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  1. Skol303

    December Cover Song Challenge - GET WRITING!

    I’ve been very lazy with the BC composition challenge this year! Not for lack of enthusiasm… just a very busy year for me at work, but with the promise of a slightly more sane work life next year. So I expect to be back in the saddle here in 2019. In the meantime, here’s a cover track I managed to get written earlier this year: a remix of ‘Rules’ by Starita. Hopefully something you might even dance to, with sufficient sherry in your belly 😉 Arrangement, mixing and bass guitar by yours truly (Fender Jazz if I remember right): https://soundcloud.com/skollob/rules-remix Cheers
  2. Skol303

    Binned the compressor

    Firstly, it amazes me that anyone would have a pedal in their signal chain if they “never really understood what it did”. Secondly, either that pedal is goosed or - in light of my point above - it sounds as though you had the compressor cranked so hard it was ‘pumping’. That kinda works if you’re producing an EDM banger, but not so much if you’re playing a rendition of Mustang Sally down the pub.
  3. Skol303

    November Composition Challenge - VOTING!

    December challenge is go...! 🎄
  4. 🎄 December Cover Song Challenge 🎄 As is tradition, we're doing something a bit different for December... so instead of composing to a photo, we’re running a covers competition. Basically, choose a song or instrumental that you like and write your own version of it. You can be faithful to the original or left of field; the choice is yours. All of the usual rules apply with a few additional caveats: It doesn’t have to be a Christmas song. You’re welcome to submit anything recorded this year (not just from December), so there’s no excuse for those of you in cover bands not to enter. Don’t go lifting any samples from whatever song you intend to cover, as that will breach the usual terms and conditions leading to extreme punitive measures. Bagpipes are allowed this one time only! But that still doesn't make them right. The deadline for entries is midnight on December 24th.
  5. Skol303

    November Composition Challenge - VOTING!

    Well done SH73! Please message me with your choice of photo, which will be used to kick off the regular monthly challenge again in the New Year. Indeed, as is tradition December's challenge doesn't have a picture theme, but is instead a 'cover song competition' and is open to songs written/recorded at any time this year. There might not be so much of a "challenge" to this festive format, but it's a nice bit of fun at this time of year and gives opportunity for all and sundry on Basschat to get involved 🙂 I'll get things started in the 'Rec forum ASAP...
  6. Skol303

    Firewire or USB?

    Great mixers! I have one myself and would probably buy another straight away if/when it ever goes kaput (they're now discontinued but can be snapped up cheaply second-hand). Very nice EQs and rock solid in terms of interfacing with my Mac and handling latency. I run mine through an Apple Firewire>Thunderbolt adaptor with no problems at all.
  7. Skol303


  8. Voting has now started on November's Composition Challenge. We're light on entries this month, so please just vote for your overall favourite... (Son of) Lord Sausage Dad3353 lurksalot SH73 Voting ends at midnight on Friday November 30th.
  9. Skol303


    Well done guys! 👏 I’ll launch the voting thread later today.
  10. Skol303

    DI box

    ^ Ditto this. I use a Radial JDI, which is quite expensive for a passive box, but it’s a quality product and I’ll never have to buy another one. Even if I run over it with my car; it is literally built like a tank. You'll find lots of recommendations to use passive boxes with active bases and vice-versa, which makes good sense but isn't essential. In fact, using a passive box with a passive bass can subtly flavour the tone in a way that some people describe as sounding ‘vintage’ (i.e. some high end roll-off and roundedness). If you want a safe bet, the Radial ProDI Passive is a stalwart of the industry and can be found just about everywhere. PS: I have no affiliation with Radial, I just like their gear 🙂
  11. Skol303

    FREE Isotope Neutron Elements

    Nice! I have Neutron Elements and find it quite handy. It's got some very usable presets. Good shout 👍
  12. Skol303

    Headphone heads up

    Good shout! 👍 I don't own them myself, but they're apparently very good headphones for the money.
  13. Skol303

    Home Studio Porn

    Excellent! 👍 Nice little set up and welcome aboard. Plenty of Reaper users on Basschat, so you should find yourself in good company. Don’t be shy and post your creations once you get started! Many of us here cut our teeth in the monthly composition challenge, which is a great way to get stuck in.
  14. Nice one Si! I'm currently traveling without headphones... but will check this out once I get back 👍
  15. Skol303

    Couple of questions about Sonarworks

    You're very welcome. If you're using someone for pro mixing then you don't really need a treated room. And you'd definitely struggle to make a decent job of a room that's 3x3m: "That way lies madness...". In which case, best option is definitely to use headphones, which will get you 90% of the way there anyway. I do the majority of my mixing on headphones - sometimes just Apple earbuds - and then finish off with monitors. You can still use your speakers for mixing, just don't trust them for the low end and rely on headphones for adjusting the bass (comparing against reference tracks that you know well). Most importantly, enjoy your new music room and have fun PS: some basic acoustic treatment at the main reflection points would still be of some noticeable benefit: side walls, ceiling, front/rear corners and back wall. Don't use foam; always use some form of mineral wool. Relatively easy to DIY or budget for around £600-1000 total if you want to buy ready-made.