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  1. ...I cant seem to find the right size. I have a Fender Deluxe Precision Special which I use for my day to day frivolities and general musical gallivanting. I'm looking to change the hardware over to black for no more reason than I'm a bit of a tart tbh I've ordered 3 lots of replacement knobs from a well known auction site, but they're all to small to go over the pot shafts. The bass has 3 regular pots and one stacked, also a tiny little two way toggle switch. The shafts in question appear to be 5.5 - 6mm diameter across, anyone know where one might be able to source a more errrmmm….. girthy knob? Or four?
  2. Just received a bass from JohnR, ruthlessly packaged, the courier stood no chance - Mwahaha!!! etc Many thanks to John, to all else, deal with confidence
  3. One of my fave basses is a £100 J&D jazz that I bought coz I like the colour, gets picked up more often than counterparts that are five times the price
  4. Mind BLOWN! But id still buy the bass probably
  5. Having waited for several years for IMO the most beautiful bass ever made to come up for sale, and not being sure it ever would TBH, then finding I had no money when it actually did and letting it slide for ages, only to finally end up with it my hands, Id say keep it. Its gorgeous, as an objet d'art its worth it surely
  6. The reason my beloved TE GP12SMX had to go, and I was in my twenties at the time
  7. Lovely! How much? Where from?
  8. Combinata bass VII? Look more like a IV to me
  9. Hmm. Are we seeing the work of a certain BC member?
  10. That bridge doesnt look like its in the right place to me...….
  11. So what is the official name for the colour of that bass? Saw Derek Forbes play a similar one a few years back with big Country and wondered what it is ever since
  12. Mine runs DR's as well, and yes sings like a singy thing.
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