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  1. Combinata bass VII? Look more like a IV to me
  2. Hmm. Are we seeing the work of a certain BC member?
  3. That bridge doesnt look like its in the right place to me...….
  4. So what is the official name for the colour of that bass? Saw Derek Forbes play a similar one a few years back with big Country and wondered what it is ever since
  5. Mine runs DR's as well, and yes sings like a singy thing.
  6. Oooh I got one of these too, a very very capable instrument it is as well
  7. Another J&D jazz here, bought from this forum, sea foam green with black hardware. I've slimmed the neck down a little and its a little cracker
  8. Unbelievable. I bought a set of these brand new literally two hours ago. if Id waited...….KiOgon would have still beaten me to it
  9. Indeed. And sadly the bad thing about Ebay is sellers can 'fine tune' the feedback that gets left, thus. Couple years ago I spent a tennerish plus postage on a clothing bag/suit protector type thing off Ebay, was from a seller with large product turnover. The product was advertised with all the usual guff we've all come to know and love "Hi quality....super tough....etc etc " It tore as I tried to take it out its plastic bag packaging. A bit miffed, I left them negative feedback and set about trying to find a decent product (Which I haven't to this very day, I don't think they exist) Day or so later I received an email telling me that if I retracted that feedback, they'd refund me in full. Now, how many people would go for that sort of deal? A very large percentage Id wager. I didn't as it goes, coz I was so p*ssed off and I'm generally a very stubborn bugger. I left my feedback there. But I never got a refund.
  10. That's lovely, and a new maker to me be checked out, thanks
  11. Cant be arsed ( pun intended) to read the thread, what colour does your mate say it is?
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