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  1. If your order does come from within the EU, as long as it’s under £135 you shouldn’t get collared with any extra fees. Amazon charge VAT at point of purchase for UK customers on non-UK EU sites. Bought a new frying pan from Amazon.de early January and I didn’t get copped with any additional fees when it was delivered by UPS. My order was about €45 including delivery fees.
  2. Shoulda been a lot cheaper considering you had to endure Kiss for 2 hours 😂 I’ve seen SP a few times now, last was in Cardiff a few years ago. Didn’t quite feel the same to me without Cory Henry there sadly. Though like the person above I’d definitely pay more to see a good band in an intimate venue so £50/£75 seems quite reasonable to me.
  3. Went to a sort of celebration of the 50 years last night! Zakk Wylde’s “Zakk Sabbath” played in Birmingham. It was a blast, didn’t change much to the songs but just added his own flair. A fitting tribute to Brums finest!
  4. Casino were somewhat local legends here in Brum when they were together, seen ‘em a few times and they were always on point. Never a bad show! Their guitarist is actually in the ‘phonics now, it’s Adam Zindani!
  5. I was only a newbie to bass back then, I just thought it was step on and go. Had no clue it could do that 😂
  6. These both are quite funky & punky I think, killer chorus on Knifeman!
  7. Did a recording session with my old band and we all used my TU-3 to tune up to Drop-D, or so we thought. Turns out it has a function where it’ll still display it’s standard but it’s actual half tone flat. So we’d actually recorded in half a tone lower yet the tuner displayed DADGBe for everyone. Happened on a gig too, thought my brand new bass couldn’t hold it’s tuning and was knackered on its first outing!
  8. Doesn’t half love his walnut and maple! Wonder if I’ll get a peek of it at Desertfest this year! 😄
  9. I can post outside the UK, though postage costs would be on top as it’ll be more expensive. Shoot me a PM if you’re interested!
  10. Stripping down my pedalboard to something smaller so this is no longer needed. Brought back in 2013 from Andertons and used on my board since, does have some scratches on it but functions perfectly. Comes with the original box and all the original wires. Collection from Birmingham or Mainland post for £5. Price ONO, No Trades please!
  11. Lefty BT-1 Hipshot Extender in Black. For Musicman or US G&L. *SOLD*
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