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  1. I'd like to see Yes do this...
  2. Reasonably priced, licensed R***enbackers made outside the US with more user friendly bridges....
  3. Autotune for bass. Stop all those bothersome wrong fret moments.
  4. I'm compiling a list of left field 70s stuff for a possible left field covers project. I'm liking this slice of New York CBGB's oddness.
  5. The short lived S1 switch tried to emulate that. I binned the one on my precision
  6. This was how it ran best in my originals band. Run through the set once. Anything that wasn't nailed or was new play again Have tea and biscuits. Try something new until it stopped being exciting. I would normally bring in some lyrics and we'd go from there. Discuss the set/songs. Maybe change or retire an older one. Have a quick run through of songs that needed it again. Help the drummer pack up and check the diaries.
  7. Tune. African Dub Chapters 1-4 are amazing. Can't beat a bit of Greensleeves output on a nice sunny day like today .
  8. Probably the rig I've still got I can't see any reason to change. Loud, light and compact.
  9. John Hall was Brentford's right back for a while when we were in the 4th Division/League 2 about 10 years ago. Lovely hair and quite stylish. Couldn't defend for toffee. Looked more a 5 string Jazz player if I'm honest. Doesn't help this thread much I'll admit.
  10. I'm sure there was a Vauxhall Vintera? The Inca Silver 70s Jazz looks nice. Well for a Jazz it does. All a bit meh though.
  11. In the late 70s I used a WEM Westminster 15w Bass combo. Louder than you'd think. I then moved on to an HH 100VS bass head and home brew 1x18 cab. Slightly louder farty woof tone. At the music shop I worked in at the time Acoustic and Ampeg were considered the ones to aspire to.
  12. Drop the J pickup and I'd be tempted.
  13. I used to rate her. But I was appalled when I found out on BC that she's anti-plectrumic.
  14. On the left. I have a habit of twatting cymbals and guitarists with the headstock if I'm on the right. Health and Safety.
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