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  1. andruca

    4 string B-E-A-D anyone?

    I do this with all my 4 strings. Nowadays I only have one, an Epiphone Viola which, despite its 30.5" scale length, gets the BEAD treatment anyway. I also have a P-style thomann kit bass I've been modifying thru' time. It used to be a 4 string, also strung BEAD from day zero (either for use anywhere an "acoustic" bass is needed or SansAmped to hell and back for picked punk/HC stuff). This is one of it's final stages as a 4-string (after that video I added an S1 switch, then made it into a 5 string wth a distressed red finish, with the tone control back on -had lost it when I added the J pickup-). If playing 5ers did anything to me that's making me a LOW bass player (I totally let it change me). I too wood rather lose the G string than my low B.
  2. andruca

    Warwick - Rockbass vs the Gerrmans

    I wish I had grabbed one of these when Thomann had them in the 600€ realm 😞 So much bang for the buck. German Star Basses are several times that money, hard to justify for what in my case would be a "niche" bass (my main thing is a thick crunchy Stingray5 tone, aggressive and in-your-face). This RB Star Bass 5 goes for almost 1000€ nowadays. Such price kills the bang for the buck IMHO, you're paying Korean kinda' money for a Chinese bass (even tho' craft was as good as Indonesian or even Korean made instruments, market-wise it's not the same league). Unfortunately almost non-existent in the 2nd. hand market. As per other more "orthodox" Warwick models IDK really, not a fan of them at all, just love the RB Star Bass.
  3. andruca

    Harley Benton enhanced MJ £258, anyone?

    I much prefer these pickups to the Delano big poles, which I've hated in every single Sandberg I've played (and a Maruszczyk Jake 5a+ I've had -ditched it because of the obfuscated tone those Delanos produce, otherwise a great bass-). These are cool, and I definitely prefer to scoop pickups' tone myself not have them scooped from factory.
  4. andruca

    NBD - Got myself a deal on a G&L...

    It'd be nice to have a "jerk detector" to avoid doing good things for people who don't deserve it. Still, a good deed is a good deed, even done for jerks that aren't worth it. Keep checking pawnshops often, he might need some dough for meth. Hope it happens before the bass is left in decay again.
  5. andruca

    Fretless: Warwick, Spector, Mayones... ??

    I know I'm probably derailing your line of thought (and definitely not answering any of your questions), but probably still relevant... If I could afford the kind of money you're about to invest in a fretless bass I'd seriously consider adding 20-30% more budget and go the used Pedulla Buzz route. Best fretless thing I've ever been around. I've extensively played both 4 and 5 strings (Pentabuzz, even had some lessons using one -an instructor's-), they're so above any other fretless bass I've played or owned (only modest Jazzes), and that defintely includes Warwicks and Spectors (never played fretless Mayoneses). The playability (that neck, oh my!), the right mwah, the responsiveness, that allmighty burpy attack, can get as delicate or as ballsy as you need (way more tones than just the trumpet like thing most play for reviews) to accomodate many moods & styles. Overall some of the most inviting basses I've played in my life.
  6. andruca

    NBD - Got myself a deal on a G&L...

    Already saw that in TB, gorgeous. Immense deal.
  7. andruca

    Sandberg Black Label vs Delano etc

    I think the word you're looking for is... LIFE? IME (on a Maruszczyk Jake 5a+ I had with those pickups) those big pole Delanos sound DEAD, indeed terribly dead if you have the real thing beside to A/B (I own a a couple -ceramic era- Stingray5s). Everytime I plugged in a Ray after that Maruszczyk it felt like someone had lifted a blanket from upon the amp. Funny thing is it also happend with a Harley Benton P-bass kit build, I'd even take that cheapo' P pickup over the Delano big pole P pickups any day. They were the reason I got rid of that Maruszczyk which, otherwise, was a superb instrument (still can't touch my current "Fender killer").
  8. andruca

    Five-string PJ suggestions

    Hi from Spain! I've been following this post "in parallel" to waiting for my last iteration of a "Fender killer" 5er. I too was interested in the Schecter Model T Session 5, then found out about the CV-5. I'm pasting my story from a TalkBass thread I started yesterday, after one week with it. Short version: WAY TOO IMPRESSED, BEST FENDER KILLER I'VE OWNED, SOLID IN EVERY ASPECT. Those of you who have read some posts of mine might know that I'm a Stingray5 guy who's always looking for a Fender sounding 5er that not only feels like my SR5s but also that has at least the same quality low B, that extra edge (punchiness, in-you-face-ness, cut-thru' power) a Stingray has, just on an instrument that's timbrically in the Fender ballpark. I've been thru' a Sterling5 HS (just too thin sounding and only remotely decent at a sorta' Jazz Bass'ey thing), several Yamaha BBs (stock preamps sucked in those active and necks weren't that fast/comfortable), a very thin necked 2 pickup Ibby ATK (very versatile, just not aggressive enough) and a Maruszczyk Jake 5a+ (with Delano big pole pickups, killed what otherwise would be a magnificent bass, I know many love those pickups but to me they sound dead, terribly dead if you have the real thing beside to A/B). I had been interested in a Schecter Model T Session 5. VERY hard to see around here in Europe (Schecter distributors seem only interested in the "classical" Schecter metal oriented gear), as is the CV-5 also. Now, I wasn't even aware of the CV-5's existance a month ago. Found out accidentally thru' TalkBass (can't recall where really), one thing led to another and to Schecter's website with all of the neck specs (something I really appreciate). After listening to some reviews I decided to hunt for one and last week I got myself this beautiful ivy b-stock unit from the USA for maybe 25% less than what I'd have to pay here (buying from the UK). I still haven't made up my mind about this bass' looks, can't yet decide if it only looks weird to me or if it's plain ugly. What I'm 100% sure is THIS IS THE BEST FENDER KILLER I'VE EVER HAD. Those ugly guitar looking pickups and those coil tap switches provide a magnificent array of tones and characters, some of them personal, some great impersonations, always with an attitude. This bass PUNCHES and has some burp to its low-mids that reminds me of Wals. Can do the P and J thing great, in several flavors. Not finding the series (down) positions too engaging because the volume jump is so hard it forces me to adjust the input gain on whatever I plug into (SansAmp or MS60B emulating it). There's plenty of bass boost, or scoop combinations available at the flip of a switch, really liking it. This is my first 35" bass and I must say I don't feel anything different about it, the VERY THIN neck profile and the overal sensation of the bass feel like home, I'm equally as comfortable as with my Stingray5s despite the longer scale, didn't require any adaptation. In my case this bass came indeed "Setup to play" (as a sticker on a little cavity cover in the back claims), low action (maybe a little too low if I dig in too much, but I prefer it comes this way than a little too high), perfect relief and intonation, and the nut comes at the right height (usually I have to file them down on most instruments in this budget range). The long Slinkys this comes equipped with are really nice (I had a Slinky endorsement from a local EB distributor more than a decade ago and wasn't too crazy about them, these seem much nicer). Fortunately my usual cheap Warwick Red Label NICKEL (not the usual steels, these are only available thru' thomann) fit this bass well enough, with taper starting some 1cm after clearing the nut. It's not that I go thru' strings that fast, in fact the contrary, my hands won't sweat, ever, string zing lasts for months of daily use and I discard strings when they're halfway thru' their life for many other bass players' standards (and even that may be each 6 months on any bass that gets played on a daily basis). Still, going from spending 12.60€/set to probably over 30€/set was a "concern" for me. I'm a cheap creep, I know. This is both pickups on, neckside in single coil, bridgeside in parallel, my fave fingerstyle tone in this bass so far.
  9. andruca

    Elwray Two-Tones Passive pre-wired kit ?

    There's pots other than CTS that are equally as good. Still, if AliExpress sells them around 2.50€ a piece I'm sure they could cost 1-1.50€ if ordering enough qualtity. My point here is it's just passive VVTT wiring, I don't see many people buying that for such high prices. I've had some very cheap basses and never had a pot crackle on me, zero times really, so not buying into the CTS hype, they're good, as good as many others that simply don't exploit the hype associated with musical gear. Manufacturing standards get better and I don't even contemplate crackling as a potential problem with pots, just buy anything when DIYing stuff (guess I've been lucky none ever crackled). The Fender plate could have CTS pots and super expensive (say 1€?) caps. And that's all that separates it from a 15€ prewired plate (and there's much cheaper than 15€), so even if it costs about 25-50% more to manufacture, it's sold for an abusive 400-600% more to the public. I don't see how just wired pots (and 2 caps) on a plate could cost what a decent onboard preamp costs. It's not negativity, sorry, it'd cost me 15€ to make that plate (even solderless), wouldn't pay more than double that to buy it ready made. A non-DIY seasoned guy could pay more, of course. I don't know how scientific your research on caps is, but there's tables all around the internet, if you tried more than a dozen caps (and probably less) you're doing no research but blind trial and error, that's not efficient and you cannot charge the customer with your inefficient processes, that's no value added. BTW, cheap chinese jazz bass plates are also "handmade" (somebody solders it, 'cause that's the way to do it), handmade is unfairly overrated, some things are better done by machines, so not buying into the "handmade" argument either, unless you manufactured any of the individual components yourself (IDK, a decorated plate i.e.).
  10. andruca

    Tell me about Sandberg

    My only advice is stay away from those Delano big poles pickups. I know they look Musicman'ish, but unlike Musicman pickups, the Delanos sound terribly dead (scooped and opaque). Had those on a Maruszczyk Jake 5a+ and I sold the bass because I couldn't stand them, either active or passive (so the -also not that great- Delano preamp it had wasn't the culprit). I much prefer the P pickup in an 88€ thomann kit I've built than the big poles Delano P this bass had. I plugged in any other bass and it was like a blanket was taken off the amp. Same thing with any Sandberg I tried, hated those dead pickups. The other thing is the MM pickup (and more broadly, any neckside humbucker) in any position other than a Musicman's sweet spot is useless. A California VM is no more functional than a PJ really (same with TM and Jazz Bass).
  11. andruca

    Elwray Two-Tones Passive pre-wired kit ?

    Don't want to disapoint you but just look at the internet my friend. I've had a hard time finding a prewired Jazz plate for over 15€ on eBay. Fender seems to sell some for around 70-80€ (and any "custom" electronics guy can charge you whatever sum they want), but they're outrageously out of reality. IDK, I would never pay that much (not even half). The potentiometer and cap costs you state are already pretty inflated. You defintely CAN put the price down. I wouldn't pay more then 30€. Anything over that I'd do it myself for some 10-15€ and 15min of my time, and would definitely include the S1 wiring too (swapping the volume pot for a DPDT push-pull one). BTW, you should consider the S1 in your project, good added value (a virtual bass boost for the all open Jazz Bass tone) and really cheap and easy to do. Still probably not a too viable business for the street prices you're foreseeing, IMHO.
  12. Personal preference. I have HUGE hands (I cover 11" with one hand spread) and still can't play thick necks nor too wide spacing 5ers. I mean, I can, just won't. SO used to Stingray 5ers that almost any 5er feels hard to play for me. Only like the sharpest of C profiles. The other thing I can't stand is fingerboard radius, the flatter the better. I'm the most picky person about this I know. I have a hard time understanding why manufacturers won't publish specs such as front-to-back thickness @ frets 1 and 12. In the internet age, where sometimes you don't get to try all you buy, such a spec would have saved me from buying a couple hand thrashers.
  13. andruca

    A Harley Benton that looks nice!

    Looks a lot like Sandberg California VMs to me (6 bolt neck, zero fret, reverse P+MM layout, 2 band EQ), could they be in any way involved? OTOH, after owning a Maruszczyk Jake 5a+ and trying about every Sandberg model (also some of the Cort GBs, the Fender's Am Dlx P 5, etc.) I don't think a P + Musicman pickup (in the WRONG spot) combo works really. That humbucker there is useless at producing any tone that's remotely close to a Musicman, so it's of no use other than being a P+J really, with some flavor variation (series/parallel/single) for the humbucker. Being the price range it is, I'd definitely get a Sire P7 or even a V3 over this. But this is "prima facie", nobody knows how these sound, play or weight so far, so it's all speculation. Hopefully those Roswell pickups sound more alive than Delano's big pole pickups (which sound real DEAD, hat'em).
  14. So, here's a Yamaha BB-615 I bought new (old stock) 1 year ago from DoctorBass (Burgos, SPAIN), in old violin burst finish. It's made in Indonesia and according to serial # (QNH193217) it was manufactured in January 2007. It hasn't seen any use other than at home. I didn't dig the stock Q-mix 3-band EQ (pickups are too hot and preamp doesn't have enough headroom -at least on 9V- so it distorts if you push the EQ too far -endemic on many Q-mix equipped Yammies-) so I swapped it for an Artec SE-3 (also 3 band) preamp, more transparent, better frequency points and can handle the pickups' signal in full boost cleanly (still I include the stock Q-mix preamp in the case). Solid bass and a total Fender killer IME. Previous to this I've had a BB-425X (following generation to this) and the neck in this BB-615 I'm selling is thinner, almost Stingray5 thin (in fact this bass feels and plays a lot like my Stingray5s, but on a Fenderish kinda' tone -but ballsier-). Comes with hard case. Asking 310GBP or 350EUR, the bass is in Madrid (SPAIN) but I'm willing to ship anywhere in the EU via UPS Standard for some 30GBP/35EUR more. Don't forget to check these SOUND SAMPLES OF THE BASS in action (5 loops of the chorus to GFR's "Please me" playing with the pickup blend in 5 positions, from all P to all J).
  15. I still wonder what's that switch this woman flipped inside John Lennon to have him be her pet. After her it was all downhill for him, like sketchy musical outcome, alienation from Julian (save for the "lost weekend", BTW, his most productive post-Beatles period, connected with lots of top cats and recorded whole diversity of stuff), then getting secluded for some years to raise Sean on his own (Yoko gave up any task as soon as the poor child was born). It's sort of sad. IDK, I often re-read the Playboy interview and what's splashed all around is the smell of a pretty fake guy that not only is a big b/s'er (some of his own and some with Yoko's script writing contribution), but who also seems to firmly believe his own b/s. The kind of thing "intellectual inbreeding" (contact with few people and mutually reinforcing/feeding back of some ideas or doctrines to extremes) does to an already emotionally abducted person's brain. The most repulsive part is probably where he's like "Julian's still my son but Sean's first" (not literally but along that "morale"), as a father that's really f*ed up to me. I definitely think Yoko would still be anonymous (as she deserves, based on her own lack of merit) if she hadn't been so skilled at manipulating the guy for so long. No, she didn't break up the Beatles, listen to the music, they simply weren't a musical (nor personal) turn on for each other anymore. With some less important storms along the way it all came apart; but those storms were not only Yoko, it was also management/production/corporate disagreements. Yoko was just one more mishap along the path to the Beatles' end. The mishap, as explained by Bill Burr (I 100% subscribe)