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  1. Does anybody know if there are restrictions in place regarding shipping instruments to Europe?
  2. What a killing looking bass.. Do love the warrior body shape too. They remind me of Aries basses.
  3. Do you have his contact details please?
  4. Yes you're right. I've never seen one for sale here. The ones on ebay are quite tatty, cost more... then add shipping.. and customs. Really well made basses.
  5. Hi, can any of you distinguished gentlemen put me in touch with a ninja black belt in bass electrics...one of my basses has an intermittent fault in the preamp. I'm based in Berkshire. Thanks in advance.
  6. Really Russell? We've done a couple of sweet deals in the past.. ...
  7. My turn to apologize gentlemen...saying " tough titty " was out of order. It all started out with Sellers remorse and my remark was uncalled for.
  8. Bit strong I think..just loved my bass too much to sell..genuine change of heart...and apologized to the guy twice...hardly a weasel.
  9. He was gutted..and angry...threats of negative feedback etc.... Never mind I still got my bass... tough titty mate..
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