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  1. No idea what GLWTS means, but just wanted to echo the comment of nice bass/burst. Anyway, Good Luck With The Sale
  2. Get the dog walking area to yourself by eating sausages out of a dog pooh bag.
  3. It is Peter yes, with a maple neck
  4. Ah, hello mate should have just asked you in the first place, you seem to have one of everything
  5. Lovely, lovely little fretless here, made by Vintage, however I cant find any model number info anywhere on the bass, if you know let me know (mystery solved - its a V940) Active circuitry, fitted with some unknown black flatwounds, it plays incredibly well. Knobs are master vol, pick up select, and bass and treble active pots, giving this a fairly broad tonal palette. Condition wise, very very good, I cant find any dings on it. The main body wood is some sort of bubinga/wenge type, with an open grain, but not as deep as wenge so I don't think its that. Weight is 4.2kg according to my bathroom scales. In summary, a really nice bass. Only reason this is being let go is I have too many fretlii as it is. Collection much preferred, although I do get around the country a bit with my various works, so could possibly bring somewhere near to you.
  6. Not quite the same vein, but I remember the music press at the time really hyping the heck out of the forthcoming debut album by The Sundays, really spreading it on thick they were. So I bought it on the day it came out and couldn't have been more underwhelmed
  7. The guy who delivers for My herpes round here is very light fingered
  8. Hmm, Dont know about the first two but Bleach was a classic, eclipsing Nirvanas later work IMO. i guess this is another one f them subjective threads
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