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  1. BOSS GT1B £70 delivered Used full working order, boxed, a few marks as seen in the pics. Any questions happy to answer.
  2. I have a BOSS DR-660 for sale, good condition, works perfectly. Internal battery replaced. Machine, power supply and user manual. Not sure how accurate the values are on Ebay. If you would like it make me an offer.
  3. Check your nut, it's possible the buzzing is happening because of exessive wear on the nut, lowering the spring height when fretted. It won't matter what string height you set, once the G string is played between 1 and 12 the angle between the fretted note and the nut can buzz if the nut is cut too low for the string.
  4. I have just come out of a similar experience for my 50th, a desire to own a great instrument that will age with you. Like yourself I narrowed it down before asking the bass community. I was between and ACG a WAL or an Overwater. The whole experience was fantastic and I encourage you to enjoy it; every little decision is your alone. I opted for an ACG in the end, I loved the whole process, Alan was great, as I’m sure each of all the UK makers would be. I just love the ACG preamp, I’m not a professional musician so I understand the difficulty in investing 3-4k in an instrument, on the other hand, what a fantastic position to be in!
  5. The strings are straight. The optimism of stating its a prototype.
  6. I suppose it will all depend on which preamp you choose to install.
  7. So the smaller R5 connector has 2mm centers for the pins, I bought it by mistake, I needed the R4 with 2.5mm centers.
  8. I have a black Warwick jack socket for sale ( part number: M 50100 B R5) click here to go to post
  9. Bought a few weeks ago by mistake this black jack has the smaller R5 JTS socket. Cost includes postage.
  10. rmcki


    Bought a ZOOM B3N from Tim, really swift and smooth transaction, a pleasure. Cheers Tim!
  11. Sold a bass to Mark, a pleasure to deal with, a total gent!
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