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  1. Lovely bass! makes me miss my rs924 even more now. Have a free bump on me
  2. Here we have 7ft approx of blue George L's cable more than enough to sort out your custom patch cable lengths and give you some spare. looking for £10 posted.
  3. Hi folks. For sale is my modded bdi21 modded to remove the mid scoop of the std sansamp and also adds a notch filter to improve its tonal versatility whilst still being able to get the standard sansamp sound if required. The pedal was rehoused by raygun fx and Steve done a great job using new pots and jacks as well. One thing to note is the di has been replaced with a jack but can still be used as an amp sim along with a di box. Also works well as a splitter which is what I used it for splitting the signal to a bass and guitar amp. Price is £45 O.N.O and includes postage. Payment by the usual suspects.
  4. Sold some Epiphone Tbird pickups to Alan. Total gent, great comms fast payment cant ask for more!
  5. Yep battery powered and boss type 9v adaptor
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