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  1. Thanks K, could you pm me some details/pics. Not sure how the knobs come of the current pots so can't give any info on the pot shaft. Not a grub screw or a 'push-pull' fit as far as I can make out. I'll have to get into the guts to check.
  2. After recently nearly selling my Dano Longhorn (Covid did me a favour as I wouldn't post.....) I have grown to appreciate it's abilities and some of it's idiosyncrasies. One foible that still bugs however is the stacked vol/tone controls. There is no way, to me, to alter the settings with one hand as the tone always follows the volume as you adjust and vice versa. This makes life on stage a little interesting at times. Can anyone recommend an alternative set up, less plasticky and more functional. Cheers, Mart
  3. If it's like my JMJ Mustang (which I believe it is other than the relicing and the Pau Ferro) it likes to hang horizontally so not nasty neck dive as such. To be fair most Mustangs I've tried/owned whether CIJ, MIM or MII have been like this, the only one I've had which has no neck dive whatsoever is a 2012 Mikey way sig Mustang which has a heavier Basswood body.
  4. Sorry to hear that Pete. It's certainly started to have an affect on my mental health, not just the furlough periods but just not seeing mates. Haven't seen my band mates since our last gig at the beginning of March which feels weird as we normally played pretty much every week. You stay strong mate.
  5. My daughter had to cancel her wedding booked for the beginning of June. The rescheduled date in august is also staring to look dodgy now....
  6. Don’t forget I know where you live @Deedee lol
  7. Had a Streamline in the past which I traded, I don't regret the trade but still miss the little un. With what I'm looking at coming in at £2-3K though, even with the 'one in, one out' policy, until the gigs are reset, it's an expense I can't justify sadly.
  8. 6 months in and still gear sober. This is a record (since joining Bassworld.....). So far I've managed to avoid the pull of a Status commission until the gigging outlook improves.
  9. I think all US G&Ls have that (mine did), part of the production process. It is filled.
  10. This. I wasn't aware of this situation either, I have sympathy with the OP in this case as it wasn't obvious.
  11. I'm seriously thinking of consolidating a couple of my basses into a nice headless Status but I'm waiting to see what the gigging future looks like post lockdown first.....
  12. After this latest guidance we've written off the remainder of the gigs in our calendar up to the end of the year which means about 30 gigs cancelled since the start of lockdown. We have a few that have been moved into next year but I could see a good 30-50% of our venues not reopening or changing their plans with respect to live music going forward.
  13. Ironically we hadn't taken a NYE booking before the poo hit, could be the first time I have to watch Jools Holland in many a year..... XMas eve may still be on though.
  14. Ditto, got about 20 gigs booked before then and now but don't really expect any to go ahead with the possible exception of a big bikers rally in September.
  15. They sure don’t bother with book matching on the solids do they 😂. I guess mine would look pretty much the same under the paint. It’ll look great in Niagara Blue.
  16. Wish I had room for one....unfortunately carry it all out, carry it all in for me. I so love polar aligning......not.
  17. Glad to see that there's still Sterling love on here. I came back into the fold last year after 10 years or so without one. Ironically took it in trade for a Caprice which I really didn't get on with. Had the neck refinished in vintage gloss on mine which transformed it for me.
  18. This is just awesome. I just wish I didn't have all my cash tied up in basses. Saw it come up the last time and it made me weep then.
  19. I wish I hadn't seen this thread, got me thinking about a Bravewood Jazz. I don't need one, I don't need one, I don't need one........
  20. Great price for one of these. They’re pretty close to the EBMM version for a lot less moolah
  21. I've had a Limelight and a roadworn Mex Jazz (red). I've currently got one of the relic JMJ mustangs and have to say that it's the most convincing roadworn I've had.
  22. Love my JMJ....would love one in that fire mist gold though!
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