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  1. We've had some concerns already about Zoom re. data privacy. Clients seems to love it though... like Skype has become 'old hat' (it is admittedly much better than Skype). We ran a conference last week using Zoom: 200 participants, was less of a nightmare than I'd expected and actually worked quite well. Saved a few air miles, at least.
  2. Working as normal from home. Listening out for war-cries form the pent-up savages downstairs (aged 8 and 4) as they fight each other like the feral kids from Mad Max 3 (the crap one with Tina Turner) and generally drive my wife crazy. Ok, crazier. Also trying to fend off multiple Zoom meetings each day. I'm honestly seeing more of clients now than I ever did before... "Why send your message in a short and convenient email, when you can soil my laptop screen with your grinning mug and waste a good half hour of my day!?" Honestly, being a sociopath* I'm quite well suited to social avoidance. *not my day job.
  3. Thanks to lockdown, I might even get something written myself this month! Imagine that. It's been too long.
  4. April's challenge is on! Here's the image for your inspiration, chosen by last month’s winner fingers211... Usual rules apply: ✔️ Entries must be <5 minutes and written/recorded this month. ❌ No illegal samples or other funny business. ❌ No... you know what. None of that. Deadline for entries is Thursday 23rd April.
  5. Sorry, only just spotted the PM about this! (operating a reduced service under lockdown 😉). Have added your track to the voting thread.
  6. Nice! It's a cool album and really growing on me... I'm a sucker for modern pop songs with proper basslines.
  7. I run a small consultancy in the UK doing environmental and tourism work; and another split between Estonia and Netherlands working on science/tech projects across EU and further afield (commencing Latin America later this year). Genuinely enjoy my work, despite it eating up a large portion my life - always balancing with family, etc. Lucky to have a really great team - all of them close friends - and a good amount of respect in our field, having been at it for 18 years now. We’re fortunate in being able to work from home during the lockdown, so for me it’s pretty much business as usual. Only I have to make my own coffee ☕ Have also had lots of other varied jobs in the past… farm and building site labourer; factory worker; fruit picker; waiter; call centre operator; private security; martial arts instructor; aid worker; once looked after Robert Plant's pigs at his smallholding in Hereford (true dat); and some I can’t mention without having to kill you all 😋 It’s good to keep busy, I always say.
  8. Well done lads! Voting thread is up: Stay healthy 😷
  9. Voting has now started on March's Composition Challenge. Just one vote this month (yeah, we're rationing - it's very topical). So make it count... Dad3353 Leonard Smalls lurksalot SH73 upside downer fingers211 And a very last minute addition from MoonBassAlpha: Voting ends at midnight on Tuesday 31st March.
  10. Well done lads 👏 March’s challenge is now on in the Rec’ forum...
  11. March’s Challenge is upon us! Here's the image for your inspiration, chosen by last month’s winner SH73... Usual rules apply: ✔️Entries must be < 5 minutes and written/recorded this month. ❌No illegal samples or other funny business. ❌No vigorously annoying pipe instruments Deadline for entries is Tuesday 24th March.
  12. Well done lads. Good turn out 👏 Voting thread is up!
  13. Voting has now started on February's Composition Challenge. Please vote for your top THREE favourites: Dad3353 xgsjx Leonard Smalls lurksalot upside downer fingers211 SH73 Voting ends at midnight on Saturday 29th February.
  14. Very good advice already above 👍 My own tips would be: Use reference material when mixing. I often forget to do this myself… it takes dedication to keep referencing your own work against professional mixes, especially when you’re ‘in the zone’ and don’t feel like pausing. But it’s always useful. Controversial perhaps, but analog gear can make a difference to the finished sound. Especially a good quality mix bus compressor and/or program EQ. I've switched from using literally hundreds of plug-ins to using about a dozen pieces of analogue kit. The absence of choice (which for me leads to 'option paralysis') has helped me to focus much more on the basics of mixing, rather than trying to always solve problems by adding plug-ins. If your set up can't easily accommodate analog, then simply try to reduce the number of plug-ins you're using - choose those that you find most useful and get to know them really well. I've found this 'reductionist' approach to be very refreshing and inspiring (chimes with the comments about some great music being made with minimal kit). Don’t keep using the same preset patches on your plug-ins. Experiment. Try dialing in your own settings. And it doesn’t always have to be subtle. Some of those ‘big studio’ sounds are the results of quite generous knob-twisting! 😮 Also, I reckon most people think their own music is lacking. I know I do. Don’t sweat it, because to other people’s ears it always tends to sound better (especially if you get them drunk first and play it really loud). *This all reminds me that I need to get sharing some music on here again; it’s been way too long!*
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