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  1. Reason 1. The top horn looks like a marital aid. Reason 2. The tuners look like they were put on by a well known eBay improver. Reason 3. They probably sound great and play nicely but you will always be thinking of reason 1 or 2 or both.
  2. First concert - Rich Kids at the Nashvile, Jan 1978. First time without parental lack of control. My Mum had taken me to Hawkwind at the Roundhouse when I was 10 amongst others. . Last concert - Australian Pink Floyd in Halifax last November (girlfriends choice) Enjoyed more than I thought I would. Best concert - Clash and Specials - Music Machine Oct 1978? Adrenaline overload. Amazing gig. Worst concert - Circulus - St Pauls, Brentford about 5 years ago? I'm trying to forget. Loudest concert - Wildhearts Camden Palace/Motorhead Hammy Odeon. Deaf after both. Seen the most - The Members probably Most surprising - Cameo Hammersmith 85 ish? Really rocked and funked the place. Excellent fun. I thought they'd be like the Four Tops or something live. I was very wrong. Next concert - Next one booked isLevellers in Holmfirth in May. Probably sneak some in before though Wish I would have seen - Radio Birdman or Soundtrack of Our Lives I guess. Kept missing them.
  3. On the Gov website https://www.gov.uk/government/news/guitar-maker-fined-4-5m-for-illegally-preventing-price-discounts They got a discount on the fine too... They were also fined £25,000 for hiding notebooks in their East Grinstead head office according to the Guardian which may be the most Reggie Perrin Grot industries thing ever.
  4. This could fit the bill? https://eastwoodcustoms.com/projects/peter-hook-signature/
  5. Yoi could cover most of this in one hit with '1977' by the Clash and have Mr Presley thrown in gratis. "No Elvis, Beatles, or The Rolling Stones In 1977" Followed by Fernando...
  6. One of my old bands getting a track on the Classic Rock Mag cover mount CD told me it was time to move on. I prefer playing different old irrelevant stuff. Classic Rock conjures up hair and flares and Les Pauls to me.
  7. Too late now. Just live with your decision and enjoy the shiny new bass. Unless it's a Jazz that is. If so send it back and demand a refund or leave it out for the bin men.
  8. I've quit once or twice. I've always told the band in person at a rehearsal when they're all there. I always offered to stay until any gigs booked in the next couple of months were out of the way or until they found a replacement. Whichever was soonest. It went a bit wrong the first time when the band in question didn't find a replacement (and hadn't looked very hard) and booked an extra gig after the deadline expired. "But you're not really leaving are you? We haven't fallen out so we thought you were staying." So I made sure I emphasised the deadline a bit more forcibly next time.
  9. Have a good one mate. Shame I'm up in the Fens tonight. Would love to have gone.
  10. I got dragged up on stage once in a US bar a few years ago. I asked what we were playing. "Chicago Blues in G" I asked if it was different to a normal 12 bar progression. "Yeah. It's Chicago style" It wasn't. I just played with extra cheese anyway.
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