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  1. Do it. I've recently switched back from rounds to Labella flats on my JMJ Mustang and it sounds great when I wind up the wick on the Sansamp or engage the Rat.
  2. I'd try and get to a music shop/s or a bass bash and play a few. I went on a research expedition a couple of months ago and ended up buying something that wasn't on my list and not what I thought I wanted or liked. I'm very happy with it.
  3. Wayne: I've bought you a brown car. Waynetta: I don't like brown. Wayne: Well you like brown cake.
  4. I can only think of roasted maple as a new ice cream flavour. Like salted caramel.
  5. Sounds like he's sampled a fruit machine. If you're playing it in a pub you can stick 10p in and mic it up.
  6. I used it in some of the songs with breaks where just me and the drummer were playing to fill out the sound and make it more interesting. I use a DOD Ice box I picked up for £20 a few years ago. It's great for bass. Worth keeping an eye out for one.
  7. Because of this thread I listened to Nevermind last night as I quite liked it at the time. Well I listened to some of it. It's OK but not as good as I remembered it being. I've tried to like RHCP but I don't. Soundgarden I haven't even tried liking. All 3 albums are a bit too American and heroiny for me.
  8. Low End Bee


    Love it Mr C. In both our teams colours Glad I joined the club too. I'm now thinking about getting a 2nd Mustang! They're so much fun to play.
  9. I've got a kind of reverse one too. We turned up on time for soundcheck. Reasonably well known band is not there. Promoter rings them. They're running late will not make soundcheck. Can they use our drums and bass amp. We soundcheck. It sounds great. They turn up 20 minutes before going on during the last 5 minutes of our set. They spend the 15 minute break reconfiguring the kit, including removing a tom and tuning it up to the drummers preferred slack skinned style. They leave the drum mics where they were out of position. The bass player just sets my amp flat. It sounds OK. The drums sound pretty horrible despite the guy on the desks best efforts. We support them again at another venue. Exactly the same thing happens. Get told by the promoter they don't want to play with us again due to the drums sounding so bad.... to be fair I don't think I've ever had significantly worse sound when being the support band. We always turned up on time and were polite and fuss free even when having to wait around and only getting a line check.
  10. H'way Toon if you're a Geordie... Otarrn around here
  11. Yep. The font and the hash leaves options devalue the brand from the off.
  12. I put a set on my P Bass. They seamed pretty good quality. On a par with the Elites and Fender sets I tried. I'm probably not the best judge though as every time I put a set on they're off within a week. I realise now I just don't get on with flats.
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