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    Hi all

    Well I think it's about time I introduced myself as I can't keep off this site. I'm Mick from Birmingham and been playing for as long as I care to remember (mainly rock but I seem to be mellowing in later years) At the moment I'm using a MM Sub Sterling...I've not seen too many of these about but it's a lovely guitar and a MIM Precision although it took me about 20 of these to find the right one for me and I love it! I also have a Squier Standard Jazz, found some standard fender pups on Ebay for a tenner and got a pretty nice instrument for little cost. I have a Yamaha RBX375,( I wanted to try a five string and the less said the better) and an Aria pro Magna which I got for next to nothing and I use it as a fly swat. Backline is an Ashdown Mag 300 with 2 4x10 cabs and a Peavey TNT115 Combo for small Gigs and practice. Unfortunately this site has nearly made me reach for my wallet a few times and now my Girlfriend has hidden it..they just don't understand do they...
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