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  1. Sealed pots in they are available, like this the are protected from dust and debris. I have had some success with WD40 contact cleaner on my Telecaster pots, in the end i replaced then anyway when I did the treble bleed mod.
  2. Cheers for the link, I have heard that one has to be wary when offered free shipping because customs will often charge you a fixed rate of duty on free shipping in addition to the duties you will have to pay, this increases the price of the instrument by around 30%. 😪
  3. Lovely Pbass, what year would this be from, I have spotted at a black one within 2hrs of my place, just trying to find a bit more about them. Cheers Dom
  4. Shame you don't have the mint green pickguard still... If I understand correctly these basses are nitro painted? What's the neck profile like on a 63 p bass.. were some somewhat baseball bat like?
  5. I have the 4 string version in this colour, it's my first bass... Comfortable to play... I wish they did 30" scale version too. GLWS
  6. Yea I also looked at the dark glass and the GK Plex, but they are twice the price of the others I mentioned and more expensive than my my bass.. my first, Yamaha TBRBX 304. Pay ya money take your choice, and get what you pay for to some extent... As with most things in life.
  7. I'm also facing the same choices... Been looking at the EHX Battalion, the Palmer pocket amp as well. I was attracted to the spectra drive because it has compression built in and of course there is the toneprint technology. So many these devices include overdrive but very few include compression, which I personally would have thought was more useful... Who doesn't need a bit of compression in their playing!?
  8. If I thought I could do this instrument justice I'd be down the petrol station buying flowers for the Mrs as this very moment
  9. looks a lovely bass the Aria.. I couldnt find any info about it anywhere though. Love the colour of this HB kit build, I plan to do one myself soon, just have a lot of other competing priorities at the moment.
  10. Andertons have one for sale in their second-hand section at the moment.... I love the look of it but I'm not ready to play a 5 string and I wasn't sure whether this was a fair price or not. https://www.andertons.co.uk/second-hand-bass-guitars/second-hand-aria-pro-ii-magna-series-5-string-bass
  11. Check out the Focus Rite range, not strictly a DI, but will allow you to connect a instrument or XLR connected device to your PC
  12. A like just for first couple of bars of jailbreak by thin Lizzy. GLWS
  13. Great Bass, I have the TRBX 304.. my first bass. Great value for the money and this is even more so! GLWS
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