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  1. What an odd looking pick up, I take it its a humbucker?
  2. I'm usually a fan of 'non traditional' shapes, but the non reverse thunderbird is a monstrosity. Looks like a melted ice cream tub.
  3. I think maybe my definition of 'celebrity' differs from current usage
  4. Have a great time everyone, wish I was able to make this one, specially seeing as I live within 20miles of the venue. Hopefully next year
  5. Possibly a JCB. I have to say, Ive always hated clickbait, but this latest bass listing literally had my jaw hanging open
  6. As above really, looking for a contactless card reader/POS for selling merch that preferably doesn't tie my phone up for the evening like the iZettle does. Any recommendations? TIA , dave
  7. Do you happen to know if this bass was once on the wall at Manson's guitars in Exeter? Odd question I know, just out of curiosity
  8. Another one here who kind of stopped listening after SSOASS, there's quite a few of us it seems, we should start a band I think Maiden have always been a live band, which is backed up by their relentless touring schedule in their 'heyday' years. (YMMV) I've never been one for listening to recorded live music albums, there's one exception though and that's 'Live After Death', which is quite frankly an awesome album, and an excellent chronicle of a band who are on top of their live game.
  9. Hi, the pick up blend is a centre detented knob, both pups on full in the centre, then dialling out one or the other as you turn.
  10. No idea what GLWTS means, but just wanted to echo the comment of nice bass/burst. Anyway, Good Luck With The Sale
  11. Get the dog walking area to yourself by eating sausages out of a dog pooh bag.
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