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  1. I had one and it was very good at what it was meant to do.. It was a great all in one rehearsal piece of kit. I just found I prefer separates. I like to have at least two fuzzes for instance and in the end I was linking other pedals to it which defeated the reason for having it. Same way i prefer separate heads and cabs to combos. You don't miss flexibility until you don't have it.
  2. Happy with my board now. Lots of nastiness available.
  3. I've gone right off most kinds of rock at the moment. Only stuff with synths in or obscure 60s garage appears to float my current boat. The nastier and shorter the better. Probably a metaphor for something?
  4. That's really lovely. R.A.M.O.N.E.S. GLWTS
  5. Thanks all. 118 views. That’s positively viral for us....
  6. Grab your Kia-Ora for this big budget sci-fi extravaganza.... warning. Involves a Mustang not sounding like a Mustang.
  7. From the Studio wav file I’m afraid youtube sound conversion wasn’t as good as now in 2013.
  8. No. It’s straight stat style switching. More than enough for me. I’m used to just having just the one pickup on my other basses.
  9. OK. Nut 43mm and centre of low E to high E 35mm. Bridge centre of E to E 52mm. 9lb 8oz on the scales First impressions are very good. Nicely finished and set up. No sharp fret ends. The pickups sound pleasing if slightly middy. All 5 switch positions are very useable. The only small issue is on the headstock. The logo is a bit smudged and the truss rod adjustment cavity has a little black residue, from a dirty hex key I guess. It's a lot of fun to play. I'm enjoying abusing it with my basic lead lines and the odd chord foray. Great value for money.
  10. Will do. Be interesting to see if this is any good. Rolling the dice on this one as we’ve got a couple of new songs on the go that a Bass VI style sound could work on.
  11. Who knows if it's going to be any good? Didn't see any launch info anywhere. I couldn't resist. Even with that Bass VI bridge that looks all wrong. Got one of these coming on Friday. https://www.andertons.co.uk/burns-short-scale-jazz-six-bass-shadows-white-ssj-b6-sw
  12. Low End Bee

    Feedback for sk8

    Bought a Zander Sono from SK8. Super easy deal. All perfect. Big thumbs up.
  13. I bought a purple Squier Bullet Tele for £140. £12 black scratchplate added. It's amazing for the money. No sharp fret ends and a low action straight from the box. I love it.
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