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P+J pickups, Thunderbird bridge

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Found this lot in my bits box and with no projects on the horizon hopefully someone else can make use of em.

1st of we have an unbranded ceramic P bass pickup that came from a P/J pass i had ages ago, nice punchy Pickup that sounds like a P should £10 posted .
Next up we have the Jazz pickup that came out of the same bass, not sure if its alnico or ceramic but it complimented the P nicely and was nice and clear sounding. £10 posted.

Buy the P+J together and i'll do em for £15 posted. Both are in good nick but might have a few mark on them from being in a box for a few years.

[s]Next up I have a set of epiphone thunderbird pickups, these came of a 2007 limited edition white thunderbird, does it make them any better than the standard ones? I cant comment but one thing i did notice was the neck pickup wasn't as muddy as previous tbirds I've owned, condition wise as above they've been used and lived in a box for a few years[/s]. SOLD

Lastly I have a stock black 3 point bridge from the very same epiphone thuinderbird, good condition no scuffs or marks that i can see. £10 posted.




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