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  1. 3 shorties and 3 long scales (counting a 33” Rick as a longy) in my armoury. The 3 shorties sound different to each other as do the long scale. I tend to find the shorties do help speed and ease of playing but the long scale are better when I want to dig in. Element of string tension, neck width and finger style playing comes into the equation I guess. My first bass was a 30” but then didn’t play another for over 30 years....glad I got the opportunity to get familiar again.
  2. The only gig left in the diary this year now cancelled due to tier 3....☹️
  3. Need to see this one out and about Dan!
  4. Thanks Dave. No I think I’ve done about 150 with the Mikey Way Mustang, it’s baring up well for a budget model!
  5. Well, first gig in 7 months went without a hitch. Good social distancing and well organised. Amazingly we were on good form despite only meeting up 3 times since March, though I felt I was on autopilot on occasion. It blew out the cobwebs though and made us all feel a lot better. No dancing but an appreciative seated crowd. Next gig at the end of the month on a similar 9:30 finish WMC basis - assuming they don’t lock us down.....
  6. Great price that K, if I thought that I could sneak it in the house without swimbo clocking it i'd be on it like very hungry person (edited for political correctness) on a sandwich.
  7. I love em Dave, I used to use a Status Streamline when I was in an 80s band and loved the compactness and ease of using on a small stage. It clearly didn’t fit in with the glam look so I tried a few short scales. The MW was chosen for the looks but I’ve found it a great gigging bass despite its humble origins, in fact I prefer it to the much more expensive JMJ as it balances better. I occasionally take Dano Longhorn as backup instead of the JMJ but that one is much more sensitive to lighting/electrical interference you get in some clubs.
  8. Just the JMJ and MW Mustangs left from this group Dave, the Trevor Bolderesque red one was sold to support purchase of the JMJ. Of the 2 left, the JMJ has the more authentic tone but the MW is glittery and after nearly 150 gigs with Glam Fever just feels right.
  9. The bridge never looks right to me also. For some reason Ray copies always seem to look 'cheap' to me whereas that's not always the case for Fender clones.
  10. Do my best mate, just checking all the wigs and glam gear hasn't been attacked by moths! Had the first rehearsal in months last night, interesting, lol. Took me 20 minutes to get used to my shorty Mustangs after 7 months of playing my EBMMs.
  11. First gig in our 70s Glam Rock band this weekend Dave (BoJo permitting), not sure how it will work for this genre in a socially distanced/no dancing setting?
  12. Well, after a 7 month hiatus and 3 false starts it looks like the band's first gig will be this coming Saturday. Local WMC, socially distanced and all done for 10pm. It will be odd playing to a sit down crowd but anything is appreciated after this length of time.
  13. Ironically I do get involved in number 2 on your list (not number twos...other than when required).
  14. Hmmm, not really thought about this before, certainly not the sustain bit. I can see why we would expect the laminate (if the laminate is perpendicular to the length) would help stability though. The only laminated neck I have is on a Rick and it has only needed one tweak of the rods in 8 years whereas my Fenders and one of my 2 Musicman basses get fettled at least yearly (one of the MMs has a roasted neck and that seems more stable than the other one). Interested in @Rikki_Sixxcomment on his Dano....my Longhorn with a very skinny neck, though only owned for a couple of years has ultra low action and not needed resetting yet - no idea what the construction is under the paint though.
  15. Very nice. Don't think I'll be finding $2600 any time soon however
  16. I use this for my 2. https://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/Gator-GC-ELEC-XL-Deluxe-Moulded-Case-For-Electric-Guitars-Extra-Long/CU0 It’s a tight squeeze but it fits just fine.
  17. Ray special, I’d definitely keep the Sterling though, love the sound and the neck.
  18. I think it’s only the Ray specials that are lightweight? Not sure how lightweight they are now with the swamp ash shortage? I’m definitely on the lookout for an early, light, charcoal sparkle special 4H
  19. I can understand that, I like the lack of taper on my 4003, just wish it wasn’t so chunky at the headstock end....that’s where the Sterling excels
  20. The body might be smaller and more ergonomic but making the bridge out of Osmium probably wasn't the best idea...
  21. Lovely bass at a great price. Far less popular than they deserve to be, prefer mine to my Stingray in playability and in sound when it needs to be aggressive.
  22. I think some of the Poplar solid colours often hit the higher figure. My Ash PDN Ray is closer to 10 than 9.5.
  23. Looks genuine to me, as said above, it looks like you got lucky and got a light one. All but one of the Stingrays I've had have been above 9lb bar an early 2000s Fretless I once had, (like yours in a trans finish) which was about 8.5lbs. I'd hang on to that one if I were you.
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