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  1. No ideological objection..I just prefer using my fingers ..I like the tone.
  2. ..I sold my Alembic about a year ago.
  3. Funny enough that would work really well. I was thinking of a way to add something to the body ..something that can be removed.
  4. I’m looking for a good solution to a problem I’ve been having regarding my right arm when playing bass. For years I’ve been resting my forearm on the body like almost everyone...but as I’m sure you all know..it creates a bend in the wrist..so after a while the back of the hands hurt. I never really had a problem with this when I played my Alembic, as the body was quite wide..which meant my wrist was a lot straighter..I can get round it by using ‘ sliding thumb technique’..but I like playing ‘ normally’ with thumb anchored. If there were an ergonomically designed bass body with a wide lower bout..that’d work... I was thinking about some cool way of kinda artificially widening the body..so when resting my forearm..my wrist would be straighter..just can’t think of a simple solution..there must be a good hack somewhere?
  5. That’s a beautiful bass..always wondered what those lipstick pickups sounded like.
  6. I had the fret less version. I always liked the Shergold basses of this time. Rose tinted specs.?
  7. Yes that’s right E/A one channel D/G on the other.
  8. Speechless. https://www.ebay.de/itm/santamaria-guitars-E-Bass-Basso-elettrico-butterfly-angebrannt-Handmade-5/173863488211?hash=item287b124ad3:g:FCkAAOSws7FcpxRq
  9. I’ve got one...they’re nice basses.
  10. Nice guy, smooth and sweet deal.
  11. Here is some additional info. The bass weighs 11Ibs. The controls bare vol, passive tone.( large knobs). The 3 smaller knobs are the 3 band preamp.. treble,mid,bass. The 2 micro switches are active on/off and series/parallel for back pick up. I don't have any sound samples but here is a link to the lesser version...it has the same pickups.. the difference us that the GOB 900 is passive, and the micro switches are series/parallel for both pick ups...but gives a good indication of sound. Hope that helps. If you need any further info/pics just ask and I'll do my best. Warm Regards Raj Quote
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