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  1. Just an update on the Burns. Stuck a new set of D'Addario Bass VI strings on it which I'd recommend. Bit more of everything with them. Used on this track. Works well in electro pop!
  2. Here you go... The digital 12" mix of Neil Armstrong is out today.
  3. We did one of those lyric videos the kids like for our latest song
  4. As you like it. We’re going to do an extended 12” stylee mix.
  5. New track up. Lots of Burns Bass VI on this one
  6. Thanks. We'd also got some more airplay. BBC R6 on Saturday night just before 11pm. I had just turned off 5 minutes before 😂. No idea we were going to be played. I can't believe our media team weren't on this...
  7. That's lovely. Same as my first proper bass in '79. I loved it but peer pressure made me p/x it for a '68 P Bass that wasn't half as good. If I had the funds I'd be in there.
  8. Yes. Both correct. A teasmaid possessed by an alien Chivers jelly proved inspirational.
  9. The other half of KM did it all. No expense was spent. I held my breath in the vacuum of space and just got on with it like a trooper.
  10. We got Keller Dome played on Tom Robinson's Introducing Mixtape on BBC Radio 6 (very) early this morning. Iplayer link at 25m 25s "Life affirming upbeat electro pop" says Mr Robinson. Chuffed.
  11. Hi Lozz. If it keeps going like we hope we'll look at gigging in the future and recruiting the extra hands we'll need.
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