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  1. Convertible Fretted to Fretless Bass

    Very impressed...sounds like he nailed the design.
  2. NBD...the one that DIDN'T get away!

    Aaah yes I see your point........ssssccchhhhhhh! Keep it quiet......
  3. Anyone here handy with a lathe?

    Many thanks for the offer my friend..but miraculously, I've managed to track down and order the parts from a place in America. thanks again for your generous offer, and general 'great guy' vibe.👍👍
  4. NBD...the one that DIDN'T get away!

    Thanks Lefty...I stumbled across repro guitar parts a couple of days ago, and have placed an order. You're right, they're expensive but they had the bridge posts, knobs, and special truss rod tool I needed.
  5. Just managed to source some very scarce parts for my recently acquired Greco GOB1200...if anyone has a vintage Ibanez, or other Jap exotica check out this great guys website. http://www.reproguitarparts.com/
  6. Anyone here handy with a lathe?

  7. Obeche as a body wood?

    The Shergold range of basses and guitars from the 70's used obeche as the body wood..Shergold marathon bass, and masquerader guitars.
  8. Anyone here handy with a lathe?

    Very little...basically 2 brass posts that are threaded...easy for a machinist.
  9. Just bought a vintage bass, and I need 2 bridge posts made , as the current ones have been bodged around with....looks like something a guy with a lathe could make...anyone no anyone that might help. Each post has 2 different threaded sections. There must be a talented machinist on the firm surely?
  10. NBD...the one that DIDN'T get away!

    I'm looking for an eq knob, as one of them is damaged. The bridge thing is an illusion.. the way the bridge is adjusted from the bridge posts makes the bridge tilt forward.. I thought the same thing when I checked out the pics. I'm also after a pair of bridge posts...any ideas?... I'll check out sources for Ibanez Spares and see if I get lucky. thanks for the info.
  11. NBD...the one that DIDN'T get away!

    You know that lovely feeling when a bass you've been gassing for years shows up, coinciding with having the cash? Just happened to me..I'm over the moon. I've been drooling over this bass for many years..picked it up a few hours ago. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1977-Greco-GOB-1200-Electric-Bass-Guitar/302609356900?hash=item4674ec5864:g:dUcAAOSwdTJaY0Vf It has many dings and chips, but all the controls seem to work. Not sure whether to play it as it is or restore to its former glory. What say you fine gentlemen? PS does anybody know of a source of spares for these basses?
  12. The One That Got Away

    I remember that bass! I ummed and Ahhhhed about that too...never realised it was the only one!
  13. The One That Got Away

    I hope it has the same spec as the originals..including the Piezo. Thanks mate..that's great news!
  14. The One That Got Away

    Wow! Any idea of the prices?
  15. The One That Got Away

    It was listed as " no longer available ".. I was in contact with the seller, who told me it was sold to a chap in Germany..must've sorted it outside ebay I reckon.