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  1. Is this strung with a low B? If so hows the tension with the shorter scale?
  2. Thanks for that Russ. I don’t suppose you ever remembered where the Nuax Sauron went?
  3. They look fantafabulous. Gotta ask though..assuming you’re tuning E-G. ….how do get over “ over slackness” that one might associate with shorter scales? Do you use heavier strings?
  4. That’s a lovely looking bass. Sounds lovely too…sweet playing. Are the controls V-V-T? Could you kindly explain what the “ push-pull parallel system” is please? Thanks.
  5. Fabulous. Beautiful condition. Wanted a fretless one for years.
  6. How are the coil taps operated?
  7. That’s sweet...how does the scratch plate melt into the body?
  8. I've just seen this..looks intriguing.. https://www.guitarworld.com/news/stanley-clarke-releases-long-awaited-strat-style-bass-the-spellcaster
  9. That’s really cool. Are the controls vol/vol? Is it 34” scale?
  10. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265059991140
  11. Ive never played a heavier one. It made my leg go dead when playing seated. But what beautifully made beast of a bass.
  12. I really liked playing that bass. Wouldn't mind another tbh. What did we trade Russ..was it the Led Evans?
  13. I have my 6 string bass strung E-E with 100 as the thickest..the thinnest being around .020. I want to try some black nylon strings the equivalent of what I already have..I realise they’ll be thicker. Do they make nylon strings light enough for my needs?
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