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  1. Thanks for all the advice. I must have a try of one of these barefaced cabs. I do have a 2x10 that I made myself, a long time ago out of 18mm ply. It is fine for practicing but does not have enough power for bigger gigs. It is a 60litre cab with two front facing 64 mm diameter 150mm long ports made of plastic drainpipe. I made it to match the two Celestion BG10 80 speakers. It doesn't handle a lot of low end very well. Phil do do have any advice on replacement speakers that might allow it handle 400w and improve low end performance? Ideally to end up sounding a bit like an Eden 4x10 XLT. (hehe) I have no worries about efficiency as I have a 500W amp.
  2. I have used a lot of different amps and cabs at festivals and my best sounds always seems to come from a 4×10, usually an Eden cab. While I would love to use one of these at every gig there is just not enough room in the back of the WV transporter for a kit a guitar amp and a 4x10 so I am looking for a 2x10 wedge with a 4x10 sound. How does the Markbass Marcus Miller 102 shape up?
  3. Thanks for all of the tips on strings etc. I did get the Warwick strings with a tapered B and do the neck bolt re-tightening and I am happy with the resulting tone of the B string. I had to adjust the bridge for intonation so will stick with those strings for a while. No calculations were required!
  4. Thanks for all of that advice. There are a lot of different takes on what affects the tone of the B string. I will start off by trying the neck screw tensioning thing and try an all steel piano wound B to see what happens. I am generally pretty happy with the musicman I have owned it since the 1990s but I am interested in trying a 36 scale instrument to compare the sound. Any other suggestions on 36" scale basses?
  5. Well that is all interesting stuff. I will try the loosening and tightening the bolts. That is a concept!
  6. Has anyone found a make of B string that will produce a very clear fundamental note? I play a Musicman Stingray 5 and have tried quite a lot of different B strings including the piano style ones but I find that there is always a muddiness to the notes played on the B string in comparison to the other strings. Not surprising given it's thickness but any suggestions welcome.
  7. With the right saw you could saw off a complete 2x10 from either the top or the bottom of the cabinet. Just avoid any screws.
  8. I would be up for a trade for a small light amplifier head of some kind. Epifani UL 112 Bass Cab £220 plus £10 postage and packing You can get serious levels from this 12" Speaker and it is very portable 12" cast aluminum frame speaker, 100W RMS tweeter, Italian poplar cab, 1/4" jack or Neutrik SpeakOn connectors, Sensitivity: 100dB SPL @ 1w 1m Frequency Response: 43Hz - 16kHz Power Rating: 350W RMS (1200W Peak) 8 ohms Suggested Wattage: 200W - 600W Dimensions: 19-1/2"W x 16-1/2"H x 16-1/4"D Weight: 30 lbs.
  9. Price Drop to £40 posted for these two lovely speakers?
  10. Is there a a general perception that class D power amps are lacking in something? If so what is missing?
  11. I should add that if anyone wants to make me an reasonable offer I may well says yes!
  12. 2 Celestion BG10- 80 10" Speakers 8ohms each 80W RMS each These are a very fine bass speakers which are in good working order. £20 posted Uk
  13. That last post was a mistake. I'm not sure what happened there! Anyway, if you want to replace the single coil. Nordstrand do a very good split coil pickup that should fit that won't hum.
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