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  1. Live bands compress bass - since when?!

    This isn't aimed at you at all... but that kind of thinking with regards to compressors and bass guitars needs to be taken out back, shot at close range and buried in a shallow grave for the birds to pick at. PS: 51m0n! Nice to see you on here mate
  2. "Hired Gun" A Must See on Netflix

    Good call! I have it bookmarked but haven’t watched it yet. Will report back here when I do...
  3. December Cover Song Challenge - GET WRITING!

    I'm going to try and get something submitted this month, it being the festive season and all. I've missed I think all of the challenges in 2017... not through laziness I hasten to add; just having a busy work/home life and the limited time I have for writing music is spent elsewhere other than Basschat (yeah sorry guys, I'm such a tart). But I have very much enjoyed listening to everyone's work, which continues to develop in leaps and bounds. It's a great thing we have here! Not sure what song I'm going to cover. I did think of trying Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, but thought that Blue may actually hunt me down with a vendetta if I did so. Then I considered something by Sixto Rodriguez, who I've been listening to a lot this year, but he's a very difficult act to copy. So I'm now thinking about something from one of my two favourite albums of 2017, so that would be something by Sleaford Mods (probably not family friendly!) or Thundercat (my bass chops are going to be strained). So we'll see...
  4. 'thick/fat tone?

    This. Or any compressor for that matter. Bass nearly always needs compression. I know that's heresy to some of you guys... but it's the truth. It has nothing to do with trying to make up for lack of ability, as is often the misunderstanding. The difference in waveform/energy between the low E (or B) and upper G string is justification enough, based on the laws of acoustics. If you play bass and want a thick or even tone, then you need a compressor. Every single professional band/ studio uses them for good reason. And every one of your favourite bass players had their tone shaped by a compressor in every one of your favourite recordings. Get one. Learn how to use it. Then rejoice! Here endeth the sermon ---------- PS: advanced tip…. if you want a really nice bass tone and don’t mind spending some money, then run your signal through a FET compressor and then into a tube optical LA-2A style compressor. That’s the magical combination that pretty much all of the pro audio community swears by. I attempt the same using software and the results are close enough for me. The fast FET compressor tames the peaks and the slower LA-2A style compressor evens it out and adds ‘cream’. Everyone from Bernard Edwards to Robert Trujillo was recorded this way.
  5. Basschat Noodle Bar

    Ok guys... I have 'unpinned' the Noodle Bar thread, so it is now 'free floating' in the Basschat ether, its prominence to be determined by how frequently it receives new posts. It had a good innings and was a nice idea to experiment with. But with no new posts since September I feel it's time to put the old girl out to pasture. Special thanks to Twicam for coming up with the idea and to everyone who contributed. You guys rock Edit to say that if the thread takes on a new lease of life then I'll happily pin it again.
  6. Lyrics that changed your world

    Haha! If you hear the world through Benny Hill’s ears then quite possibly, yes The full lyrics are actually quite poetic: Love, love is a verbLove is a doing wordFearless on my breathGentle impulsionShakes me, makes me lighterFearless on my breathTeardrop on the fireFearless on my breath
  7. Your Favourite Album of 2017

    Thundercat: ‘Drunk’
  8. Lyrics that changed your world

    I've also always liked this opening to 'Teardrop' by Massive Attack; a clever little couple of lines: "Love, love is a verb Love is a doing word"
  9. Lyrics that changed your world

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHWp6x24yRM This and pretty much everything else by Half Man Half Biscuit around that time. ‘Life changing’ lyrics for me and my mates, in that they made us realise songs didn’t have to be deep and meaningful, and could instead just be about stupid, mundane stuff. Totally transformed the music we were writing at the time - probably for the worse in hindsight! - and took our teenage garage band in a totally new direction, which led to loads fun. “Would you mind, dear sir, if I asked you a question? If music be the food of love, are you the indigestion?” ...and: "Frank was going through a state of depression in his bedroom When he reached out for the jar He swallowed every last pill and he lay back on his duvet A Haliborange overdose is perhaps not the right way" ...at a time when Bono et al were singing songs that we were supposed to take seriously. So it was the perfect tonic to all that '80s self importance. I hear a lot of Half Man Half Biscuit in what the Sleaford Mods are doing now. Another band who I think have broken the mould at just the right time.
  10. December Cover Song Challenge - GET WRITING!

    Yeah I’d like us to avoid stems if possible and certainly any unlicensed samples. Doesn’t matter if the song is obscure though... just so long as it’s your take on it. That said, if you have some licensed/ copyright free stems that you’re desperate to use then go for it. This is meant to be fun after all! Just be sure to check the terms of use on the stems. Most bands only release them for a specific purpose and it usually precludes using the stems for your own music.
  11. API TranZformer LX Bass Pedal

    Just spotted this in SoundOnSound and thought it might interest someone here... API TranZformer LX Bass Pedal "Combines an API 525 feedback-type compressor with a bass-optimized 3 band equalizer, both independently in/out switchable. The unit also features phase invert switches on each output, ground lift, clip indicator, transformer output and a hard wire bypass switch." I'm a big fan of API and this looks like a relatively affordable way of getting some of their legendary mojo into your signal chain - bearing in mind that individual API modules tend to cost upwards of £1000 each! If anyone picks one of these up then please post your experiences here; I'd be keen to know more... PS: if you've never heard of API before, they're one of the best known brands when it comes to high end studio gear and have been making mixing desks/consoles and individual EQs, compressors and pre-amps since the late 1960s.
  12. November Composition Challenge - VOTING!

    Details of December's cover song challenge are already up. GO HERE
  13. December Cover Song Challenge As is now tradition, we're doing something a bit different for December... so instead of composing to a photo, we’re running a covers competition. Basically, choose a song or instrumental that you like and write your own version of it. You can be faithful to the original or far flung and left of field; the choice is yours. All of the usual rules apply with a few additional caveats: It doesn’t have to be a Christmas song (bah humbug, in fact). You’re welcome to submit anything recorded this year (not just from December); so there’s no excuse for those of you in cover bands not to enter! Don’t go lifting any samples from whatever song you intend to cover, as that will breach the usual terms and conditions leading to extreme punitive measures. There will hopefully be prizes! I'll confirm that shortly. The deadline for entries is midnight on December 24th. So yeah, it's basically going to be exactly like this...
  14. davie504 and other awful clickbait horror

    I very much doubt that he thinks it's "the way forward". Far more likely it's because he's an extrovert and enjoys the attention he gets.
  15. davie504 and other awful clickbait horror

    Ah! So he's Korean. My bad. Should've noticed. But then I wasn't paying close attention, to be honest