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  1. alembic1989

    Stingray 5 prototype.........

    What a stupid price. FFS!
  2. For me it was " Lord of Light" by Hawkwind from the album Do Re Mi... Eternal thanks to Lemmy.
  3. alembic1989

    Ugly Ugly Ugly

    I love it.
  4. alembic1989

    Greco GOB 1200 Renovation Pics.

  5. alembic1989

    Greco GOB 1200 Renovation Pics.

    I agree..a very strong resemblance.
  6. alembic1989

    Refinishing A Bass

    Pics here too........hope you like it. https://photos.app.goo.gl/BHBRR6bd0nm4D4T02
  7. alembic1989

    Refinishing A Bass

    Renovation complete....pics are up in " Bass Guitars" thread.
  8. alembic1989

    Greco GOB 1200 Renovation Pics.

    Bought this in poor condition... All brass pitted and corroded, frets shot, craters, dings ,scratches everywhere....look at it now. https://photos.app.goo.gl/BHBRR6bd0nm4D4T02
  9. alembic1989

    NBD: Atelier Z M265 custom

    That's a lovely looking bass..
  10. alembic1989

    Wiring experts in/ near Berkshire

    Hi, Im trying to recommissioning a very nice and rare Daion Headhunter..similar to a 335. I need someone to have a look and fix the wiring ..does anybody know anyone that could do the job in my area to a good standard? thanks
  11. alembic1989

    Keeping a bass original?

    Oh no!, never thought of that! Game Over 😪
  12. alembic1989

    Keeping a bass original?

    Thanks for the info, and the offer of help...however the trouble is...the parts don't appear to be solid brass..so shot blasting will bring it back to the base metal
  13. alembic1989

    Keeping a bass original?

    Haha..yes I guess I am a proper lucky sod...but to be fair..I've been looking and gassing for one for ages. Even luckier was that the seller was less than 20 miles away from me!....Result. Im really looking forward to completing the work, and shall of course post some pics when it's completed.
  14. alembic1989

    1962 Fender Jazz Bass

    Honour demands that you buy this bass. It's your duty. 😜
  15. alembic1989

    Keeping a bass original?

    I agree. So far the only unusable parts have been the bridge posts, I've managed to source some new brass ones. The nut it came with was non original..a strange affair made from plastic and a brass strip..they were originally solid brass..so I'm fitting another new brass nut...the rest of the brassware is getting a " comb over" as it is very pitted and crap looking.