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  1. Hi I’ve got the version of the book which is the Complete Edition and contains books 1, 2 & 3 and comes with 3 cd’s. Feel fee to PM me with your address and which CD you need and I’ll be happy to get something in the post for you. Cheers Pete
  2. We use ‘Teamup’. It’s web based and also has Android and IOS apps.
  3. @Richard R purchased my EBS Session 60. Drove down to collect, great communications and top Basschat member. Very easy transaction, thoroughly recommended. Thanks Pete
  4. Thanks Rich, glad you are happy with the amp. Pete
  5. Hi Rich i have one, and for practice and very low volume gigs it works well. You can get a really nice sound out of it. The tilt back aspect is nice Actually it’s for sale (£100) as I generally go in-ear these days. Feel free if you would like pics or more info. Cheers, Pete
  6. We have started to use an App called Teamup. Accessible via the web and with IOS and Android apps. Gigs are one colour, unavailability another. Works well.
  7. Hi Guys Selling a set of 4 Shure BLX4R Radio Mic receivers (UK channel 38 k3e) in mint condition, racked in an SKB shallow X rack case along with a Shure UA844SWB Antenna combiner and power supply. 4 hand held Mics with the Beta 58 capsules which have probably been gigged less than 20 times and which are also in great condition. Selling as now surplus to requirements. Please hit me up with any relevant questions. Happy to to meet up within an hour of Bristol so that you can try them out and be happy or collection from near Wotton-under-Edge. Now SOLD.
  8. K&M offer a number of alternatives. https://www.k-m.de/us/news/169_3_new_ipad_holder.html
  9. I’ve got a whole load of the Ultimax trusslite pieces which allow me to create the ‘Goal Post’ type effect for lighting or hanging backdrops if needed. I’ve always been pretty happy with the Ultimax quality and it’s easy enough to transport and put up and down. https://www.ultimax1.com/trusslite-goal-post-kit-002-3000mm-w-x-2500mm-h.html You could just use a straight length and then use the winch stands as per your picture rather than going for the stands and right angle pieces in the same truss but I actually think that it uses up less stage space and looks better.
  10. Definitely interested in this. Cheers, Pete
  11. Hi Paul I’ve owned and have used the original Airturn BT-105 (which preceded the Airturn Duo footswitch) with my iPad and the Forescore app and it’s been basically faultless. Battery life is very good and it has always connected to the iPad it’s been paired with without any problems. I must have had this since 2012 and it’s still going strong. I’m not sure that I would use the extra features of the PEDpro to be honest. I’m quite happy just being able to page forward and backwards. 🙂 Cheers, Pete
  12. Having used them at an outdoor gig earlier this year I’ve just bought some E935’s to replace my SM58’s and they were the bargain price of £83 each with free shipping from Sennheiser UK. Just checked and the price there has gone back to £149 however a couple of stores still list them at £83. Andtertons for example. https://www.andertons.co.uk/sennheiser-e935-dynamic-microphone-e935?LGWCODE=E935;56375;6335&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIjrj7wP243gIViOF3Ch1y2QiDEAQYAiABEgIfAPD_BwE for that price you just can’t go wrong.
  13. One thing that made a big difference to my PA setup was adjusting the gain on the back of the speaker appropriately (also DXR12’s as it happens although over a pair of 15” Yamaha subs). Basically with my old Mackie setup I had been told to set the gain on the back of the speaker to 12 o’clock and leave it. With the Yamaha’s I have done the following: With the FOH speakers turned right down via the dial on the back, played an mp3 into the desk and set the gain on the input channel so that it was at unity. Then brought up the channel fader to unity and then raised the main LR so that the signal leaving the desk was also at unity. Then brought up the gain on the rear of the speakers until the signal clip light on the back of the speaker started to flicker and then just backed them off a touch. Typically my speakers are set somewhere between 2 and 3 o’clock on the gain at the rear for my desk and setup. (A&H QU-SB) Now of course, this might be a load of old rubbish or you have probably done the same, however all I can say is that I worked for me. The other thing to make sure is that your tops are high enough for the horns to project over the top of the crowd rather than into the first couple of rows of people on the dance floor. I’m absolutely not trying to teach you to suck eggs, but that’s just one other thing that I have learnt over time by trial and error. 🙂 Cheers, Pete
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