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  1. Skol303

    Home Studio Porn

    Excellent! 👍 Nice little set up and welcome aboard. Plenty of Reaper users on Basschat, so you should find yourself in good company. Don’t be shy and post your creations once you get started! Many of us here cut our teeth in the monthly composition challenge, which is a great way to get stuck in.
  2. Nice one Si! I'm currently traveling without headphones... but will check this out once I get back 👍
  3. Skol303

    Couple of questions about Sonarworks

    You're very welcome. If you're using someone for pro mixing then you don't really need a treated room. And you'd definitely struggle to make a decent job of a room that's 3x3m: "That way lies madness...". In which case, best option is definitely to use headphones, which will get you 90% of the way there anyway. I do the majority of my mixing on headphones - sometimes just Apple earbuds - and then finish off with monitors. You can still use your speakers for mixing, just don't trust them for the low end and rely on headphones for adjusting the bass (comparing against reference tracks that you know well). Most importantly, enjoy your new music room and have fun PS: some basic acoustic treatment at the main reflection points would still be of some noticeable benefit: side walls, ceiling, front/rear corners and back wall. Don't use foam; always use some form of mineral wool. Relatively easy to DIY or budget for around £600-1000 total if you want to buy ready-made.
  4. Skol303

    Couple of questions about Sonarworks

    No domestic room is ever ideal, so you're in good company! If possible, when treating a square room that size you really need to go nuts. Anything less will just be p****** into the ocean, so to speak. By "nuts" I mean: Covering the entire ceiling with porous absorbers - i.e. create a false ceiling and fill it with mineral wool. Covering the entire rear wall with porous absorbers, ideally 60cm thick or more. As with the ceiling, you can create a wooden frame, fill it with mineral wool slabs and then finish with breathable fabric. That would have a worthwhile impact on tackling standing waves. Putting up a few panels will help to some degree, but it may be barely noticeable as those standing waves are going to be strong. Just pointing this out as I've seen people waste money on trying to treat such rooms half-heartedly. If you're not able to "go nuts", then I'd recommend relying on headphones (certainly for mixing low end) and using your monitors for general stereo placement, etc. For reference, here's a plot of the room modes assuming the space has a height of around 2.3m. The tall, red bars indicate the stronger standing waves: PS: the Schroeder Fq mark shows the frequency beneath which your room will act like a resonant 'drum'; in this case around 350Hz.
  5. Skol303

    October Composition Challenge - GET WRITING!

    *checks banned list* Permitted!
  6. Skol303

    Couple of questions about Sonarworks

    Not wanting to deliberately rain on your parade... but square (and worse still cubic) rooms with equal dimensions suffer from the very worst problems in terms of room modes (extreme peaks and dips in the low end). A good set of headphones will be your most trusted friend
  7. Skol303

    September Composition Challenge - VOTING!

    October's Challenge is on! Get outta here...
  8. October's Composition Challenge is now underway Here’s the image for your inspiration, chosen by last month's winner, @lurksalot... Rules: Avoid any content that other forum users may find offensive. Make sure you have permission to use any 3rd party sounds and samples in your track. Entries should be no more than five minutes long and written/produced during the month of the competition. Pipes of the 'bag' and 'pan' variety are strictly prohibited. The deadline for entries is midnight on Wednesday 24th October.
  9. Skol303

    September Composition Challenge - VOTING!

    Well done mate! 👏
  10. Skol303

    Couple of questions about Sonarworks

    Good points from Roman in the posts above 👍 Being an acoustics nerd, I'd like to comment on those I've highlighted in bold: Speaker position: Speakers should be as close to the front wall as possible to avoid Surface Boundary Interference Response (SBIR) cancellation at the listening position. Good explanation of SBIR here. Sofa and bookcase would have negligible benefits in terms of absorption (sofa fibres typically too heavy to function as porous absorbers) and diffusion, which needs to be optimised/even and not random (diffusion doesn't really work in small rooms generally). Panels behind speakers have very little/no benefit: they'd need to be very thick to help with low frequencies (pushing the speakers too far from the wall - see note on SBIR above) and would do nothing to help with high frequencies that are directional and don't fire backwards out of your monitor... unless it's broken! 🙂 Instead, concentrate on first reflection points (mirror trick is great advice from Roman) and the back wall, where the traps need to be as deep as possible to help deal with room modes. Also to add… Whilst Sonarworks might be able to help smooth out the frequency response in an untreated room, it will do nothing to reduce low frequency decay times, which are just as (if not more) problematic than frequency dips in terms of boomy, smeared and undefined bass. But… Sonarworks is probably better than nothing. And using monitors, even in an untreated room, is usually better for things like stereo balance/placement than headphones alone. Ok, so you can't trust your monitors for the low end response; but that doesn't make them useless for other purposes. Most bass is mono anyway; so headphone referencing is very viable. Lots of further nerding on this topic here: riding
  11. Skol303

    Couple of questions about Sonarworks

    Sorry, I can't comment on the headphones version as I have no experience with it. But generally speaking, the better quality driver, the better quality output - and I imagine this applies equally to headphones as it does any other speakers. The room calibration process is quite loud but not alarmingly (or neighbour-annoyingly) so! Takes about 15 minutes at a guess; lots of "WOOP, WOOP, WOOP, WOOOOOOP!" frequency sweeps and some pulsing noises that it uses to sort of echo-locate the mic positions. Probably somewhere around 70-80dB if you have it set right. Your neighbours will probably just think you've bought the new Apex Twin EP, if they hear it at all
  12. Skol303

    Can you objectively measure technicality?

    Useful post on that above from @Leonard Smalls What comes before crap? Asking for a friend
  13. Skol303

    September Composition Challenge - VOTING!

    Haha, no worries JB' and kudos gained for honesty 👍 It should be possible to remove/change votes once logged in. If not, PM me with your choice and I'll sort it using my omnipotent powers.
  14. Skol303

    September Composition Challenge - VOTING!

    *IMPOLITE NOTICE* Just a quick word to say that it’s not good form to vote for your own composition. Yes, that’s right. I get to see who votes for whom (and a whole lot more!... but I’ll be relying on those blackmail photos to top up my retirement fund when the time comes, you filthy swines) 😏 Nothing stopping you of course. No penalty or name and shame. It’s just not cricket. Repent ye sinner! That is all. As you were.