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  1. Not quite the same vein, but I remember the music press at the time really hyping the heck out of the forthcoming debut album by The Sundays, really spreading it on thick they were. So I bought it on the day it came out and couldn't have been more underwhelmed
  2. The guy who delivers for My herpes round here is very light fingered
  3. Hmm, Dont know about the first two but Bleach was a classic, eclipsing Nirvanas later work IMO. i guess this is another one f them subjective threads
  4. Had the pleasure of listening to some of Rob Zombies early recordings once, glad I dont have to again. Supports the theory that everyone should be given a chance tho
  5. What sort of bridge is that?
  6. As said above, I went and picked this bass up last week. And very glad i did too
  7. That Lefay is rather nice indeed!
  8. ^^ ooh look at that, Nick just sold me the very same Overwater Perception in yet another hassle free transaction. May I recommend Nick for all your Overwater Perception needs? He seems pretty good at them
  9. standard tedious question of whats the weight please?
  10. I bought a tuner pedal from Dan, and I swear the thing had arrived on my doorstep before id even sent him my delivery address, speediest transaction like evaaaahhhhhh. in fact its probs taken me longer to wrote this so Ill stop. Except to say that this thing is exactly as described, if not better. Top stuff.
  11. Ended up using this bass for some recording the other day, staggering array of tones available from this pre-amp
  12. Another vote for the Ibanez here, the necks are sublime ( As long as you like a slim fast neck of course lol)
  13. Why do my pics keep vanishing on this thread?
  14. I tried a diff lyric site to that which Bertbass did and found 20th Century Blues Robin Trower Why is it that civilized humanity Can make the world so wrong? In this hurly-burly of insanity Our dreams cannot last long. We've reached a deadline, A press headline, Every sorrow. Blues value is news value Tomorrow. Blues Twentieth century blues Are getting me down. Blues Escape those weary Twentieth century blues. Why, If there's a God in the sky, Why shouldn't He grin High Above this dreary Twentieth century din? In this strange illusion, Chaos and confusion, People seem to lose their way. What is there to strive for, Love or keep alive for, Say, 'Hey, hey!' Call it a day? Blues Nothing to win or to lose,… ;)
  15. I've not read all the thread coz there's loads, but my band was contacted last year by Mick about a possible gig. One of our band, who has been in the biz a while said " Mick Mason? No way, unless he pays up front." Make of that what you will. **just realized I've quoted the wrong post. Ah well, you get the gist Im sure.
  16. I used a product from 3M years back on my bass as it had no scratchplate and my fingernails were wearing through the wood coating underneath the strings ( I had an unusual playing technique back then i.e. poor lol) This was years ago mind so they may not do it anymore but it was a pack of clear plastic 'dots' and 'lozenges' that you applied like a sticking plaster. Worked a treat. Cant mind for the life of me what it was called though......
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