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  1. SOLD : Sadowsky NYC Will Lee 5 Custom Shoreline Gold USA

    uh oh... I need to go and change my pants.....
  2. You could try Jon Shuker in Derbyshire... he's does midi pickup installs regularly, and you wont get better workmanship
  3. Partially refinishing.

    Given what it is, I'd stick a few quid on the original colour coat being polyester, in which case you may well be able to sand off the new clear coat and get the flowers off without going through it, because poly coats are usually pretty thick and bomb proof. The advantage of poly is that it's really stable once fully cured so getting another clear coat over is shouldn't be a problem, but you've nailed the issue of the demarcation between the body and the neck.
  4. Headstock re-finish

    don't use wire wool... it'll leave a ripply finish. To get a dead flat glossy finish use high grit wet and dry with a sanding block not a sponge so that you do actually flat it (I use 2000 grit with a 40mm square of corian worktop), then you can move in to car polish (AutoGlym Super Resin is good) and then if you really want a mirror shine Meguires Swirl remover. If you've sprayed it from a rattle can, leave it at least two weeks before you tray to sand it. 1K evaporative finishes skin off quite quickly, but take ages to go hard enough to sand and will drag if not really hard through.
  5. Polishing a Brass Nut

    +1 on Brasso, but remove the nut or mask the fretboard and headstock off
  6. 2016/2017 build season fretless/fretted 5

    [quote name='scojack' timestamp='1501493312' post='3344943'] Needed a slightly bigger control cavity cover so thought i'd share how i make a set of templates. First i make a new cover plate in mdf, i will then copy this with a flush trimming bit which gives me a better Master Template with nice square sides. I now need to make a routing template for the new cover. So roughly hack out a hole in some mdf that is 4/5 mm bigger than the cover template, I then add a few layers of sellotape to the cover plate template edges. This will help to make our routing template [i]slightly[/i] bigger than the cover plate. I don't want it too tight. Cover [u]this[/u] tape with silicone or vaseline to stop any resin sticking to it. I have also sealed the bottom what will be the 'mold' with sellotape.... Flip this over and sit the Cover template inside. This now gives a seal around the whole assembly. Nip to Halfords...get yourself some fibre glass resin (and hardener) £5.00 a pop for a small bottle. Mix it and pour it in the gap between the mold and the cover plate template... Note I have made a few little 'wells' in the mdf to help pour the resin, this also helps to key the resin to the mdf when it's set. Nip out for a brew...it will be hardened by the time you get back. Take the sellotape off the back and pop the Cover plate template out, remove the sellotape from the edges... Et Voila ...... a new control cover plate template AND a routing template for it PS You can use the same technique to make pickup routing templates AND neck pocket templates..... Hope this is some help to someone, i find it makes a far better job that trying to fit covers by hand ! IanM [/quote] Nice - I shall be stealing this one
  7. Busted a screw

    +1 for the heating method, but I've never had huge success with it. I've handled broken screws on a number of occasions and if there's a stump left I use a small pair of 'mole' grips. Clamp them tightly on the stump of the screw (it's fine to deform it a bit but not too much) and then you can just unwind the screw. Lay the bass down on it's front, secure it and turn the grip with both hands otherwise you'll twist it and pull it off the stump. When you've got a wholeish wind out, release the grip and reclamp on the new length of stub and then you should be able to wind all the way out. If the screw has broken off flush with the wood then drilling it out is really your only option, but it's tricky.
  8. Best Bass Gear.. in the US, but.... [url="http://www.bestbassgear.com/noble-eq-pot-50k-eq.htm"]http://www.bestbassgear.com/noble-eq-pot-50k-eq.htm[/url]
  9. Stripping a poly finish and refinishing

    I'd concur on the refin cost. Sub £200 and you're on a winner, but make sure it's colour coats, clear coats, flat and polish... esp over black
  10. Sparkle guitar refinishing Manchester

    Depends on your definition of close to Manchester, but you could try Jon Shuker... he has some indicative prices on his website I believe [url="http://www.shukerguitars.co.uk"]www.shukerguitars.co.uk [/url]
  11. Saddle screw hex key size

    yup it'll be imperial, almost certainly 1/16. That's the standard Fender size
  12. [quote name='deepbass5' timestamp='1488910297' post='3252883'] Nice to see so many European manufacturers attending this year Can we get the Rheingold Boys to do a spot next time https://youtu.be/1o6XKBSjgwI https://youtu.be/VawvBE8zaD4 [/quote] Yeah I stood next to them for two days and while I'm not totally sold on their thing, I have to admit that they were damn fine players. Had a long chat to Mischa and Christopher and they were really great guys.
  13. [quote name='Merton' timestamp='1488802266' post='3251831'] Hey Pete, it was a pleasure to meet you on a Saturday, thanks for taking the time to talk [/quote] [quote name='charic' timestamp='1488803115' post='3251841'] Great to meet you too, that turquoise bass was ridiculously playable. I'd never considered having a ramp because I have quite a heavy handed playing style but I'm pretty sure I'm going down that route now! Ped has the selfie so I'm sure it'll be up soon [/quote] Likewise guys... Its always good to shoot the breeze with like minded bass nuts...
  14. [quote name='EBS_freak' timestamp='1488818362' post='3252036'] Can anybody confirm whether [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]David Ellefson was wearing a wristwatch or not?[/font][/color] [/quote] I have some closeups of him talking to Dood and Jon Shuker, but can't see for all the leather..........
  15. Hey guys and girls, I was the guy on the Shuker stand helping Jon out. Thanks a million to all of you that came to have a chat and have a play of the basses - although a combination of the guys on Rhinegold stand and some slightly unbalanced decisions by the noise police made trying things out a bit difficult, despite the loan of a brilliant little Barefaced cab (I now know what I'm buying next!). The turquoise bass must have been the most photographed bass in the show and even caught the attention of a certain Mr Ellefson who came over to have a look - thanks to Dood! I'm sure you'll all be delighted to know that it's found a great new home in Plymouth! Ped, Charic - where's the Basschat selfie??