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  1. Definitely a better option (as per video samples) than the Fishman Fission which, I've tried twice, and tracks like crap, glitches a lot, definitely worse than the Zooms' bass pitch. Also the distortion in the Fission sucks, the Unibass' distortion sounds a lot better. Still nowhere near what you can achieve with a POG/PitchFork and independent treatment of the "guitar" signal.
  2. Yep, cheapest I could go was 2 Zoom devices. Unfortunately no parallel processing on Zoom devices as of today (even on their latest G6/B6 generation). Still, you can get a B1on/G1on for 35€ used here in Spain (so 2 for 70-80€, previous gen, but sounds better than the B1Xfour -current gen- I've owned, and ditched). Add 15€ for an ABY pedal. And I made the Y/balance box I use when going thru' only 1 amp (box+3 mono jacks+pot) for another 20€. So in the vicinity of some 120€ (100£?) you'd have the cheapest rig for it. The only poor link in the chain is the pitch shifter, all other things can be set to sound real competent. Even tho' the Zooms' bass pitch (this is the one to use, not the guitar version) is certainly no POG or PitchFork, it can even sorta' get some chords that sound passable with a noisy enough tone. Not done with 1 multiFX but with 2 VERY CHEAP ones, probably half or less than any other alternative. Here's the exact post where I describe the whole ghetto thing. On a side note, you shoudn't even worry if the models you get are for guitar or bass if it's any of: B1on/Xon, G1on/Xon, MS-60B/50G/70CDR, G3n/B3n, G1foud/Xfour, B1four/Xfour (2 latest generations). Effects in them can be tweaked with either the Zoom Firmware Editor or Zoom Effect Manager (both unofficial, just Google them, I suggest Zoom Effect Manager 1.1.1, easier and no firmware "deconstruction" needed on the part of the user). You can put any effect from any model into another unit of the same gen. I've got a page where I compile all my Zoom firmware/FX tweaking resources and info and speak about both tools (downloadable there too).
  3. Hi y'all! I've successfully hacked an MS-50G I got. Didn't use the firmware editor this time (had trouble related to the absence of a FLST_SEQ.ZDT file) so I went with the (also unofficial) Zoom Effect Manager, making a list from scratch with effects from any model really. I basically added almost everything from the DYN/FLT/DRV/AMPSIM/BASS DRV/BASS AMPSIM groups, plenty from MOD/SFX, 6 DELAYs and 7 REVERBs. Perfectly fit as a 6 slot MS-60B while still guitar capable. Here's a little clip of a couple 3 slot patches (my "clean" and a dirtier tone) played thru' the 4 bass enabled Zoom multiFX I own nowadays (also own a G3 which can't be hacked, same thing with the B3, that's why I own both). As expected hey sound exactly the same (using the master level at 100 in the B3 and G1Xon produces roughly the same output as the MultiStomps -no master level on them-, G1Xon might be just a tad quiet). Also, was successful in making several patches with 5 bass FX plus ZNR, such as my B3K inspired "DarkRAT" patch, which goes Ba Squeak > BassDrive > BassPEQ > BassPEQ > 160Comp > ZNR. Works like a charm. No DSP overloads with the kind of FX I use. I've read that delays/reverbs are the most DSP demanding FX, don't know any science behind it, but still wonder why Zoom never expanded the slot capability of the MS-60B. Why not let me stack any number of FX up to the DSP limit? It appears to be safe for the device, which will definitely let you know when you're exceeding capacity and will simply omit the offending effect (and any of the models I own will do it even with the slot limit if you put enough reverbs/delays/"twin" effects, not even the 3 slot B3 gets away with some outrageous combinations). Would be much more functional, it's even unfair for us who mostly use undemanding FX and would like to add the additional EQ/exciter/noise reduction and just can't, not because of lack of CPU but because of the silly slot limit. Might stick with Zoom Effect Manager 1.1.1, hadn't used it before, nice app. Sharing an export of the FX selection now installed in my MS-50G for anyone interested (also human readable if you're curious). Will probably install the same selection into my MS-60B, which I'll probably keep as a backup.
  4. 100% right. It doesn't NOWADAYS. The firmware editor just didn't exist back when I got it as a gift in 2015. 😉 Looking forward to swap it for a MS-50G soon indeed (no need for stereo input, also the CDR is more expensive even used 'round here, just need the extra slots).
  5. Exactly my impression. If it had a DI out and could be used as an audio interface (such as the G3) it'd be perfect for me, I'd probably have both a B1Xon and a G1Xon (I only own a G1Xon) and get rid of anything else. I've also been to the newer generation (extensively tested the G3n and even owned a B1Xfour for some months) and they simply don't sound as good (notoriously boxy and noisy in comparison). I got the Four mostly because of the Darkglass models, but the bad tone defeated the purpose (even the SansAmp emulation I base most of my patches on is damm poor in comparison to any previous gen I own -MS-60B, B3, G1Xon-). The other thing people appreciate in the newer generation is the hi pass filter. Both of these matters have a workaround on the older gen. For one there's the ACBS Pre (modelled after a Fishman pre) that has a "depth" parameter, which is indeed a hi-pass filter (even I, a Zoom freak, learned about this just a couple years ago). Also, the Darkglass tone can be faked real close once you take the time to go thru' the various ODs available to find the right kind of grit/grain (in my case thru' the BA Squeak, a blendable RAT emulation). I built this patch with a GUMA-Drive (B3K clone) I built side by side with my G1Xon (on customized firmware with all bass relavant stuff from the B1Xon). I'm using all 5 pedal slots, but the basics of the tone are there even when getting rid of the ZNR (when using my MS-60B, 4 slots max) or also the PEQ (when using my B3, just 3 slots). Still, as always, waiting for Zoom's next gen, of course. Just have experienced the latest (B3n, B1four/Xfour) generation to be a step back in tone (same thing happened many years back, I got a B2.1u and after much trying I kept using my 708II, sounded better).
  6. Sincelerely, for that kinda' money, you can have a bass with more personality tonewise. I find Gravities pretty generic sounding. Had them for MANY years, and liked them, but my tastes shifted with time.
  7. I first owned a Korean Gravity Deluxe 5, then added a Chinese Gravity Deluxe 5 (circa 2005 IIRC). Both were bolt-on (this was some years before they issued the neckthru' version. I preferred the Korean one. Looked and felt better. And also the neck pickup position in the Chinese one was a little recessed (pickups were closer) and I don't liked the tone much. Still a solid bass. Wouldn't pay more than 200$ for one of those used these days. Can't speak about the further (and current?) neck-thru' version, haven't even seen any of those 'round here (Spain).
  8. COOL! What Zoom model does that Z-Bottom come from?
  9. FYI, I have a 5 string Star Bass that already came with a nicely fitting gig bag. But it accidentally ended up in one of my thomann gig bags, to my surprise. A Star Bass fits perfectly inside one of these. I've played some Jack Casadys but can't determine from memory if the body was any bulkier than my Star Bass'. https://www.thomann.de/gb/thomann_gigbag1_ebass.htm
  10. Yep, it did freak me out the first time I set my Jake 5a up. Found this setup video by Adrian himself with a warning about that (8:20 on). Made very sure to let the new owner know when I sold her.
  11. andruca

    Zoom A1 Four?

    You probably can customize the firmware in your A1 Four to have FX from either the B1 Four and G1 Four (bass and electric guitar models). Start here... https://github.com/Barsik-Barbosik/Zoom-Firmware-Editor The A1 Four is not mentioned, but being that the hardware is exactly the same as the B1/G1 Four it should work (just probably wasn't out at the moment the guy developed this app).
  12. Do you have a sample of the octave up/poly mode with bass chords? Not specifically covered in bass demos of the pedal around. Thanx!
  13. I've owned a B1XFour (while owning other previous generation gear). B1on/Xon is better, sounds better/fuller (B1Four sounds boxy in comparison) and less noisy. Equally functional, same 5 simultaneous FX, drums, looper. Widely available used for dirty cheap.
  14. I converted a 4 string cheap kit P into a 5 string PJ (then a fretless). The P pickup was no problem, sounds balanced in all strings. Now the J, well, you couldn't notice with both pickups on, but definitely could when soloing the J. I swapped it for a narrow 5 string J (cheap, from AliExpress) and it works way better.
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