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  1. Still available. Please PM me as I don’t seem to be receiving updates from this thread for some reason.
  2. Superb Yamaha BB2025 with Yamaha hard case, in excellent condition. This really is one of the nicest basses that I have played in terms of feel but I’ve seen something else which has come up for sale and can only consider that purchase by selling this instrument. So this is very much a feeler at the moment. Collection (within COVID guidelines) preferred although shipping at cost can be arranged. I would prefer someone to actually see the bass and be happy before parting with a large sum of money and tbh that’s what puts me off shipping. Happy to drive up to an hour from Chipping Sodbury (just north of Bristol) for a meet if needed. Shows as 9lb 7oz on my kitchen scales. Please PM me if you have any additional questions. Thanks Pete
  3. Still available, go on you know you want too... 🙂
  4. Bump for the weekend 🙂
  5. MGJ, apologies I didn't get notified of a reply on this thread. I've tried out your suggestion but I can't see that you can get alerts from the phone to provide that kind of response. My honest suggestion for your sisters use case (although more pricey) would be an Apple Watch. Going to drop the price of this to £55 shipped or £50 collected from Chipping Sodbury, Bristol.
  6. Ovi bought a Samson S-Phone headphone amp from me. Thanks Ovi! Great comms and prompt payment. Deal in confidence people.
  7. No BB love type bump?
  8. Forgot to add that this bass comes with a Hiscox STD hard case. Some interest, but still open to offers. Thanks, Pete.
  9. Joe bought a P bass pickup from me. Completely painless and very quick transaction. thanks, Joe! Cheers, Pete.
  10. Fully working Studiospares stage box multicore reel. 16 xlr and 8 jack connectors. Selling following a move to a digital desk. Collection from Chipping Sodbury, or meet half way up to an hours drive as this is a bit too lumpy to post. 🙂
  11. Now SOLD, thanks. Brand new in box and never used. Fender original P bass pickups. Bought for a project bass which never happened. £40 collected or £45 shipped to your door.
  12. Bump for a price drop to £800. Definitely happy to be flexible on meeting up if there is a buyer who is interested.
  13. Still very much available type bump.
  14. Now SOLD Good condition Mackie 20 channel mixer with effects in a fitted flight case. Im not aware of any issues with this mixer. it was used as the main mixer for my function band until we moved over to a digital desk a couple of years ago. It’s then been stored in its flight case as a backup mixer but never been required, so is now surplus to requirements. Collection ideally or postage available at an additional £11.50
  15. Item now SOLD, thanks. Good condition mixer with inbuilt effects from Mackie. Missing fader cap on channel 11/12 but I knew this when I purchased it and have just used the channel for my background music controlling the volume via the iPod/phone so it hasn’t been a problem. Apart from that, everything else is good and the usual Mackie quality. The mixer has lived in its flight case since I owned it. Collection ideally or postage available at an additional £11.50. Thanks Pete
  16. Hi Guys SOLD. Little Mark II amp including the Markbass bag. I used this as my main amp for a few years and it then became a backup to my CMD121H combo, and has pretty much just sat in its case since and is now surplus to requirements. Some scratches to the case of the amp (partially because I use to store a small folding Hercules bass stand in the case as well) but all working as it should and still sounds great. Collection preferred or plus shipping at cost. Thanks, Pete
  17. Hi Jack Can I just ask, are you the first owner of this amp? I believe that these amps have a 5 year transferrable warranty from new? Add me to the 'interested' list if the above is the case. (All looks in great condition by the way) Thanks Pete
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