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  1. Had a Squier standard in pewter as my main gig bass for several years, it did the job very well tbh. It had a Kiogon loom on right from the start, and I shielded the cavity to the best of my ability. However, the j pup did have issues in several theatres with humming, and rather than replace the pickups I ended up replacing the bass as it had had its fair share of knocks over the years, and hey, new bass lol The neck on it was sublime however, which is the main reason I liked it s much I think
  2. Ministry at Shepherds Bush 02 last Saturday. Awesome, awesome gig. Fell in love with Al Jourgenson all over again. Spent the next two days walking round looking like Sandy Toksvig, unable to move my neck. Marvellous
  3. Another one with NS wobbly stands syndrome here, which model of cymbal stand did you use please?
  4. Too many to list! But for me, Steve Harris, mainly for his longevity in what he's done, he's been with Iron Maiden since 1928, played P basses for over a century , and used Rotosound strings since 30 years before the company was even formed. Also, I believe his sweatbands have recently celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary, and the spandex trousers were a hand me down from Moses himself.
  5. Bought a couple bits off Dave recently, easy and pleasant transaction. Items arrived VERY well packaged. Cheers Dave, dave
  6. ? please tell me more....
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