for me, is not the complete answer.
  11. Yup, me too. Bending and twisting in that way was guaranteed to put my back out on anything less than averagely mobile day. Added bonus is the chiropodist deals with hard skin, corns et al. Plus he's a lovely chap and a good laugh.
  12. Yeah, I was a fat kid too.
  13. My favourite bass to play is a Precision but I don't own a Fender. I have a JV Squier, an Antoria, a Peavey Fury and a HB Shorty. In fact I only have one 'big brand' bass and that is a Gibson LP Jnr DC. I have a TBird that is an Epiphone, a Rick that is a Retrovibe faker. I look pretty tall but my heels are high...
  14. Indeed. And silicone, which is what the OP wrote, is a polymer of silicon and oxygen. But I suspect it was a typo.
  15. Yup. And they have mostly been in the band for decades longer than the original guys.
  16. Yes,the Feelgoods usually get a good crowd in, especially on the run up to xmas, so it will be fantastic to ride on the back of that!
  17. Long way off and a few gigs beforehand but my blues rock band Toredown have just been asked to support Dr Feelgood, December 15th, Venue 77 in Ipswich. That put a smile on my face
  18. OP's scenario was only a rehearsal. Can't see any issues here.
  19. I looked into this out of curiosity when I started with a Bon Jovi tribute band. For his debut recording Runaway an 18 yr old Jon Bongiovi used the recording studio's house band which included Hugh on bass. Hugh is on record (!) as saying he recorded all the parts on all the albums (and wrote a lot of them, I believe) but Alec toured as he was a better fit visually. Then booze/drugs took their toll and once Alec's live performances began to suffer he and the band parted company. Hugh (who was even older than Alec) became a part of the touring band although initially he was left out of the pulicity shots.
  20. Absolutely. His vocal wouldn't come out through those.
  21. Lord alone knows where it came from as I don't believe I've heard it for decades but all yesterday I had a loop of Boney M's 'One Way Ticket' playing in my head. All. Day. Long. It's nice to share:
  22. I have a Retrovibe short scale 50s telebass style thing and the pickup in that is phenomenal. The pickup can be bought on its own and is incredibly good value - the overwound 9.2K one is in stock at £35. https://retrovibe.co.uk/product/retrovibe-51p-replacement-single-coil-bass-pickup-for-50s-precision-alnico-poles-cloth-wire-string-binding/
  23. Enjoying this thread. A couple more Stevie Ray Vaughan's jazzier side here: Freddie King's 'The Stumble', here covered by Gary Moore. Michael Schenker 'Into The Arena'
  24. Friday night my blues rock trio played at a lovely little music pub in the middle of Ipswich called The Shamrock. Parking can be a problem but after load in I got lucky and found a legal, free spot a few yards down the road. One of the few places where they don't expect bands to play Sex On Fire. We played for two and a half hours to a small but very enthusiastic crowd, many of whom had seen us before and came especially. Our guitarist really gets off when the audience is behind him and his soloing becomes inspired. I've played in theatres, I've played to some big crowds but on Friday playing this tiny pub in Ipswich to maybe 25 people was one of those special gigs. I smiled all the way home.
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