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  1. [quote name='Kees_SoS' timestamp='1368024591' post='2072190'] Wow! It's very unusual to see an Overwater on Marktplaats. Do you still have the bass? I've been using them for years. What kind of headstock does it have, BTW? A Progress headstock or the Original Series type? [/quote] Hi Kees... haven't been around here for a long time and just read your comment. I still have it, but it's sadly gathering dust. The last few years I fully turned to playing upright and I just don't play regular electric bass anymore. It's an original type of headstock. I know it's quite rare, but there's a guy living close to me who has another one...I presume that's the one Nels Busch (Frank Boeijen Groep) used to play after he sold his Wal basses. If you're interested in seeing more of it I can send you pictures...the Overwaters are real beauties!
  2. These are wonderful basses, made in Japan. Good stuff!
  3. I stumbled on a Gewa "Ideale" today....it's a cute little 3/4 acoustic with decent sound and very good playability. It's loud enough without amplification...I didn't get to try it amplified. It's all solid wood...but cheaper than Eminence or Kania. I suppose it's pretty rare...it's listed in the EUB Database as Gewa Jazzy.
  4. Beautiful bass....what year was it made? Does it have the Highlander electronics or the current D-Tar pickup?
  5. Do you have sound samples of this bass? Comparable to Eminence? Thanks!
  6. Here it is: [attachment=33230:ENCYCLOP...ASSES_v1.pdf], a sequel to the [url="http://basschat.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=57278&st=0&p=566909&#entry566909"]British edition[/url] published a while ago . Well, I challenge you to name ten bassmakers from the Latin American area? Here's 130! Disclaimer: I've done my very best to provide accurate information. My sources are the Net, many books, dealer stories and many many catalogues. I may have gotten some things wrong - don't hold it against me... If anyone likes to use this information - feel free to do so but mention where you got it from...if anyone intends to misuse this information (for commercial purposes) - I'll hunt you down and sue you! This project has cost me hundreds hours of work without any financial compensation. Cheers, Jan
  7. Work got in the way of completing the alphabet - here they are now... U, the vintage japanese Univox Precisely[attachment=32797:Univox_P...y_p_copy.jpg] V, the Vincent Jazzforce from Germany [attachment=32798:Vincent_...uitsland.jpg] W - Witkowsky [attachment=32799:Witkowsk...s_j_copy.jpg] X - Xavier Petit [attachment=32800:Xavier_P..._copy_g5.jpg] Y, Yamaha PB and JB-series sold only in Japan this catalogue is from '85 [attachment=32801:Yamaha_P...00R___85.jpg] and Z: can't help putting up this one...Zoolander [attachment=32802:Zoolander.jpg] After all these F-style instruments we'll continue with G-styles soon - which will mean a fair amount of japcrap basses!
  8. After a week absence - back online... Another Shark, mady by Giannini of Brazil. They're most known for their kidney-shaped acoustic Cravioli guitars but have made a lot of basses too. Most of them are rather cheap looking copies - a bit like Aria in the '70s, but the Shark is quite original - the headed guitar version was introduced round '78 - this [attachment=32791:Giannini_Shark.pdf] headless bass with a wooden throughneck and fibreglass bodywings dates from 1980. The Verdi family makes instruments in Argentina. They developed their "Virtual Bass" and similar guitars. [attachment=32792:Verdi_Virtual_Bass.jpg] [attachment=32795:Verdi_Vi...l_bass_2.jpg] There's an EUB too: [attachment=32793:Verdi_Pr...ntrabajo.JPG], closeup of the partly carbon body: [attachment=32794:Verdi_Vi...bon___05.JPG] In Equador there's a luthier called Olivo Chiliguenga making classical guitars. In the '70s he lived in Canada working for Lado. That's when he made some real nice Alembic-style basses like this one: [attachment=32796:Olivo_ba...ic_style.jpg] Look for the second chapter of my world bass encyclopedia (South America) soon and exclusively on Bass Chat!
  9. Fanta Beadoux (this bass is an old one from '85): [attachment=32217:Fanta_Be...headless.gif] This one's from an unknown argentine luthier - really one piece construction: [attachment=32218:Onbekend...ke_toets.gif] MM Basses (Colombia): [attachment=32219:MM_Basse...ail_body.jpg] [attachment=32221:MM_Basses_M01dc.jpg] Roger Morillo (Venezuela): [attachment=32220:Roger_Mo...semiak_6.gif]
  10. Q is a hard letter but what about the Swiss-made Q Basses Mythos?[attachment=32147:Qbasses_Mythos.jpg] Not enough F for you? R = R.Baudry with a neckthrough J-style [attachment=32149:R_Baudry...zBass_nt.jpg] S = Schecter USA [attachment=32150:Schecter..._PJ___79.jpg] T = Thorndal (Germany) [attachment=32151:Thorndal_JB.jpg]
  11. Freddy Pizzaro headless (Chile):[attachment=32144:Freddy_P...headless.jpeg] Lopez Luthier (Argentina): [attachment=32145:Lopez_Luthier.jpg] Maese (Argentina):[attachment=32146:Maese_EUB.jpg]
  12. Opening with another scroll bass (very soon we'll be moving to scrolled headstocks...) by Ken Bebensee: [attachment=32075:Ken_Bebensee.jpg] Recently I learned that Peter Malinosky is making instruments again. He's an artist and guitars are only part of his work but they're very nice: [attachment=32076:Peter_Ma...osky__35.jpg] [attachment=32077:Peter_Ma...osky__36.jpg] [attachment=32078:Malinoski_5.jpg] Tomorrow we'll check out some southamerican instruments: this appetizer is made by Pablo Massa of Argentina: [attachment=32079:Pablo_Massa_4.jpg]
  13. No, haven't heard the Optomik - the guys at Colmann mailed me today the "the production is on stand by"....the only chance to hear it is in the basses of DNG or Roadrunner who have made protoypes with the Optomik bridge. Since I'm very interested in this technology I'm going to contact Roadrunner. I've only briefly experienced Lightwave and don't know about the flaws - I do think there's too much technology behind it. I actually have someone work on a system based on Hoag's design which is much more basic. Hoag was the first to patent optical pickups in '70 but never really sold anything - he officialy retired in '07 but still works on promoting his system - he mailed me last week about finishing another videoperformance for his youtube channel. I'll keep you optically informed... Your Lightwave is the one that Tune made? I remember it used to be called Audio Optics. Now for P: Prose, british basses by Paul Rose:[attachment=32074:Prose_J_..._H_H_pus.JPG] For the record: he now makes original style basses.
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