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  1. I used a TRB5 for years as my main instrument and I’m pretty certain that the tuners are rebranded Gotoh’s. I know that doesn’t help much on the search for an OEM part but it might give a workable alternative if you can cope with the button saying Gotoh and not Yamaha...
  2. Admittedly I don't have much direct experience of these basses, although I have played an Xotic, but on the more general topic of are Japanese basses good, my belief is that they are among the best and often beat similarly mass produced instruments from 'you know who' in the USA for quality and consistency. I used Yamaha basses for years (mostly a TRB5) and they were absolutely rock solid. I only moved from Yamaha when I discovered Jon Shuker.
  3. I've worked on a couple of Blades - very underrated instruments. I'm just slightly confused by the headstock on yours because Levinson's headstock it different to that - might just be a variant that I've not come across though. Adjusting a neck pocket is fairly straightforward with the right skills and tools.. the scratch plate would probably need to be done too (if there is one).
  4. Yeah - spot on. Probably better than the originals
  5. Phew! Glad the suggestion wasn't a dud!
  6. not sure what the originals were but it looks like Schaller M6-90 or Gotoh SG360 would fit.
  7. if it's a 'commercial' finish on a mass produced instrument then it's almost certainly poly which means it'll be quite thick, in which case a strip down, flat with wet and dry to 2000 and buff on a wheel would probably get it looking like new, either that or a drop fill and flat/buff. A local guitar tech/luthier would be your best best. There might be someone on the recommended luthiers list here....
  8. Cheers Nigel... and replied. Bridge now sold pending the usual.
  9. Almost certainly a metric thread, somewhere between M2 and M3, and 12mm in length by the look of it, but I'd contact Mayones to be sure. This might be your source
  10. Hi All... I've accumulated a few parts that I'm not going to use for my builds, so I thought it would be better for them to go to a home that would appreciate them... as they say on Flog It! All are brand new, never used and in mint condition. All prices include UK postage... for further afield please PM me. 1) A four in line set of Gotoh GB350 Res-o-Lite tuners in cosmo black (that's the black chrome finish not the black painted). Brand new seems to be around the 100 quid mark. Yours for £65 2) BBOT four string bridge with screws (not shown). Heavier that the really nasty ones, and the base has been machined flat, but BBOT none the less. £6 (probably what the postage will cost!) 3) A four in line set of Wilkinson open gear tuners in chrome. Basically a Hipshot rip off. Not as light as the Hipshots, but they are nicely made, the gears work smoothly and don't rattle.. Akin to the Hipshot Licensed I'd say. Two spare screw in bushes. Great value at £20 4) A pair of Wilkinson WBJ Alnico V Jazz pickups. 4 String. Screws and springs included (I think I have black or chrome screws as an option but I need to check). I have no idea what these sound like since I've never fitted them to anything, but they seem to get good reviews which is why I bought them, and they are the better Alnico ones. £40 on Ebay et al... £25 to you sir... Payment by bank transfer if you trust me (which you absolutely can), or PayPal is fine. 100% refund on return guarantee if you find anything wrong or I've misrepresented anything. Any questions, please ask.. I know you will! Cheers P
  11. You could try Jon Shuker in Derbyshire... he's does midi pickup installs regularly, and you wont get better workmanship
  12. Given what it is, I'd stick a few quid on the original colour coat being polyester, in which case you may well be able to sand off the new clear coat and get the flowers off without going through it, because poly coats are usually pretty thick and bomb proof. The advantage of poly is that it's really stable once fully cured so getting another clear coat over is shouldn't be a problem, but you've nailed the issue of the demarcation between the body and the neck.
  13. don't use wire wool... it'll leave a ripply finish. To get a dead flat glossy finish use high grit wet and dry with a sanding block not a sponge so that you do actually flat it (I use 2000 grit with a 40mm square of corian worktop), then you can move in to car polish (AutoGlym Super Resin is good) and then if you really want a mirror shine Meguires Swirl remover. If you've sprayed it from a rattle can, leave it at least two weeks before you tray to sand it. 1K evaporative finishes skin off quite quickly, but take ages to go hard enough to sand and will drag if not really hard through.
  14. +1 on Brasso, but remove the nut or mask the fretboard and headstock off
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