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  1. Another BUMP. And another price reduction to £2,750 New price around £6,000 I believe, with a long build period. So a quick bargain is available.
  2. The bass does come with the custom hard case in the photos, and the strap with straplocks.
  3. I loved this bass from when I first saw in reviewed in Bass Guitar mag. So I was delighted to make it mine. But now it seems like I have a Steinway grand at home when I gig on pub pianos!. Time for someone else to love it, who can also play it much more skilfully than me.
  4. Pickups are great - huge output. Custom design by GUS, in conjunction with John East. First time I played this at church it sounded dreadful - then realised the hearing aid loop was resonating to the pickups, giving howls of feedback. Switched off loop and sounded silky smooth. Not sure about construction details - lots on GUS website.
  5. *** NOW SOLD *** No longer for sale - a unique and truly magnificent 4 string bass. Specification: Neck: Carbon fibre over maple Finger board: Tinted birdseye maple Frets: 24 Body: Carbon fibre over cedar Weight: 3.6kg Extras to a 'normal' specification include: Carbon fibre scratchplate, additional pickup, carbon fibre inlays. A one off bass, reviewed in Bass Guitar Magazine back in March 2010. So, why am I selling this amazing guitar? Have moved house and need funds. Also, band on hiatus and just not playing enough to justify having this unique masterpiece. Plus, it is not my go to guitar for a pub gig! It is in excellent condition except for a couple of small dings. These have been professionally repaired, but a precise colour match was not possible as Simon Farmer created a unique colour for just this instrument. You have to look hard to find them but they are there. Collection preferred, so you can check it out first. Definitely no sale out side of UK. For full spec and more photos, paste the link below to your browser: http://www.gusguitars.com/product.php?model_id=8
  6. OK. Most of my guitars are red, apart from the purple one. So indeed it is a matter of taste. Though I still think relic-ing a guitar is like buying a new car then scaping it along a garage wall and then driving it into a bollard so it looks like it has been around the block a few times!
  7. I see an interesting looking bass on the For Sale Forum, so click to look at it. But someone has thrown it downstairs, or skimmed it across a gravel drive. What it's meant to look that way? You mean someone took a nice new bass and beat it up, taking chunks out of the lacquer. Why would someone do this, indeed why would anyone pay to have this done to a bass guitar? Beyond my understanding. Then it gets advertised as 'in good condition'. No - its been mutilated!
  8. Is this still up for sale? No postings for some months now.
  9. Lots of really useful posts about good sound, PA mix and the physics of sound and hearing. Thanks guys, lots of things to discuss with our band. I recently went to see a favourite band of mind that had recently reformed. Really looked forward to it. I got rather nervous when my trouser legs started flapping to the bass and kick drum. Left before my ears bled. Would have left faster if my shoes had not been sticking to the floor where the beers spills had been left (an aside). I got me wondering how much it is due to the young sound engineers listening to lots of drum and bass and thinking that is what the sound should be like.
  10. Does the sound hole mean that you can get a reasonable volume as an acoustic base? For practice it would be good to avoid having to use an amp.
  11. [b]TC Electronic [/b][b]BG250[/b][b]-[/b][b]208 bass combo with user manual and power cord.[/b] New cost is now £360 (without upgraded speakers) [b] Features / Specifications[/b][list] [*][b]Watts: [/b]250 Watt [*][b]Bass Tuner: [/b]Built-in 6 String Tuner [*][b]Driver: [/b]2x8" custom driver (upgraded - see below) [*][b]Bass: [/b]Cut at 80Hz / Boost at 100Hz [*][b]Mid: [/b]Cut at 500Hz / Boost at 800Hz [*][b]Treble: [/b]Cut at 1,800Hz / Boost at 2,500Hz [*][b]Weight: [/b]11.75 kg (before speaker upgrade - see below) [*][b]Dimensions: [/b]11.5" x 12.6" x 18.3" [/list] In very good condition except for two small marks on the side (very thin) tolex and a minor nick on the metal grid. Both original speakers have been replaced with new Fane Sovereign 8-225 speakers. So now, this is a 14 kilo combo that can truly handle 250 Watts under 4 Ohms thanks to the Fane's, that are rated at 8 Ohms each (so 4 Ohms both). These turn this already good combo into a real powerful machine with a lot more headroom. (Beware that you can't use any extension speaker without being sure to blow the power amp !!!) [size=3][size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Lives near Guildford, Surrey. Will ship at cost if required, though collection preferred. I also travel around the country so may be able to arrange a hand over.[/font][/size][/size] [font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]Can't upload picture, but easy to find on Google.[/font]
  12. Last bump, before being withdrawn from sale. Great combo at a bargain price.
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