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  1. The only Caprice I ever tried was way superior to any Fender I've played (no matter the range, even CS) in both feel AND sound. I was hoping they'd come up with a 5 string version eventually. I've been seeing this coming in TalkBass for months, sad.
  2. The only boutique basses I'd ever own (in the highly fictional case I could afford any) are a Wal MK3 5er and a couple Pedulla 5ers (17.5mm spaced Pentabuzz and MVP5). All else, from Ritters thru' Jerzys to Foderas say nothing to me. So it's a sad day for me, if I can't afford a Pedulla now it'll get further and further in the future. Even tho' I can see why Mike's so personal about basses carrying his name on them I still think Wal in fact is a perfect example of a craft that's been passed on from founders while retaining the highest quality standards, and demand (and wait times) definitely confirm this. I'm sure Mike Pedulla has mentored many great artisans (even the people in his payroll) who could license some sort of brand extension ("Pedulla Legacy"?) and continue with their work. Also a good way for Pedulla to keep cashing on his (wait for it)... LEGACY 👍
  3. Cheap Warwick Reds, just not the usually seen rough steel version but the NICKEL ones (only available from thomann AFAIK), the lower 4 strings of a .045-.135 set.
  4. I have my Epiphone Viola (30.5" scale) strung BEAD since the day I got it. Works OK both for the picked kind of HC/punk I play with it (with enough thick SansAmp crunch) or the occasional acoustic stuff (hate ABGs, a hollow body does it better, every time), in which I pluck mostly with a soft touch. This clip is picked but way cleaner than I usually go, still can serve as a sample. In the case of the Viola it helps to roll back the neck volume just a tad (so is here) but usually I use both pickups maxed as this gives me a more consistent OD response, vital for punk bass' omnipresence. http://andresdemarco.info/ImaginaEpifonSAMPCMP.mp3
  5. I like Sandbergs, just can't stand the Delano big poles pickups, sounded a mix of dead and scooped I don't really like in every single Sandberg I've tried and also in a Maruszczyk Jake 5a+ I've owned, either switched passive or active. Those Roswell pickups on the latest Harley Benton Sandberg ripoffs sound WAY BETTER to me just from clips I've heard (haven't tried those Roswells myself). I know many love those Delanos. I highly dislike them.
  6. What I have is mostly 5ers. Recently went from overall 10 basses down to just 5. That Schecter CV-5 rendered all my non-Musicman 5ers obsolete, sold them all (except for that "diy or die" red one, originally a thomann P kit my wife gifted me, an ongoing Frankenstein with no resale value, its value is the ongoing DIY adventure, went thru' different stages until its current form, a reverse P+J 5er). Also got rid of a uke-bass, most useless and ridiculous piece of gear I've ever spent my hard earned cash on (closely followed by both ABGs I've owned, SO useless). Looks like "maturity" is sorta' getting me. Haven't departed from my ceramic Stingray 5ers for almost 2 decades, that's what I love to play and sound like, the bar with which I measure all other 5ers. The only other thing I'll eventually needed is a decent "Fender killer" 5er (with a usable low B -unlike Fenders-) on the aggressive side that plays as close to my Rays as possible, for eventual Fender'ish duties, and I found that in the CV-5 (after trying and owning LOTS of attempts, including many real expensive ones). Don't need much else really. Then I have this "intruder" (strung BEAD, punk A/F despite the 30.5" scale)...
  7. It's called identity politics. Means your value and eventual outcome are not dependent on your merit anymore. Also you cannot debate ideas "per se" anymore without your "privileged" nature coming up (one way or another they get you, we all are privileged in comparison to some other being) totally ruining the search for anything remotely close to a truth of any kind. People doing good are automatically labelled perpetrators and people not doing so good are labelled victims, just like that. Hierarchies are only reduced to how high or low your "opressed collective" of choice ranks in victimization. Sad. I know the way I think is not a trend these (collectivist) days. The supression of individuals (and their responsibility) is my idea of totally dehumanizing decadence. Only thing that's "progressing" is the complexity of the labelling, in very authoritarian ways, typical of those not trying not extract a single lesson from objective reality, but forcing (narrowing) reality to fit into their (pretty resentful and binary) script.
  8. I'll contribute one of my most beloved GFR songs to this wonderful thread. Great bass line too.
  9. I do this with all my 4 strings. Nowadays I only have one, an Epiphone Viola which, despite its 30.5" scale length, gets the BEAD treatment anyway. I also have a P-style thomann kit bass I've been modifying thru' time. It used to be a 4 string, also strung BEAD from day zero (either for use anywhere an "acoustic" bass is needed or SansAmped to hell and back for picked punk/HC stuff). This is one of it's final stages as a 4-string (after that video I added an S1 switch, then made it into a 5 string wth a distressed red finish, with the tone control back on -had lost it when I added the J pickup-). If playing 5ers did anything to me that's making me a LOW bass player (I totally let it change me). I too wood rather lose the G string than my low B.
  10. I wish I had grabbed one of these when Thomann had them in the 600€ realm 😞 So much bang for the buck. German Star Basses are several times that money, hard to justify for what in my case would be a "niche" bass (my main thing is a thick crunchy Stingray5 tone, aggressive and in-your-face). This RB Star Bass 5 goes for almost 1000€ nowadays. Such price kills the bang for the buck IMHO, you're paying Korean kinda' money for a Chinese bass (even tho' craft was as good as Indonesian or even Korean made instruments, market-wise it's not the same league). Unfortunately almost non-existent in the 2nd. hand market. As per other more "orthodox" Warwick models IDK really, not a fan of them at all, just love the RB Star Bass.
  11. I much prefer these pickups to the Delano big poles, which I've hated in every single Sandberg I've played (and a Maruszczyk Jake 5a+ I've had -ditched it because of the obfuscated tone those Delanos produce, otherwise a great bass-). These are cool, and I definitely prefer to scoop pickups' tone myself not have them scooped from factory.
  12. It'd be nice to have a "jerk detector" to avoid doing good things for people who don't deserve it. Still, a good deed is a good deed, even done for jerks that aren't worth it. Keep checking pawnshops often, he might need some dough for meth. Hope it happens before the bass is left in decay again.
  13. I know I'm probably derailing your line of thought (and definitely not answering any of your questions), but probably still relevant... If I could afford the kind of money you're about to invest in a fretless bass I'd seriously consider adding 20-30% more budget and go the used Pedulla Buzz route. Best fretless thing I've ever been around. I've extensively played both 4 and 5 strings (Pentabuzz, even had some lessons using one -an instructor's-), they're so above any other fretless bass I've played or owned (only modest Jazzes), and that defintely includes Warwicks and Spectors (never played fretless Mayoneses). The playability (that neck, oh my!), the right mwah, the responsiveness, that allmighty burpy attack, can get as delicate or as ballsy as you need (way more tones than just the trumpet like thing most play for reviews) to accomodate many moods & styles. Overall some of the most inviting basses I've played in my life.
  14. Already saw that in TB, gorgeous. Immense deal.
  15. I think the word you're looking for is... LIFE? IME (on a Maruszczyk Jake 5a+ I had with those pickups) those big pole Delanos sound DEAD, indeed terribly dead if you have the real thing beside to A/B (I own a a couple -ceramic era- Stingray5s). Everytime I plugged in a Ray after that Maruszczyk it felt like someone had lifted a blanket from upon the amp. Funny thing is it also happend with a Harley Benton P-bass kit build, I'd even take that cheapo' P pickup over the Delano big pole P pickups any day. They were the reason I got rid of that Maruszczyk which, otherwise, was a superb instrument (still can't touch my current "Fender killer").
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