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  1. October's challenge is on... Here's the image for inspiration, chosen by last month's winner the indefatigable Dad3353: Usual rules apply. You know the drill: ✔️ Entries must be <5 minutes and written/recorded this month. ❌ No illegal samples, copyright infringements or other snide goings-on ❌ Bagpipes. Never. Also on thin ice with panpipes, to be perfectly honest. ❌ No voting for your own entry. We'll know. And we'll shame you. Deadline for entries is midnight on Saturday 24th October.
  2. It's time to vote in this month's Composition Challenge Pick your top three favourites from the delectable bunch below... Stub Mandrel Dad3353 xgsjx Nicko NickD Leonard Smalls lurksalot upside downer skankdelvar Voting ends at midnight on Monday 31st August.
  3. Haha! That photo sounds messy 😁
  4. Well done @bobbass4k! May’s challenge is go...
  5. May’s challenge is on! Here's the image for your inspiration, chosen by last month’s winner bobbass4K... Usual rules apply: ✔️ Entries must be <5 minutes and written/recorded this month. ❌ No illegal samples or other funny business. ❌ No bagpipes. Ever. Deadline for entries is Sunday 24th May.
  6. Voting thread is up! Sorry again for the delay... technical issues now resolved: Really good crop of entries this months guy. Well done 👏 I had started one myself (Yeah I know! Been ages...), but then work got in the way and I didn't finish it. Damn my optimism... might finish it anyway and bung in the Share Your Music forum. Hope you're all well and stay safe.
  7. It's time to vote on this month's Composition Challenge entries! Choose your top three favourites from those below... Dad3353 upside downer Leonard Smalls fingers211 lurksalot NickD adamg67 MoonBassAlpha bobbass4k Voting ends at midnight on Friday 1st May.
  8. You're very welcome chap. I think I have it sorted now... 🤞
  9. Sorry for the delay guys, SoundCloud appear to have changed something with their 'embedding widget' and I'm struggling to get hold of the links to your tracks for setting up the voting thread. Working on it now... hopefully won't be long. EDIT: seems to be a problem just with Dad3353's track. You'll notice it doesn't have a 'Share' option in the top-right hand corner of the SoundCloud player, so I can't copy the link to embed it in the voting thread. Clicking on the track titles also no longer links to people's individual SoundCloud pages. It's all a bit FUBAR. Douglas: PM incoming... I'll have to revisit this tomorrow and get it sorted then. I'll add extra days on to the voting. Thanks for your patience all!
  10. We've had some concerns already about Zoom re. data privacy. Clients seems to love it though... like Skype has become 'old hat' (it is admittedly much better than Skype). We ran a conference last week using Zoom: 200 participants, was less of a nightmare than I'd expected and actually worked quite well. Saved a few air miles, at least.
  11. Working as normal from home. Listening out for war-cries form the pent-up savages downstairs (aged 8 and 4) as they fight each other like the feral kids from Mad Max 3 (the crap one with Tina Turner) and generally drive my wife crazy. Ok, crazier. Also trying to fend off multiple Zoom meetings each day. I'm honestly seeing more of clients now than I ever did before... "Why send your message in a short and convenient email, when you can soil my laptop screen with your grinning mug and waste a good half hour of my day!?" Honestly, being a sociopath* I'm quite well suited to social avoidance. *not my day job.
  12. Thanks to lockdown, I might even get something written myself this month! Imagine that. It's been too long.
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