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  1. Is this a British phenomenon? I've told some of my courier (mostly Yodel) experiences to my son, who lives in New York, and he can't believe a courier company could be that bad and stay in business.
  2. From where I was, more or less in the centre of the pitch, the sound on Wednesday was shockingly bad. For Public Enemy there was a massive echo coming from the back - it was like being sandwiched between two different gigs. For the Stone Roses, it seemed they tried to avoid the echo by turning the volume down, so John Squire was practically inaudible and there was no energy coming off the stage at all, apart from Reni, who carried the whole thing. It was better for the last hour, so maybe by Saturday they'll have worked it out. I suppose it may have been better in other parts of the stadium. There was also a huge emergency services incident across the road from the main entrance, with half a dozen fire engines, so that didn't make getting away by car any easier.
  3. Just in case anyone would find this useful. Looks like you need Android 6, though, which apparently fixes the latency issues. http://gigaom.com/2015/11/18/with-stagelight-android-finally-gets-a-serious-audio-recording-app/
  4. [quote name='bonzodog' timestamp='1446760843' post='2902228'] Motley crue last night were amazing. The show they put on was breath taking with tommy lees drum cage spinning around on rails over the audience and nikki and vince raised over us at the end on cranes. Sound was good for the NEC too which is usually naff and while Nikki Sixx is not known for his bass playing he is the ultimate in rock star appearance. Alice Cooper was fantastic too although he struggled on poison. Nice mash up of schools out and another brick in the wall to finish his set. As stadium gigs go this was one of the best ive seen. Pity its their final tour [/quote] I was there too, with daughter and her boyfriend, who is huge MC fan. I thought same as you about the sound - we saw Queens of the Stone Age at the NIA and it was just a loud, fuzzy mush, whereas this was loud enough for impact, but everything was very well defined. I thought Alice was great, considering I was first blown away by Killer in 1972 and those songs still stand up now, and he's still being guillotined on stage, and he doesn't have to say "m*****f***er" every five minutes to get the audience going . Not that that's really a dig at Motley Crue, I do know how that genre works. The pyrotechnics were amazing, when the flame throwers went off we could feel the heat in the middle of the hall and the mechanical stuff was spectacular. I also liked the encore where they played at the end on a mini stage in the middle, which happened to be right where we were standing. Actually Nikki Sixx is my kind of bass player - keep it simple, look cooler than anything and use a Thunderbird. All in all, best gig we've seen for a long long time. Spent this morning trying to get tickets for The Stone Roses, what a waste of an hour that was. F'in' Ticketmaster.
  5. When my daughter was in her early 20s, about 10 years ago, her then boyfriend played bass in a thrash metal band. We found a friendly pub that was prepared to put on the Dad's Rock band that I was in, supported by the boyfriend's metal outfit. The audience for this series of extravaganzas fell into two camps. Friends of my band, who had been duped in into arriving during the thrash metal set, and friends of the thrash metal band, who, to my surprise, stayed and enthusiastically supported the Dad's Rock slot. The Dad's Rock crowd generally regarded thrash metal as a tuneless cacophony, with no relation to The Beatles or anything else they regarded as music. I explained as patiently as I could that, even if they didn't like it, it was being performed very, very well, and then slipped away to talk to the metallers, who were far more interesting. The metallers were all 20 years younger than me, but the "it must have been great when you were young" came from them, not me. They were very well aware of where "their" music came from, though they were more likely to revere Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and The Stones, rather than The Beatles. They were also, far and away the best audience I encountered in 15 years of gigging. In relation to this thread, the point is, everyone who is interested in music comes at it from a different perspective and you can have far more rewarding conversations if you accept that, rather than trying to ram a single point of view down their throats.
  6. spinynorman


    Very happy to add to endorsements for Dave, as he has just bought the Big Muff I had for sale. Transaction was agreed and completed very quickly, with no issues at all. Definitely recommended.
  7. [quote name='itsmedunc' timestamp='1440453783' post='2850983'] These are great little tablets. My Mrs researched for ages and found these were the best tablets by far. My stepson and daughter now both have one and they are still well pleased. They watch Showbox religiously on it. GLWTS [/quote] Thanks, I agree these are great. I just wanted something bigger, so now have a Galaxy Tab S.
  8. [quote name='skankdelvar' timestamp='1438609960' post='2835739'] The nub of this thread (as so many before it) is that the OP feels himself to have been significantly influenced by The Beatles at a formative moment in his life and - moreover - asserts that many others were similarly affected, be they musicians or consumers. [/quote] With respect, I don't think that was quite the nob of the original post. The way I read it, the OP feels being born at a particular time and growing up with a particular set of musical influences gives him some kind of unique authority in popular music, which he has difficulty getting other people to acknowledge. Having been born at the same time, growing up with the same influences, albeit in a different country, I can fully understand why later generations wouldn't find this idea very engaging at all.
  9. [u][b]** NOW SOLD ** [/b][/u]Nice US Big Muff, in green, with box and instruction sheet. Fully working and in pretty good cosmetic condition, just small scratches here and there. Will post in UK for £35.
  10. [s]I have for sale an Advent Vega Tegra Note 7" Android tablet, which has 16GB internal storage and an SDcard slot. It was a budget tablet sold by Currys, but got some [url="http://www.techradar.com/reviews/pc-mac/tablets/advent-vega-tegra-note-7-1214796/review"]pretty good reviews[/url]. It's quite chunky, but has a decent processor for the time, and also a built-in stylus, which you can use to take notes or draw, if you can get the hang of it. There is a hinged cover which folds across the screen, which puts the tablet to sleep and can act as a stand. It has had a factory reset. Condition is very good, it all works and it has the original box. It would be good for someone looking for a cheap tablet, and not too bothered about making a lifestyle statement. I would like £69 for it, including UK postage.[/s] This is now sold on eBay.
  11. I've decided to sell my Kala U-Bass, as I'm not using it. When I did use it, which was for small "unplugged" rock gigs, it was great fun and always a talking point. It is the acoustic mahogany version, which has a piezo pickup under the bridge. It doesn't have any volume or tone controls. It is currently strung with Pyramid Black Tape Nylon Bass Uke strings. The advantage is they feel like conventional strings, and sound great unamplified. The downside is the D and G strings come over much quieter than the E and A when amplified. Also, the D string tends to rattle, which I cured with a piece of black card in the nut slot. I will also include a set of little-used Aquila Silver Rumblers, which are more like the stock strings, but a bit less stretchy, and the original set of stock Pahoehoe strings, which are well stretched. It is in very good cosmetic condition, with the original case. The action is quite high, as it always has been. There is something that looks like it ought to be an adjustable truss rod, but it isn't. With these you have to accept that you're not going to go flying up and down the neck, or at least, not quickly. Priced to sell at £275. Can be collected from B49 - 30mins drive west from J15 on M40. Or I can arrange a courier at cost.
  12. [quote name='Acebassmusic' timestamp='1432905288' post='2786095'] I'm amazed that no-one has asked if the Mars bar is in perfect condition or if it has been [s]re-licked[/s] reliced! [/quote] I think someone did, probably around 2012. By now the thing must be riddled with cocoa moth.
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