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  1. Really enjoying this, pure nostalgia for us old farts. Some great stuff on this channel.
  2. Thanks so much for posting this, one of my favourite albums with some great bass playing. This should be fascinating.
  3. I've recently bought a pair of Studiospares own M1000 headphones used by two other members of my band, very good sound and extremely comfortable. Just a little more expensive at £59 but you get a spare set of ear pads and a case.
  4. Just a note of caution that the popular shorter scale Ibanez acoustic basses (I have the PNB14 E) use a bronze D Addario string developed for the Taylor GS mini bass. These are nylon strings and these instruments are effectively bass versions of nylon strung guitars. Stringing with normal bass strings with much greater tension could quite possibly damage the instrument.
  5. Thanks for that, ill watch out for lightening strikes then. I've only had mine for a couple of days so yet to try it in a live situation as well. Using it with a Phil Jones C4 cab it seems plenty loud enough and I am immediately appreciating it's completely silent operation.
  6. I've just acquired a Phil Jones D400 amp and what a beautifully made little thing it is. Anyway, browsing through the instructions it twice mentions not to leave the amplifier plugged into a power source for a long period of time when not in use. I'm now curious why this should be. Any ideas?
  7. Thanks to everyone who has expressed interest. One of the cabs has now been sold. So amp and one remaining cabinet is still available for collection from Horsham.
  8. Hi Jamo Thanks for your interest. If I can't sell locally I will probably post/courier the amp which is a manageable size, although I've had some bad experience before which is why I am hesitating. However I have had one or two enquiries already about posting so I will let you know how things go. Cheers Martin
  9. ALL ITEMS NOW SOLD. Thanks to everyone who expressed an interest. For sale – as complete bass rig or separately: Orange Terror Bass (earlier model) 500 watts, and two Epifani UL2 12” cabinets. All in good condition, only selling as I've retired from function band playing. The amp comes with it's Orange carrying bag and a set of Harma ECC81-STR pre amp valves. (I understand these tame the DI output somewhat but I have never used them and just carried them as spares). The Epifani cabinets are UL 2 (Ultra Light Series 2), 12 inch cabinets. 8 ohms 300 watts each. Cast aluminium neodymium driver plus fully adjustable 100watt compression tweeter. These are light cabinets at around 31lb / 14 kg. They are both in good condition with no tears or sags to the carpet covering, damaged corners or dings to the grills etc. and they both come with fitted covers. Terror bass amp £280 Epifani cabinets £200 each. I'll throw in some nice speaker cables if you buy the whole lot but I'm happy to split. No trades thanks and collection only from Horsham, West Sussex.
  10. The OP is after a small, simple, great sounding practice amp and I believe the 801 fits that bill perfectly I have a Terror Bass and two 12 inch cabinets to cope with a loud drummer but that's missing the point
  11. No I'm just a four stringer I'm afraid. Most written and video reviews I've seen indicate it'll handle it fine and I wouldn't doubt that. BTW I tried it with an Epiphone 335 the other day and it doubles as a great little amp for clean sounding jazz guitar.
  12. No not at all, I'm really very happy with all it can do, as my first 'acoutic, bass with a piezoelectric bridge really chuffed in fact.I'ved very few effects over the years and most that I have tried get discarded after a while. Just now and then something pique's my interest and I m curious to know what it can do.
  13. TC Electronic BodyRez - acoustic pickup enhancer.
  14. Thank you, a very comprehensive reply and I found the FRFR thread very interesting. I'm afraid I'm at the opposite end of the spectrum, after years using an LM,2 or Terror Bass I find myself in musical retirement playing in a quiet jazz group where a Markbass 801 is fine for rehearsals. I would like to try one of those Bodyrez things maybe but the HX Stomp is rather beyond my needs and indeed .my self imposed budget.
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