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  1. I know this side of the coin too, so feel your pain.
  2. Hi dmc79, I'm not going to quote you're post because it's quite long but I think we are all in the same school of thought. We've an issue in our Church now on finding people to do the sound... We've put the word out but so far only one person volunteered, which is great but also frustrating. A handful of us kept worship going over a majority of the pandemic period. It takes dedication and discipline... It very easy to not be present when things go online, I still think a lot of people are in this habit right now. I know people work hard during the week and have famalies etc... But we can't leave it all to a handful of people otherwise they become burnt out and possibly become resentful... Which is not a good situation. We are all called to serve our church communities with out gifts and talents.. whether that is music, childcare or making tea... We are all part of the body of Christ.
  3. What I am hearing here is that there is a general lack of professionalism when it comes to worship music, no real practice sessions, late for practice, leaving early from practice etc. I guess I can agree there is certainly a lack of discipline, but maybe I am or we are more disciplined than other people in general, although I used to think the opposite. There have been many times when I have gone in Church early to switch on the PA, set up mic's etc put my instrument out and then do the sound check and then play. I wont do this anymore though... it's too much even in a small church and I ended up doing both jobs... average at best, which is not how I like to work and doesn't feel right to me. We are serving God and I want to serve without compromise. Being a novice, just learning the songs is plenty enough work. However it was what was needed at the time and I learned a fair bit along the way, we now have a new sound guy who doesn't play an instrument, when he is away I stick to doing sound only, that is woking out quite fine for us.
  4. That's sounds pretty bad, unless it was said as a joke... but man..... that's one bad joke!
  5. I think playing in Church can be a great training ground, beginners get to learn what it's like to play with others keep time with drummer and all those other additional dynamics that are hard to replicate at home. It can be a great enviroment as there is no commercial pressure etc, and if there are a couple of decent proper musicians as is my situation, you can learn a ton from them
  6. Sounds like you not a frequent Church goer? ..... Also in most cases it means the pastor would have less than 48 hours to prepare his sermon/teaching 😆
  7. Some of them I like, but yea I agree they are pretty flipping boring for bass players, almost all of them are just root notes... with the odd passing note to get you the next root. Great for begineers, but even I have have started to grown tired of them. Of course one can always add their own flavour to things from time to time
  8. I agree that in may case it's frustrating due to my lack of ability right now.... i'm still learning so find it hard to adapt on the fly... something that only comes with practice.
  9. I found that when we practice, someone decides that we will repeat the chorus x2 or whatever in a certain part. So I make notes on my chord chart and then in the actual service... they change their mind and go straight to the next verse... 😆
  10. Ive heard, that Bergantino amps are super clean.
  11. These would be great for home practice when my mother in law is visiting... 👌 On a serious note... I wish I was in the UK 😢 GLWTS
  12. What wattage head would you need to drive these cabs?
  13. I have this amp, as my only bass amp. It's a great unit, I have a friend who has been playing bass for 20+ years and he was impressed with it. GLWTS
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