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  1. Mick Karn and his Wal Fretless John Taylor and his Aria SB1000 Chris Wolstenholme and his Status S2 (I would say that)....
  2. Very nice Nick, glad that I don’t do the ‘drop in’ to my local Sheffield shoppies or I fear I’d be stuffed!
  3. Mikey Way Mustang? Passive humbucker right in the sweet spot. Shouldn’t be too expensive but becoming rare as rocking horse poo. Reverb has one up in the states at an extremely ambitious $1050 ish.
  4. The only bass I (currently) have that has financial-emotional strings attached is my Chris Wolstenholme sig Status. My mum gave me some birthday money shortly before she died and this part funded the bass. I think I’d really struggle to part with it now even if I didn’t like it.
  5. It was mate, a CIJ reissue from about 2002. It was a really nice bass but I found I was using my Mikey Way Mustang more than this one so I eventually let it go. Still tend to use the Mikey Way most but that's more because it feels like a pair of comfy slippers on a gig...oh and the large flake silver glitter finish lol.
  6. Another thumbs up for the JMJ. I've had a few Mustangs, Squier and CIJ and the JMJ has been the best of the bunch. The pickup is excellent and has a great variation in tone. As ezbass says, the relic job isn't to all tastes but it's executed fairly well (it's nicer than the Limelight Jazz I used to own) and it does make the bass feel more playable (the finish on the neck is very comfy).
  7. It is, finally managed to get another Status after letting my Streamline go some years back.
  8. Can’t beat white LEDs.....sorry not a MM.
  9. Thread tidied, can we avoid political comments please, it never ends well.
  10. I went for an audition with a Mod/Jam tribby band at short notice armed with a Status Streamline. Nailed the songs but didn't get the gig for unspecified 'don't think you're the best fit'. I think they expected me to turn up dressed like Foxton armed with a Rick. Irked a bit but I think it worked out for the best....
  11. Well respected these but they rarely come up at decent prices. Enjoy.
  12. That olly White one I bought off you was awesome, one of the few basses I regret selling.
  13. After spending £1000s and £1000s over the last 4 decades, I’m back to doing most of my gigs with a cheap Squier Mustang. It’s like a pair of comfy slippers.
  14. We’ve had 2 gigs cancelled in the last 3 weeks because of local spikes in Covid-19. We seem to be having a cancellation rate of about 50%. Hope you got lucky 😊
  15. Truly sad, one of the good guys. Whenever I look at the little Union Jack stickers on the back of my MarkBass cabs I’ll think of him.
  16. The pandemic is the gift that just keeps on giving. Should have been playing one of our favourite little pubs in a small village near Howden but a local spike in cases and one of the regulars coming down with it meant the gig was off. A small bikers rally next week just outside Selby.....here’s hoping 🤞
  17. It rarely gets the chance to shine mate so every opportunity......
  18. martthebass


    I think because the neck is a bit thicker overall and a wider profile it’s heavier. Mine likes to ‘hang’ horizontally. The Mikey Way hangs better for me....but doesn’t sound as good 😉 I thought the Ric was heavier, that was a surprise.
  19. martthebass


    I’ve had a few mustangs, they’ve all been around this weight. To be honest if it was much lighter I think it would be going into neck dive.
  20. martthebass


    Just doing a bit of bass fettling so decided to do a weigh in session....I certainly didn’t like my weight..... In ascending order. Dano Longhorn - 5.75lb JMJ Mustang- 8lb Mikey Way Mustang - 8.25lb Status CW Sig - 8.75lb Ric 4003 - 9lb EBMM Sterling 4H - 9lb
  21. An eclectic bunch but all 4 string fretted. Shorties on the bottom, JMJ Mustang, Dano Longhorn and Mickey Way Mustang. Longies on the top, Status CW Sig, 2010 Ric 4003 and 2013 EBMM Sterling 4H.
  22. The neck on that Neptune blue - awesome.
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