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  1. Morning all, long time no speak I was pulling some items out of storage, and fancied a flutter on some of the old gang - but I'm locked out! I don't recall locking anything, but you never know. No brand on the case, alas (it'll be on the inside, I'll bet - probably with the spare keys!), lock has been resistant to jiggling and hair pins thus far. Anyone recognise the lock? Any idea where spare keys might be obtained from? Anyone have any spares? Any other options to open without chopping it? Thank you!
  2. I was looking at this and thinking exactly the same - in fact, I think it's still my Google profile picture. I should never have sold it, loads of fun
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. The day you don't take a spare is the day you need it - I'm quite sure that's how the universe actually works
  5. A man to my own heart I've seen them a few times now, they all seem like great guys. Since the arrival of the baby, most of my listening has had to be with earphones on - and Spotify has lured me in an Old School Heavy Metal playlist, ideal for those brief minutes of Xbox time with the cans on. Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Anvil... it's making me feel both old and great in the same listening
  6. Every year I go to Desertfest. Every year people ask me who I saw, and if I enjoyed it. And every year they inevitably ask "who?"
  7. Thanks matey, some very kind words - stunning bass, just not getting a run!
  8. Belated bump - though I suspect I will be moving with these, now
  9. Lovely - and I'll second Nik's comments, superb basses
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