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  1. A lovely bass at a great price- somebody buy it quick. I've had one from new and endorse them fully, (not officially!) glwts, joe
  2. What a gorgeous bass! Though a Warwick fan I'm not a five string player, good luck with the sale, joe
  3. I've had two paid outdoor events which were really enjoyable especially as we didn't rehearse.I always think of the fee as 'driving money', the playing is fun but I hate the driving! The event manager loved them and we were asked back as soon as we were available. Now these gigs were pure entertainment and an adjunct to my life as a recording musician playing original material. That life continues in the studio only and I'm not anticipating any gigs this year. The world of 'original music' has been particularly tough the last few years both in the UK and USA so I'm glad for any work I can get, all the best, joe
  4. This is a bargain for some lucky Warwick lover. I've had one of these and it was a terrific bass. GLWTS, joe
  5. I'm a Warwick fan and this looks like a fabulous example of an NT Thumb! Sadly I can't afford another but GLWTS, joe
  6. I am tempted but I really can't afford another bass. This really is a beauty though! GLWTS, joe
  7. A lovely example of Retro Gretsch there! I can't justify another bass but GLWTS, joe
  8. I had one of these and it was fascinating! It drew attention too though I don't need (can't afford!) another bass, GLWTS, joe
  9. Lovely! Too many strings for me but what innovation in this Dingwall, glwts, joe
  10. Lovely! I had one just like this in the 1980's which got stolen. Though tempted I can't afford another bass. GLWTS, joe
  11. A lovely G&L! They knew what they were doing when they designed this one. For now my bass needs are met but, GLWTS, joe
  12. I just want to say that this looks like a beauty! My fretless needs are met but I was tempted, GLWTS, joe
  13. Hello dms Sorry but I'm a bassist too and can't offer anything much. I just want to say how impressive your post is and were I looking for Bass or Stick (rare!) player I'd want to get in touch. These are tough times for musicians but this too will change, best wishes, joe
  14. This is a great bass at a great price! I've had one for years and highly recommend this one, good luck with this sale, joe
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