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  1. Well done lads. Good turn out 👏 Voting thread is up!
  2. Voting has now started on February's Composition Challenge. Please vote for your top THREE favourites: Dad3353 xgsjx Leonard Smalls lurksalot upside downer fingers211 SH73 Voting ends at midnight on Saturday 29th February.
  3. Very good advice already above 👍 My own tips would be: Use reference material when mixing. I often forget to do this myself… it takes dedication to keep referencing your own work against professional mixes, especially when you’re ‘in the zone’ and don’t feel like pausing. But it’s always useful. Controversial perhaps, but analog gear can make a difference to the finished sound. Especially a good quality mix bus compressor and/or program EQ. I've switched from using literally hundreds of plug-ins to using about a dozen pieces of analogue kit. The absence of choice (which for me leads to 'option paralysis') has helped me to focus much more on the basics of mixing, rather than trying to always solve problems by adding plug-ins. If your set up can't easily accommodate analog, then simply try to reduce the number of plug-ins you're using - choose those that you find most useful and get to know them really well. I've found this 'reductionist' approach to be very refreshing and inspiring (chimes with the comments about some great music being made with minimal kit). Don’t keep using the same preset patches on your plug-ins. Experiment. Try dialing in your own settings. And it doesn’t always have to be subtle. Some of those ‘big studio’ sounds are the results of quite generous knob-twisting! 😮 Also, I reckon most people think their own music is lacking. I know I do. Don’t sweat it, because to other people’s ears it always tends to sound better (especially if you get them drunk first and play it really loud). *This all reminds me that I need to get sharing some music on here again; it’s been way too long!*
  4. Well done Doug 👏 February’s challenge is now go...
  5. February’s Challenge is upon us! Here's the image for your inspiration, chosen by last month’s winner Dad3353... Usual rules apply: ✔️Entries must be < 5 minutes and written/recorded this month. ❌No illegal samples or other funny business. ❌No bagpipes (although I’m willing to waive this if Scotland joins the EU and someone can fix me up with a Scottish passport; just saying...). Deadline for entries is Saturday 22nd February.
  6. Well done guys! 👏 Voting thread is up.
  7. It's time to vote in our first Compo Challenge of 2020 Choose your favourite... (just one vote this month, so make it count!): Dad3353 lurksalot upside downer SH73 Voting ends at midnight on Sunday 2nd February.
  8. It's time to kick off 2020 with our first Composition Challenge of the year! Here's the image for your inspiration, chosen by Dad3353... Usual rules apply: ✔️Entries must be < 5 minutes and written/recorded this month. ❌No illegal samples or other funny business. ❌No bagpipes. Deadline for entries is Friday 24th January.
  9. It's time to vote in the special edition Christmas Cover Song Challenge! 🎄 Choose your top THREE FAVOURITES from this bumper crop of entries... Dad3353 Bleat fingers211 SH73 colleya Painy lurksalot upside downer Dazm1966 Earbrass NoirBass https://www.dropbox.com/s/tafx9yim0m7gcmh/We Bass You A Merry Christmas.mp3?dl=0 ^ Links to Dropbox MP3 player. Voting ends at midnight on New Year's Eve. Cheers all 🥃
  10. Well done all! A bumper crop. I'm going to launch the voting thread now (whilst I can still operate a laptop... cheers 🍺). EDIT: Thread is up! Merry Christmas y'all.
  11. Well done guys! I couldn't think of two more deserving winners... well, I could, but you'll do 😁 December's Cover Song Challenge is now on! Get jingling...
  12. 🎄 December Cover Song Challenge 🎄 As is tradition, we're doing something a bit different for December... so instead of composing to a photo, we're running a covers competition. Basically, choose a song or instrumental that you like and write your own version of it. You can be faithful to the original or completely ruin it get creative; the choice is yours. All of the usual rules apply with a few additional caveats: It doesn't have to be a Christmas song. You're welcome to submit anything recorded this year (not just from December), so there's no excuse for those of you in cover bands not to enter. Don't go lifting any samples from whatever song you intend to cover, as that will breach the usual terms and conditions leading to extreme punitive measures. This is the only time of year that bagpipes are allowed! But that still doesn't make them right. The deadline for entries is midnight on December 24th.
  13. All done lads! The voting thread is now up: The winner will choose a picture to launch the challenge again in 2020. Next month is our Cover Song Challenge, to which you're allowed to enter any cover song written or recorded during 2019 (and they don't have to be festive...).
  14. It's time to vote on November's Composition Challenge. As usual, please choose your top THREE favourites. The winner will choose a picture to kick-start the challenge in 2020. Next month's sees our traditionally festive Cover Song Challenge, to which all are welcome to contribute (any cover songs written or recorded during 2019 are allowed). More on that soon... Dad3353 fingers211 adamg67 lurksalot upside downer Voting ends at midnight on Saturday 30th November.
  15. Well done mate! 👏 NOVEMBER’S CHALLENGE IS GO...
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