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  1. I have been doing a bit of experimentation with pickups would be curious to know if anyone has done much research on which design of electromagnetic pickups produce the greatest amount of low end (before eq is applied)? How low can they go?
  2. Hi There I am looking for a replacement valve for the SWR STUDIO 220. A valve that will give good low end response and a subtly saturated sound when the gain is set quite high would be ideal. The obvious choice is a groove tubes valve, as the preamp was built on a grooves tubes design, but even there there are a few choices. Any suggestions and descriptions of tone would be really helpful.
  3. Ortega KTSM-5 Ken Taylor

    By the whistling wind and tumbleweed response to that question. I think I can safely assume that, like me, no one has ever heard of or played these basses and has nothing good to say about them, so I won't be getting one of those.
  4. Hi There Has anyone tried an Ortega KTSM-5 Ken taylor bass. I am wondering how the acoustic sound is?
  5. Warwick alien

    Lets leave sting out of it!
  6. Warwick alien

    Hi There Does anyone live in Scotland and own a warwick alien acoustic bass? I am quite interested in what these sound like but there are no shops that stock them in Scotland to go and try these out. If you don't live in Scotland and have any recordings that would be good too.
  7. Before you start taking the pickup apart try wiring the two coils of the MM pickup in series. This will be closer to the precision sound.
  8. Celtic Connections

    I just had a really good gig at celtic connections with Shooglenifty and the Dohl drummers from Rajasthan. A good recording by the BBC on iplayer http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p02hf46d/celtic-connections-shooglenifty-live-at-celtic-connections-2015
  9. quietest 18v power supply

    Ta for that. I've ordered one of the effect power supply models. Here's hoping it's quiet enough! I am well impressed with the catalinbread SFT so far. I used it with the drive as low as it would go for a bit of amp simulation when recording today and it really sits in the mix well. Much better than any digital simulation. Thats what I wanted.
  10. quietest 18v power supply

    Hi There Can anyone recommend a properly isolated quiet UK 18v dc power supply to power a catalinbread FST pedal? It is quiet with a battery but my digidave powersupply is too noisy!
  11. I have Sold the bass Just in case anyone is following.
  12. Stripping and re-finishing?

    I don't think it is a good idea stripping a handmade bass like that if you are going to sell it. You just need to find a better way to advertise it.
  13. eden ex112 cab

    I borrowed an eden ex112. to play a gig in the basement in Sydney a while ago. It was great for such a small cab. Any amount of end. It was sitting in the corner and the walls are made of concrete in that venue which helps with bottom end, but even so, I was impressed.