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  1. Don’t forget maple vs rosewood boards and lemon oil or not to lemon oil ....
  2. Arguably the Precision was one of the most innovative electric bass developments in bass guitar history.....
  3. 3 is a good number for shorties..... BTW, there isn’t a 3.5 kB limit, this is 895 kb
  4. ...in your opinion? He doesn't seem to have done badly out of it.......I haven't seen any 'BigRedX' signature basses knocking about 😝
  5. I think this subject is far too subjective to be adequately described by a simple exponential or linear function........
  6. To be honest, I've just sold my 4003 after 8 years of ownership; in essence it's just me becoming less tolerant of the ergonomics as I get older and grouchier. I could live with the pup ironware (I put in one of the aftermarket thumb rests/gap cover), the overly clubby neck-headstock transition and the agricultural bridge. With time though I did find the body binding on the forearm an unnecessary inconvenience to me when playing standing. All that said, I may look at a Rick again if the stupid price inflation situation stabilises BUT it would be a 4003S.
  7. Good to see the Marlowe getting an airing. I was once ridiculed for playing Punk finger stylee - I answered with a single finger...... I can remember 'Babylon's Burning' being a bit of a challenge finger plucking.
  8. Ditto, got buggered by M1 closures between 35 & 37 on the M1 coming back from Hudders......always the bloody same!
  9. Due to Covid, last night was the first gig of the year with Glam Fever.....for some reason I had some serious bass face going on 😂
  10. My pair of MB NY121s are coming up to 10 years old now. I love em to bits, can’t fault the sound, nice and light and, most importantly, fit perfectly in the back of my 5dr Mini. So, am I being overly cautious in considering replacing them due to age? I always have back ups in terms of bass, amp and other paraphernalia but don’t have space to double up on cabs. I have been looking at replacement to pacify my paranoia but I’m struggling to find a double cab solution in 12” that are about the same size so would still fit. So in in terms of questions; Any suggestions for suitable candidates? Am I being daft in looking at replacing as they are still performing without problem? If I just look at getting new NY121s, are the new ones as good as the Italian ones that I currently have?
  11. Lovely bass Peter, somebody will get an awesome bit of kit
  12. Appears you've been lucky then. In my neck of the woods a discussion on set list is fairly common. There's a reason for going niche - I've never been so busy......
  13. Sadly, much of that is the fault of the pubs themselves. As a 70s Glam Rock band we took some time to become established to the point where we decide where we play; many pubs expect/requested the eternal 'pub band' set in order to get the gig......sad but true.
  14. Around 250-300 in my neck of the woods also. Pretty happy to do this as a weekend warrior and have generally accepted that as this has been the going rate for 20+ years on pub gigs that it's what you have to accept as a covers/function band when playing pubs. However we get a fair number of requests to play out of area (we define that as a gig with a total travel time of >2hours) and we up the rate accordingly and don't accept if it's not worth it. I'd hate to be doing this for a living though.....
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  16. No doubt they had enough work lined up to support the purchases? Not sure of the correct way to insert a 2kw sub 😉
  17. Playing at a nice club in Mirfield, West Yorkshire. A decent club that booked us a few months back after our first gig at the place. We were pretty convinced a lockdown would come in before NYE so it’s a pleasant surprise that it’s going ahead.
  18. I’ve only played the Ray34 not the 35, but not owned either. I’ve had more EBMM Rays than memory serves. To be honest, compared to a post ‘90 Ray I didn’t think there was as much difference in the Sterling and EBMM as the price difference would suggest. You can get EBMM Rays with nice figured necks as well as fairly plain (my ‘90 was fairly plain, my ‘02 was insanely figured). While many think the late 80s, early 90s Rays are much better than more modern, I can’t say that’s something I’ve found - unless you really must have the mute bridge. Realistically though, as you’re having these thoughts I think it will be an itch that you won’t be satisfied until you’ve scratched it...
  19. Thanks Si, it would be staying but I’ve pretty much decided that for gigs I’m going to stay on the shortscale route. Weight wise, using the tried and tested scales with and without method, it comes in dead on 8.5lbs.
  20. A 2018 Lakland Skyline 44-64 in very good condition. 1.625" nut, nice fast neck and strung with nearly new TI Flats. Sunburst with the 3 ply mint pickguard. Schaller type strap lock pins fitted. I can only find a few little marks on the bass, but no chips, cracks or significant scratches; a few little digs on the headstock, but again, only cosmetic and you have to get up close to see. Not a bad weight, sub 9lb and well balanced, but I'll get an accurate weight if required. I only have this gig bagged so I'd prefer a meet up in the Sheffield area.
  21. I had d’addarios on mine, sounded spot on and we’re ok on the wee tuners
  22. Thanks for that Si, I'll give it a try.
  23. Just picked up a 44-64 Skyline in sunburst with the mint guard. Never been a fan of 'white' on sunburst. Can anyone point me in the direction of replacement pickguards, the classic sunburst-tort or sunburst-black combo appeals.
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