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  1. I've got a gorgeous 70's BC Rich Eagle bass( fretless)... always desired one since a kid. Had it up for sale here a while back...then withdrew it. Actually sold it on Reverb last week and got the money. Had a little play on it before packing it off to Spain... just couldn't do it...its just bloody nice. Refunded the money yesterday and kept the bass...I feel so happy! ....when you just can't let go..
  2. Wow. I'm really surprised that such a rare and desirable bass didn't even get a single comment. I doubt that there are even 4-5 in the entire country. Strange times.
  3. Fo sale is an extremely rare Greco GOB 1200 bass. It has undergone a very extensive sympathetic restoration. It came to me with all brassware extremely corroded and pitted, masses of buckle rash, lots of crater like dings to the lacquer, broken control knobs, terrible corrosion, shot bridge posts, poor frets, poor control cavity, and gummed up / corroded tuners. The tuners were stripped, cleaned up and lubricated,complete refret, new brass nut, the body has had most of the dings filled, and most of the buckle rash, control cavity has been relined with copper, new knobs, new brass bridge posts, all bridge assembly/ ferrules cleaned and coated and lacquered and coated in tough brass paint. I thought that the hardware was solid brass..but it isn't.. its brass plate..thus hardware cannot be sourced so it was painted and lacqured..it looks really nice now. All pots are original.. one if them is still crackly..and the passive tone doesn't work...a minor job. The bass looks really nice but used...NOT PRISTINE. A rare opportunity to buy this wonderful bass. https://photos.app.goo.gl/L8XidwW6TePqZPQo9 looking for sale to fund a new motorbike. Close offers invited.
  4. Love Burke's bass playing . Love Budgie. Since I was a teenager. So sad..
  5. Hariprasad Chaurasia..Indian bamboo flute supremo early April. ..he was part of one of John McLaughlin's later Shakti line ups.
  6. Just brilliant. I use to listen to this type of fusion back in the late 70's...reminds me very much of some old Lee Ritenour albums I've got. I'd love to buy some these guys music assuming they've recorded something. Just fan.
  7. Such a fantastic bass. A really great array of tones...and so gorgeous to behold. I own a fretless one and very nearly sold it. Tbh I'm glad it didn't sell..I think I would have regretted it. These are special basses...I would reconsider.
  8. Its Burke's birthday today.. Happy birthday to a great bass player, whose bass lines with Budgie were a great inspiration to me when I was starting out. Any other fans here?
  9. Hahaha...that's brilliant.. Love it!! I'm taking the advice of Silverfoxnik..and hanging onto this beauty. Tough luck guys..you had your chance.
  10. Thanks. Posted now in discussion.!!!!!!!!
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