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  1. Sandberg TM Series Fretless in Brownburst For sale is my Custom build Classic TM Sandberg. I have owned this Bass for just over a year, but due to moving and a new job I have not used the Bass for 7 months. It is therefore with regret that I am selling. Its a great sounding versatile Active Bass with a fantastic range of sounds Classic TM Series in Matt Brownburst 4-string 34" (standard) Fingerboard is pau ferro fretless with full lines Delano Pickups Gold hardware The Bass is located near Durham, England and I would prefer collection or a meet up for exchange. I am not looking to swap as I no longer require further instruments. In fantastic condition with no marks Priced at £1200 to include Bass and Sandberg Padded Carry case
  2. I too went to the Bass school in Wapping (unsure which year). I remember seeing my first Status headless there that another student owned. I went for a year or two on and off and learnt to sight read there. It was a two hour trip into London but i really enjoyed my time there.
  3. I might be interested too if you have some pics available.
  4. I have a Mint Red Active one of these in the original caae. They are great sounding basses but heavy and you will really know you have done a gig with it after an hour! That said they have a real cool punch to them and I still record with mine. Although not a lot of money £230 is high. I would expect a top price of £175 for mine (as I said it is absolute Mint in original case and I would not sell it for that as to me its worth way more) but then you will always pay more in a shop but you get some peace of mind by using real people and shops. Other basses around that sort of price will probably not match it sound and build wise either. Truth is as with all Basses and purchases its your dosh, try it and see if it fits if you think its worth the £230 get it.
  5. I would possibly be interested in a Skjold or Nordstrand 4 String. A Good Marcus Miller 4 (Natural) may also be welcome. But other than that I am not looking to trade I am afraid.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. There is a 5 String at Guitar Guitar in Glasgow if he gives them a shout. Can't remember how much it was though
  8. Superb Bass played about 4 times in the studio. I have a fretless Overwater which I generally use however I wanted a more upright sound which this Fretless gives. It has (like most Ibanez) a fantastic spec for the money and is still in as new condition with a hard case. The bass is located in Lincolnshire and collection would be preferred. £675 [attachment=235583:IMG_0846.JPG] [attachment=235584:IMG_0847.JPG] [attachment=235585:IMG_0848.JPG] [attachment=235586:IMG_0851.JPG] [attachment=235587:IMG_0852.JPG] [attachment=235588:IMG_0853.JPG] [attachment=235589:IMG_0854.JPG]
  9. Hi Scrumpy, I have actually never gigged with the Bass as I have other full size Basses that I use either in the studio or live. I had this built purely as a home pick up and play (not taking up much room) Bass. Given that the condition is not far off how I purchased it from Paul. It is pretty unusual as I supplied my own pickups due to wanting them across the strings. It plays really well and has very nice fast neck and great action. If you are close to Lincolnshire you are welcome to come and try it.
  10. [center][size=4][u]Prose Headless Short Scale Bass Travel Bass[/u] £475 + Postage [font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]The spec is fairly high having a Spanish Cedar Wood body with Ramin neck and Indian Rosewood fretboard, it has Gold coloured Hardware and Brass fret markers. The fretboard is plain bar the 12th fret markers which are also Brass. The Bass was made for me by Paul at Prose and finished in early 2010. The Bass has Wizard pickups which Andy put together for me (as I wanted them to cover the strings at an angle) which I then supplied for the build. The Bass is short scale and very light weight, I currently have Fender short scale strings on it and they are also hardly used. I'm Based in Lincolnshire and the Bass is available for delivery collection (which I would personally prefer)[/font][/size] [size=4][color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Thanks for looking.[/font][/color][/size] [url="http://basschat.co.uk/uploads/monthly_05_2010/post-1969-1274011008.jpg"][/url][/center]
  11. Sold my Mayones to Dennis in a very easy and pleasant transaction. I would not hesitate in recommending him as a buyer/seller. Thanks Dennis and I hope you love the Bass
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