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  1. Ouch, sorry to hear that mate. Checked the damage on my pension the other day (I was looking at finishing next year) and it wasn't pretty. Hope it pans out for the best.
  2. Absolutely amazed this is still here. If I thought I could sneak this in past the boss it would be a no brainer. GLWTS.
  3. It was Stub that I asked advice on in the first instance. Still made some pink torpedo ups that cost me slightly but seem to be getting there now.
  4. It’s only a little un, sort of the Fender Mustang of the telescope world
  5. During my last 4 weeks of furlough I’ve been painting, decorating and trying to put my Astro Imaging rig together.....
  6. Think I'm coming the conclusion that this is the very worst time to sell/trade a bass so....one last bump and then I come to my senses.
  7. A lovely Status, I will own one again, someday. GLWTS
  8. Polite notice; trade offers to be made by pm only.
  9. Same happened to me, also the A string at a jam night. I think they set up with very little in the saddle at the factory. I dropped a note to the kind gents at Fender UK and they sent me a relicced one gratis. Yes it was Tim!
  10. Saw them in Worksop Town theatre of all places when this single was in the charts. They were pretty good, bass player was pretty accomplished as I recall.
  11. Here we have a superb example of a Stingray PDN special edition (2017/18) 4H. This was obtained off BC in a trade and was originally intended for use in my Glam Rock tribute band due to it’s erm....subdued paintwork. Alas it hasn’t been used in this function as I tend to find my Mustangs more suitable for this job (and the Mikey Way sig is glitter tastic also) and for ‘long scale’ use I tend to favour my Sterling as I prefer the neck profile. The camera struggles to capture how awesome the pearlescent large flake paintwork is; this is in excellent condition and has just one tiny 2mm blip which was there when I obtained it. This looks to have been a small paint defect rather than a ding but I can’t be certain. The neck is roasted Birdseye maple with a gorgeous dark ebony board with stainless steel frets. I love the stainless frets so much I had these installed on my Sterling when I had the neck refinished. I know it’s difficult in these pandemic times but I would prefer a collection or close-ish meet up. I am amenable to trades or part trade but only of the 4 string fretted variety. However I am picky but the worst I can say is a polite no thank you.
  12. Like others have said, I'm surprised that the rig sounds dull, especially with a Stingray. That said, I used to use an MB 151HR with an LM3 and generally found the 15" too bassy for my liking, it was also very unforgiving in relation to positioning against a back wall. I ended up moving to 2 separate MB 12" cabs (NY121) and with both the LM3 or the Little Marcus MB 500W it sounds plenty alive to me (and that is with VPF/VLE at zero and the horrible piezo units in both cabs turned off).
  13. Will it be any good for metal? Asking for a friend.......
  14. I had a Caprice about this time last year and, ironically traded it for a Sterling. I can't argue that it was a well made bass and had a lovely passive sound, for me however I found the output a little on the light side which I didn't expect and it lacked the punch I normally associate with a EBMM. The weight was around 8lbs but the larger headstock meant it had neck dive which gives me a problem with my shoulder (rotator cuff issue) so all in all it had to go. I still have the Sterling.......and let my passive bass needs make do with my Mustangs.
  15. Also still in, not a single piece of gear bought or sold as yet. Not even needed to replenish any consumables as we only hit 10 gigs before the lockdown.
  16. I was just going to say that would go down great for use in my Glam Rock band......currently use a Mikey Way Mustang has it has a similar finish, and a Midnight Blue Ric which erm...doesn't
  17. Mr Karn.......cooler than a polar bear’s whatsits. That weird sideways shuffling dance, I just had to play bass.
  18. As with Paul S, just about getting used to the quarantine routine. Keeping to a 'roughly' 8-4 work pattern, dog walk, etc. Closing down the council dumps along with terminating the (paid for) garden waste bins hasn't helped the gardening effort, though my 2 daughter's huskies (temporarily residing with us due to flood damage) mean that gardening is pretty pointless. The main casualty has been the close down of the gig diary, weekends are now pretty weird due to that. Fortunately I had been working on putting an astrophotography rig together, while it isn't fully complete I feel the need to try and do something with it over the coming days...
  19. Your 'Glam Cousins' south of the border are looking at it the same way mate, we hadn't booked as far forward as we usually do this year as we were trying to balance pubs, clubs and festivals but we still had about 25 or so booked in. Hopefully when this is all over the venues will reopen..... Sad to hear that Alan Merril succumbed to this awful disease over the weekend.
  20. I've put all gear purchases on hold. If I'm not gigging then I don't need anything. Also, keeping cash in the bank as it may be needed...... However, once the worst of this is over then I see a splurge may occur.
  21. In theory I'm working from home, in practice I'm: 1. Still going into work as the operation will run into severe problems if I don't so until operation ceases......(I am observing social distancing though) 2. Working from home when possible but with the wife and one daughter now also home working (and a cocker spaniel constantly pestering for ball throwage....) I'm concerned I may turn into a homicidal maniac.
  22. We've just killed the full programme through to the end of April, which on top of cancellations means we won't be playing again until 2nd week in May. Somewhat gutted but as one band member has a partner who is at risk the decision was absolutely necessary. Fortunately I'm not dependent on the [meagre] income but I have every sympathy with those far more affected than myself. Unfortunately the day job is looking in jeopardy in the same way as it must be for half the population.......... That aside, on the positive, I'll be spending the next 6 weeks putting together my astrophotography rig and hoping for some clear skies....and chain watching Netflix, Amazon Prime.
  23. Just been told I'm 'homeworking' from today so if you need a sideman lol. You keep safe buddy.
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