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  1. Hi For sale/trade is my CMD 121H with a Hotcovers cover, bought 5 years ago from thomann. Its been used in my Church so i dont think i have played it loud at all since buying it. In great condition, really clean no issues. There is something to be said for being able to lift a bass amp with 1 hand! link for spec at markbass.it Price includes delivery My Feedback page Trades: ill consider all offers, basses or acoustic guitars. Any question then please ask.
  2. rmcki


    There is also the new Ditto+, I bought one, very easy to use and it does everything the original post mentions.
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  4. Price drop to £120 delivered
  5. rmcki

    MB1 Feedback

    Sold Martin an RC-3, top bloke, great comms very easy transaction. Rock solid recommendations from me.
  6. pice drop to £135 delivered
  7. I bought this about six months ago from Amazon, it's in great condition with the full box, paperwork, instructions and essential velcro on the bottom! I have a Helix HX, its looper is fine for what i need. £90 delivery included.
  8. Great pedal, with up to 8 presets. No charger, I used it on a 9v daisy chain. Some dings and scratches but in perfect working condition. £120 delivered in the UK
  9. Sorry these are active JJ MEC pickups, they were in a 98 Streamer LX. Cheers, Rory
  10. £30 Price includes UK P&P. Small rugged, Boss OC-2 clone, boxed. In good condition. And it's cheaper than OC-2
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